05.10.2020 в 13:00


Fourth week of Parimatch Junior Hockey League regular season came to a close. As the tradition goes, we present you its results, numbers and most vivid moments.

31 games took place in Junior Hockey League regular season over the past seven days. A total of 573 players participated in the games, including 40 goaltenders, 202 defensemen and 331 forwards.

Home team enjoyed 8 wins in regulation, one overtime win and two more in the shootout. The visitors won 16 games in regulation, two in overtime and none in the shootout.

The teams combined for 152 goals over the past seven days, five of which were scored on the empty net. Home team accounted for 63 goals, while the visitors registered 89. Average game featured 4.90 goals last week. A total of 117 players had at least one goal.

Maxim Makhrin (JHC Dynamo Moscow) led the league with six points (all assists). He also led the league in assists.

Top goal-scorer – Emil Galiaskarov (Irbis Kazan) with four goals.

Most points among defensemen – Mikhail Stikhanovsky (Mamonty Yugry) with 4 (2 goals, 2 assists) points; Daniil Zaitsev (Avto Yekaterinburg) with 4 (1 goal, 3 assists) points; Yegor Savikov (Ladiya Togliatti) with 4 (1 goal, 3 assists) points.

Top plus-minus – Yegor Smirnov (JHC Dynamo Moscow) with plus-6.

Most productive team – JHC Dynamo Moscow. The blue-and-white players combined for 14 goals.

Most productive line – Barabash-Kozlov-Khrunin (Taifun Primorie Region) and Kurkov-Kabirov-Shakirov (Sputnik Almetyevsk). Both lines combined for four goals.

No player scored a hat-trick over the 7-day stretch but there were 14 2-goal performances.

Five goaltenders enjoyed shutout wins – Maxim Motorygin (JHC Dynamo Moscow), Yegor Gromovik (Chayka Nizhny Novgorod), Matvei Botov (JHC Atlant Moscow Region), Dmitry Sharov (Taifun Primorie Region) and Platon Zadorozhny (JHC Spartak Moscow).

Top Goals Against Average – Matvei Botov (JHC Atlant Moscow Region) with 0.67. The goaltender played three games (179 minutes) and allowed two goals.

Most saves in a single-game – Alexei Schetilin (Tyumensky Legion) and Nikita Tulinov (Sibirskie Snaipery). In the games between Tyumensky Legion versus Ladiya Togliatti and Sibirskie Snaipery against Avto Yekaterinburg the goaltenders stopped 48 shots respectively.

Most high-scoring minutes – 35th and 59th. Both minutes featured seven goals.

Most popular final score – 3-1. Seven games ended with the result.

The quickest goal was scored in the game between Irbis Kazan versus Sputnik Almetyevsk on September 29th. Kazan forward Ivan Mekhovov found the back of the net at 02-16.

The latest goal was scored in the game between Tolpar Ufa and Omskie Yastreby on September 29th. Hawks forward Arseny Gritsyuk got his marker at 63-19.

Overall the teams combined for 739 penalty minutes (380 – home, 259 – away). Average game featured 23.58 penalty minutes.

The most penalized game of the week was between Krylia Sovetov Moscow and JHC Spartak Moscow on October 3rd. The teams combined for 72 (37-35) penalty minutes.

The least penalized game of the week was between Krylia Sovetov Moscow and JHC Spartak Moscow on October 4th. The teams combined for 6 (2-4) penalty minutes.

Oleg Korchagin (JHC Spartak Moscow) led the league in penalty minutes last week with 27.

Moscow rivals were absolutely even and everything boiled down to this fluke. Spartak’s Danila Avershin was in luck.

Mikhail Romayev says, ‘Hello!’. Sibirskie Snaipery forward scored an unorthodox goal in his first game back from KHL.

Check out the stickhandling by Dynamo forwards! Yegor Smirnov carries the puck coast-to-coast and Alexander Kisakov skillfully beats the goaltender.

Spartak forward Oleg Korchagin not only leads his team in points but he’s got a fighter’s spirit in him, too!

Matvei Michkov helps SKA-Varyagi win their first game of the season! 15-year-old forward beats four defensemen and consequently the goaltender.

With seven minutes remaining to be played in regulation Mikhailov Academy were down by three in the game against SKA-Varyagi but it took them just 130 seconds to bring it back to even.

Tyumensky Legion defenseman Artyom Rudenko decks the opponent at full speed.