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Sochi is a Russian city, located at the North-Western coast of the Black Sea (Russian Black Sea Region) in Krasnodar Region, 1700km south of Moscow. Sochi is the largest resort city in Russia, an important transport hub, and also a large economic and cultural center at Russian Black Sea Region. It is unofficially known as the summer, south and resort capital of Russia. Sochi is the widest Russian city and the second widest city of the world after Mexico. While Mexico is 200km wide, Sochi is 146km wide. In 2007 Sochi was selected as the host city of the XXII Olympic games. On September 15th, 2009 Sochi joined the World Union of Olympic Cities. In 2018 Sochi held several FIFA World Cup games.



Educational center Sirius was founded by Talent and Success fund in 2015 by the initiative of the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The fund was founded December 24th, 2014 by leading Russian scientists, athletes and artists. Sirius educational center’s goal is to scout, develop and further professional support of gifted children, who have proved to be outstanding in the fields of art, athletics and science, as well as those who have succeeded in technical arts.

The center works all through the year. The children get free transfer and accommodation at the center. Every month Sirius gathers 800 children between the ages of 10-17 from all over Russia. They are accompanied by more than a 100 teachers and coaches, who improve their qualification at the center. Classes are held by top professors of sports, physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology schools, as well as renowned Russian artists, who have found success in academic music, classic ballet and visual arts.

Educational program is 24 days long. It involves specialty class as well as self-improvement leisure activities, master-classes, face-to-face meetings with renowned professionals in their domains, complex of body-wellness procedures and regular classes within the school year.