21.09.2020 в 13:00


Second week of Parimatch Junior Hockey League regular season came to a close. As per tradition, we’re present you its numbers, results and most vivid moments.

33 games took place in Junior Hockey League over the last seven days. 578 players participated in them, including 45 goaltenders, 195 defensemen and 338 forwards.

Home team won 14 games in regulation and one more in overtime. The visitors enjoyed 17 wins in regulation and one more in the shootout.

The teams combined for 196 goals over the last seven days, four of which were scored on the empty net. Home teams and visiting teams had 98 goals each. There was an average of 5.94 goals scored per game. Overall 144 different players scored at least one goal.

Ruslan Abrosimov (Loko Yaroslavl) led the league with five goals and one assist for a total of six points in three games. He also led the league in goals with five. Dmitry Zaitsev (Russkie Vityazi) also had six points with two goals and four assists in four games.

Most assists - Maxim Petrov (JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg) – 5 assists.

Most points among defensemen – Sergei Yanevsky (JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg) – 2 goals, 3 assists, 5 points.

Most high-scoring team – Russkie Vityazi. The team had a combined total of 19 goals.

The most productive line – Baklastov-Zaitsev-Zinchenko (Russkie Vityazi). The line combined for 6 goals.

Three hat-tricks were registered over the past seven days. Ruslan Abrosimov (Loko Yaroslavl), Nikita Buruyanov (JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg) and Artyom Gradovich (SKA-1946 St. Petersburg) had one each. Overall there were 13 2-goal performances registered last week.

Seven goaltenders were able to post a shutout – Vladlen Kibo (Tolpar Ufa), Alexei Schetilin (Tyumensky Legion), Valery Brinkman (SKA-1946 St. Petersburg), Makar Kositskikh (Sputnik Almetyevsk), Damir Shaimardanov (HC Kapitan Stupino), Artur Akhtyamov (Irbis Kazan) and Eriks Vitols (HK Riga).

Goaltender with the best goals against average – Daniil Chechelev (Russkie Vityazi) – 1.38. The goaltender played three games (173 minutes) and allowed four goals.

Most saves made in a single-game – Sergei Ivanov (SKA-Varyagi Leningrad Region) for the second consecutive week. In the game against Almaz Cherepovets on September 18th the goaltender made 51 saves.

Most ‘popular’ minute to score – 59th, which featured 12 goals.

Most popular final score – 4-1 and 5-1, which were registered four times each.

The quickest goal of the week took place in the game between JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg and Loko Yaroslavl on September 17th. Dynamo forward Pyotr Yakovlev found the back of the net 10 seconds into the game.

The latest goal of the week was scored in the game between SKA-1946 St. Petersburg and Krasnaya Armiya Moscow on September 18th. St. Petersburg forward Nikita Shuidin scored at 64:20.

Overall the teams combined for 743 penalty minutes (352 – home teams, 391 – visitors). An average of 22.52 penalty minutes was registered per game last week.

The most penalized game of the week was the one between SKA-1946 St. Petersburg and Krasnaya Armiya Moscow, which took place on September 17th. The teams combined for 47 (8-39) penalty minutes.

The least penalized game of the week was the one between JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg and Almaz Cherepovets on September 14th. The teams combined for 6 (0-6) penalty minutes.

Ivan Khrunin (Taifun Primorie Region) was the most penalized player of the week as he registered 29 penalty minutes.

Russkie Vityazi are just unstoppable! The team tops the Western Conference with eight consecutive wins!

Altant get back in the game with just 30 seconds remaining to play in regulation!

SKA-1946 are also last second kings. With one second on the clock St. Petersburg force overtime and with 46 second remaining in the extra frame they edge their army rivals.

Unreal save by Kuznetskie Medvedi’s Kirill Kuznetsov

Another dramatic finish, this time between JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg and Loko.

Zakhar Zakharov puts on a clinic. He beats three opponents and scores to bring Stalnye Lisy a W over Belye Medvedi.

Perfect example of teamwork! Amurskie Tigry defenseman Gleb Nikitin clears the puck right off the goal-line absolutely robbing Mikhailov Academy.