JHC Dynamo SPb
Saint Petersburg
Of. 261A, Dobrolyubova prosp. 18 lit. A, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 197198
Year of foundation
Head coach
Yarovoi Sergei
17.03.2016 в 12:23

MHC Spartak Moscow head-coach Dmitry Frolov spoke to MHL media relations department about his team losing the series to Dinamo St. Petersburg in five games.


- Dmitry Nikolayevich, would you say that each and every one of Spartak players gave everything he had in the series?


- This is how well they prepared. Throughout the series we didn’t do what we wanted and what we agreed to do. Even in those games that we won. So I doubt that anybody on this team can say that he did everything he could.

- Would you agree that Dinamo players were more aggressive and more ready to battle than Spartak throughout the series?


- This is the key reason why we lost. St. Petersburg showed they’ve got a hockey team. We lacked the elements a hockey team needs in the playoffs. We lacked dedication and willingness to battle. It was evident throughout the series.


- Two of the goals your team allowed in Game 5 were rather fluky.


- They say the best team always gets lucky, so I wouldn’t say we lost because we weren’t lucky enough. We couldn’t get a goal for almost three periods of play. Had we led in the game and allowed those two goals, then you can talk about not getting enough luck. But we didn’t have the momentm to begin with.


- Would you say your coaching staff made any mistakes?


- It’s always the coach’s fault if his team loses. I don’t deny my responsibility. We had two put one hockey team from two and on top of that we had several players join us right before the playoffs. Our main goal was not to teach them how to play or to teach them how to play anew, but make a team out of them and get them ready for the playoffs. We failed to do that. This was our biggest mistake.


- You probably expected more from players who joined you from Khimik Voskresensk?


- It’s not even that we expected more from them production-wise… We wanted them to be the cornerstone of a team that can battle in the playoffs. Certainly, they scored a few goals, but they couldn’t become the leaders we expected them to be.


- What’s your take on your coaching experience this season?


- It was a negative experience because we got eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. Aside from that… I can’t say that I learned something new. When I was a player and when I was assistant coach, I’ve always known what it takes to win in the playoffs. Unfortunately, we didn’t do a good job explaining it to our players. What was the reason? I can’t answer that. Guys who joined us from the VHL were quite there conditioning-wise. Most of all, mentally. Because their team played rather poorly, which didn’t help the players’ emotions and their game conditions.


- So you’re saying there were some player on the team who didn’t give it a 100%?


- I don’t want to offend anyone but I have an opinion on the matter. I’m not going to say that there were by-standers on our team. For some of them that was ultimately the best hockey they could play. It was their real level. There’s a reason they’re 20 years old and still play junior hockey. I think nobody should play in this league for more than two years. That’s my opinion.


- Is there anybody who stood out in a good way on your team?


- Youngster Bulimov came out and played as if he played throughout the playoffs. Once again – I’m not saying that somebody was slacking and didn’t give it a 100%. But we were missing the key thing. We should need to extra motivate anybody. If anything, we should help them keep their head straight and cool. We didn’t have that.


- How does your future look like? Do you know anything for certain?


- Not yet. I will meet the management and we will discuss our future together. If I’m going to stay on the team, net season I will try to fix what didn’t work this year.