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“I would love to go fishing with Kirill Kaprizov” Yegor Solovyov talks CSKA system, his sisters and fishing

The forward of Krasnaya Armiya meets coaching staff’s expectations and is among the top scorers of OLIMPBET JHL.

Yegor Solovyov is a Moscow hockey alumnus. The forward did not want to become a defenseman and moved from Severnaya Zvezda to Atlant. He performed well with Mytishchi and was offered to join Vityaz. In 2020, Solovyov became a player of CSKA system, the club whose games he attended as a kid accompanied by his father. The forward made his JHL debut in 2021 at the age of 16 and played 15 regular-season games. In the 2022/23 season, he played 29 games, scored 14 (6+8) points and appeared in his first playoff game. When new head coach Pavel Baulin stepped behind the bench for the team, 18-year-old Solovyov realized his true potential. The forward is one of the JHL’s top scorers with 18 (9+9) points in 11 games and is now awaiting a chance to play for CSKA.

In an interview with the official JHL website, Yegor Solovyov talked about succession of generations in Krasnaya Armiya, Pavel Baulin’s composure and his desire to go fishing with Kirill Kaprizov.

“Even when the score was 1:5, we didn’t get yelled at”

– You are now leading the JHL scoring race, do you follow it?
– To be honest, I don’t. Paying special attention to it won’t do any good. I score points, but credit goes to my teammates and coaches’ trust.

– Do you feel competition with your friend and linemate Alexei Churkin, who is also one of the top-10 scorers in the JHL?
– No, we are good friends, we have been sharing a room since the start of the training camp. When he scores, I am happy for him, he also rejoices at my goals. Team wins are of top importance, while individual stats are secondary.

– Krasnaya Armiya became way younger in the summer, what can you say about the succession of generations in the team?
– Everything is great, I knew all the players born in 2006 and 2007, all CSKA school trainees know one another. We have a very good team now.

– Did you adjust yourself quickly to the role of an experienced mentor?
– Our team is not broken down into groups of younger and older players, we are all expected to play our game. In Krasnaya Armiya, every single player is able to say a piece, which is a really good thing.

– Many people note that head coach Pavel Baulin always keeps his composure, is it something new for you?
– Pavel Anatolyevich’s composure does impact on us. I will use the game against Atlant as an example. Yes, we suffered a 5:6 loss, but even when the score was 1:5, we didn’t get yelled at. Coach’s calmness increases confidence, he believes in us and we also start to believe in one another.

– Did you get to know any of the CSKA players better?
– No, since none of the CSKA players participated in this training camp. I was able to talk with Kolya Goldobin and learn some things from him that are applicable on and off the ice. Among other things, I realized that I need to smile more. I have never seen Goldobin come to practice without a smile or a joke, he really loves his job.

– Is there such a player in Krasnaya Armiya?
– We all are, we stay positive, throw some jokes in the locker room and on the ice. We try to ensure that no one looks black, if someone does, we draw him into a conversation. They understand that if they keep getting upset about every episode, it won’t get them very far.

– Have you already been contacted by Sergei Fedorov’s coaching staff?
– I haven’t been contacted by anyone from the first team, but I am sure that CSKA keep an eye on the entire club system. If I get called up to the first team, I will do my best to prove myself. The management and coaching staff know better. If I am not with the first team, it means they are still watching and waiting. Of course, I want to play for CSKA, but now I’m happy with everything in Krasnaya Armiya, the team I get to play games for.

“My father has been cultivating love of fishing ever since I was a little kid”


– Krasnaya Armiya are back from the road trip to the Far East. Is it true that when the schedule is released, the first thing everyone does is check this destination?
– Absolutely! (smiles) The very first question is “When is the road trip to the Far East?” We were glad to see we would go there in September instead of winter time as usual.

– Is fishing your hobby?
– Yes, it is. My father has been cultivating love of fishing ever since I was a little kid. I guess disliking fishing was not an option for me (smiles). When we went to the baths, the weather was not great, so we decided not to go fishing in the rain.

– Which player would you like to go fishing with?
– Kirill Kaprizov. He loves outdoor recreation, and I think fishing is also to his liking. Please tell him to offer me to join him next time.

“If CSKA win their third-consecutive Gagarin Cup, it will be a story worth being done into a movie”

– Before the CSKA system, you played for Vityaz, Atlant and Severnaya Zvezda. Tell us about moving from one club to another.
– Being with Severnaya Zvezda, I first played for the 2004 team, since enrollment for the 2005 team was not yet open, but then I moved to the 2005 team. They wanted me to start playing defense. My dad asked me if I wanted to be a defenseman, I said, “No.” I didn’t let myself be tempted by the coach, and we decided I should move to Atlant. I got off to a good start in my second season with Mytishchi, my parents received a call from Vityaz and I was offered to join them. Pavel Sergeevich Levashev and Boris Vladimirovich Pugachyov coached the team, they really gave me their confidence. I worked well in Vityaz and when I was 15 or 16, two years before graduation, I found myself facing a choice: Omsk Avangard or CSKA. We decided to stay in Moscow because I have been dreaming of playing for CSKA since childhood. My dad used to take me to their games, we cheered for the club, so we decided not to throw away the chance.

– You have two sisters, do you keep in touch with them?
– Yes, we do keep in touch, we even have a family group. If we don’t talk, it’s even strange, because we are triplets, all born on the same day. They go to college now, before that they were Todes dancers, but had to decide between professional ballet and quitting. They chose studying: Liza studies to be a doctor and Katya studies to be a civil engineer.

– In one of your interviews, you recommended watching The Last Dance series that revolves around the career of basketball player Michael Jordan. What hockey story would you like to cinematize?
– I think if CSKA win their third-consecutive Gagarin Cup, it will be a story worth being done into a movie. The 2018 Olympics also deserve screen adaptation: no flag for us, but we won gold with dignity and still knew we were representing Russia.

– If you could meet any person, past or present, who would it be and what would you ask him?
– I will name my childhood idols. They are Michael Jordan, but I can guess what pieces of advice he would give me, and Alexander Ovechkin. I would ask him how comes that he has been shooting from the same spot for so many years and still scores goals. I think it is an unsolved mystery for many people. Everyone knows about Ovechkin’s office, but he still scores from there.

– Do you believe that Alexander Ovechkin will break the record of Wayne Gretzky for goals?
– He certainly will. Although Ovechkin’s age is increasing every year, everyone says that he has been keeping his youth well, this can be seen even in preseason games. I think Alexander will break the record of Gretzky and become truly great.

Solovyov Yegor Sergeevich
Born on July 17, 2005
2013-2017 – Severnaya Zvezda, Moscow
2017-2018 – Atlant, Mytishchi
2018-2020 – Vityaz, Podolsk
From 2020 – CSKA, Moscow