22.09.2020 в 13:00


Junior Hockey League continues the Partner-In-Arms series. In today’s edition we’re going to talk with Veronika Borschyova – Omskie Yastreby forward Semyon Astashevsky’s girlfriend. She spoke about how she met the hockey player, how she supports him during the season and also listed the criteria for a true partner-in-arms.

“My name is Veronika and last year I finished make-up artist class. I study at Omsk Academy of Economics and Entrepreneurship now. I also work our and work.

Making acquaintance

“Semyon and I went to the same school. Because of hockey he rarely came to classes. I remember, I was in literature class and Syoma came to do a test and I decided to help him out. A little after that he found my profile on social media and sent me a DM. That’s how we started talking. I didn’t have any emotions following the first time we met. I just thought that I had to help the cute guy out. I definitely didn’t expect that it would lead to a relationship. Incidentally, it took off really fast. Semyon and I found common ground right away. We feel great with each other. We went to a hockey game on our second date already (laughs). I got hooked on Semyon by his gallantry and charisma.”

Hockey in relationship

“I have never thought that I would watch hockey, not to mention know the rules and pay attention to everything that’s going on. Do we talk about hockey often? Sometime but not too often. As for when we meet, we hang out every day his team is in town. Semyon and I have gotten used to the schedule already so it’s easy for us to get over the days when he’s on the road. Unfortunately, I haven’t had an opportunity to come to his away games but I think it’s going to happen one day eventually. And I do come to all of his home games.”


“Before the games I wish Semyon good luck and tell him that he’s going to do great. When he wins, I’m so happy for him as if I won it myself! It’s an indescribable feeling. After losses I ask him to keep his chin up and remind him that the experience is also very important for him. When he hits a slump, I do my best to be by his side, distract him from bad thoughts and give him sweets.”

Hockey or not, vacation is on the schedule

“When he have a day off we usually go to the movies, cafés, spend time with our friends or watch TV series at home. In the summer we go fishing almost every weekend. Our favorite resting spot – Travyanoye Lake. As for Semyon’s schedule, obviously, I do by best to match-up with it. But sometimes my studies can get in the way. Although, it doesn’t happen very often. How different is Semyon during the season and on vacation? During the season he’s focused on the games, practices and his team. He’s more disciplined and serious. And on vacation he lets himself relax a little bit and think only about himself and his interests.”

True partner-in-arms criteria

“I believe, about all it means being ready for everything, such as moving to another city, staying up till midnight to talk on the phone because of the time difference, which happens a lot. Also be confident in yourself and him, which manifests especially in trust when we’re apart.”

Gameplan for loved one

“You’re on a rather difficult path and I have followed it with you for four years now. I’m certain that you will get to the goals you’ve set for yourself. Let every loss be not your downfall but just another step towards win. And I will be with you every step of the way!”