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Great Bobruisk line, hard-to-beat Murashov and goalscorer Morozov. OLIMPBET JHL regular-season recap

The 14th regular season of the Junior Hockey League has ended and gives some of the statistical highlights and names the best players of the last six months.


The number of teams increased compared to the 2021/22 season (there were 34 JHL teams back then), 37 teams were competing for the playoffs. At the same time, the number of regular season games was reduced due to the new format of the regular season. 954 games were played (versus 1088 in the 2021/22 season).

The total number of players to play regular season games was 1313, of whom 507 made their JHL debut. In the 2021/22 season, 520 players made their Junior Hockey League debut.


5715 goals were scored in the 2022/23 season, of which 138 were empty-netters. The average was 5.99 goals per game, which is higher than in the 2021/22 season (5.94 goals per game), but more games were played back then. In total, 883 players scored goals (versus 881 in the 2021/22 season).

Dinamo-Shinnik scored 69 power-play goals. At the same time, the Bobruisk team allowed the most shorthanded goals (9). The teams that scored the most shorthanded goals are Loko and Kapitan - 13 goals each.

The power play percentage leader is Avto (29.4%). JHC Spartak is the penalty kill percentage leader (87.2%).

Best players

The top scorer and assists leader of the regular season: Kirill Pukelo (Mikhailov Academy). The forward scored 68 (19+49) points. Pukelo also has the highest plus/minus in the JHL (plus-38).

The top goalscorer – Alexander Morozov (Sakhalinskie Akuly). The forward scored 35 goals.  

Artyom Zhukov (Sibirskie Snaipery) has the most points and assists by a defenseman – 45 (11+34) points.

Arseny Paramonov (Krylya Sovetov) has the most goals by a defenseman – 13.

Semyon Demidov (SKA-1946) is the game-winning goals leader with 8 game-winners.

The ice-time leader among forwards: Raul Yakupov (Reaktor) with average of 22 minutes and 49 seconds per game. 

The ice-time leader among defensemen: Nikita Nekrasov (Atlant) with average of 25 minutes and 8 seconds per game 

The hits leader: Mikhail Reshetko (Sibirskie Snaipery) – 122 hits in 45 games.

The blocked shots leader: Dinis Kadyrov (Tolpar) – 116 blocked shots in 50 games.

Raul Yakupov (Reaktor) has the most power-play goals (15) and the most shots on goal (236 in 49 games).

Yegor Samoilov (Kapitan) scored 5 shorthanded goals.

Ivan Anoshko (Dinamo-Shinnik) leads the league in faceoff wins – 614. 

Filipp Permyakov (Tolpar) and Matvei  Nadvorny (JHC Dynamo Moscow) scored three overtime goals each. Roman Kantserov (Stalnye Lisy) and Alexander Polushkin (Belye Medvedi) scored three deciding goals in shootouts each.

Six players scored four goals in a game: Artyom Didkovsky, Vadim Fattakhov (both – JHC Spartak), Yeremei Shumilin (Loko), Alexander Panyushkin (Molot), Danila Yakovlev (Almaz) and Mikhail Nizovkin (Mikhailov Academy).

Team Achievements

SKA-1946 has the most goals by a team this season, with 214 goals scored in 52 games (4.11 goals per game). Loko has fewest goals against – 96 goals allowed in 52 games.

The highest scoring line: Ivan Anoshko – Miroslav Mikhalyov – Daniil Sotishvili (Dinamo-Shinnik). The line notched 42 goals in 49 games. Only goals scored when all the three players were on the ice count. 

Kapitan and SKA-1946 have the most regulation wins – 35 each.

JHC Dynamo Moscow have the most overtime wins - 9.

Belye Medvedi have the most shootout wins - 7.

Loko and Avto are the only two teams that scored at least one goal in every single game. The Yaroslavl team is the uncontested leader in shutout wins - 14.

JHC Dynamo SPb has the most penalty minutes - 842.


Lowest goals-against average: Sergei Murashov (Loko, Loko-76) – 1.58. The Yaroslavl goalie played 42 games (2397 minutes), had 63 goals against and 11 shutouts (another best result in the JHL).

Highest save percentage: Artemy Pleshkov (Kapitan) – 95.1. The goalie played 30 games (1770 minutes), had 57 goals against and 6 shutouts. 

Shamil Valiullin (Molot) and Danila Kornilov (Atlant) lead the League in the number of games played – 49.

Vadim Pastukh (Mikhailov Academy) has the most regulation wins – 28.

Stanislav Pylayev (Sakhalinskie Akuly) has the most saves – 1429 in 44 games.

Anton Zyuzin (Avto) has the most assists by a goalie – 5.

Other figures 

Gleb Bondarenko (Sakhalinskie Akuly) has the most penalty minutes - 117. The Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk player has been leading the League in penalty minutes for two consecutive seasons.

Loko head coach Yaroslav Lyuzenkov set the JHL coaching wins record with 263 wins in seven seasons. 

Krasnaya Armiya defenseman Artyom Duda was whistled during the game against Almaz played on October 7. It was the first penalty the blueliner got after 119 JHL games played.   

Sibirskie Snaipery scored four goals vs Loko-76 within the first 3 minutes and 32 seconds of the game to break the record of Krasnaya Armiya scoring four goals vs Kapitan within 5 minutes and 19 seconds.