19.09.2020 в 12:00


In today’s edition of our continuing Not A Word About Hockey series we’re going to sit down with 18-year-old Mamonty Yugry Khanty-Mansiysk forward Bogdan Senotov. The forward is in his sophomore Junior Hockey League season.

Spare time

- Our team doctor decides on my diet. I eat healthy and stay on a balanced diet. My grandmother’s pelmeni is my favorite meal. She cooks them from a special recipe. I also like Italian cuisine, especially pizza.
- I have never spoken to my parents about getting a pet so I don’t have one.
- I enjoy watching various TV series on my days off. So it’s fair to say that I prefer to stay passive on my days off.
- I dream of visiting Greece, Spain and France. It’s the heart of Europe, rich in architectural sights and history. Greece is known for Acropolis and Knoss Palace. I would like to stroll down Madrid in Spain. And in France I want to see Paris with my own eyes and its famous Eiffel Tower.
- My friends and I usually stroll around Khanty-Mansiysk. Sometimes we play videogames.
- I enjoy watching Fast and Furious movies over and over again. I love the movies for their action plotlines and racing atmosphere. Shameless is my favorite TV series.
- Actors I like for their acting and charisma are Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. I’m always excited to watch movies with them.
- I listen to all kinds of music from rock to rap. The latest track I have added to my playlist was Kazhdy Den by Lil Krystall.

Personality traits

- I’m a kind, simple and caring kind of guy. If I have an opportunity to help somebody, I will never turn away and will always help. But, actually, it’s kind of difficult for me to talk about my upsides and shortcomings.
- I can always motivate myself for a game and get in the right mindset. I have never felt like not going to the game. Every game is a special occasion for me.
- A real man must, first of all, be confident in himself and have a set of goals. He also has to do whatever it takes to achieve them.
- From my parents I inherited my talkativeness, being optimistic about life and kindness.
- Whenever I meet a new person, first thing I look at is their personality and how they act in public. I also pay attention to how they talk and what they talk about.
- I’m superstitious and have a set of rituals. I never allow anyone touch my equipment before the game. But having said that, I wouldn’t call myself a gambler.


- Tom Hardy is my role model when it comes to men’s fashion. On our team – Mamonty Yugry – I would say Ivan Ezhov and Grigory Nemchinov have the most swagger.
- I pay attention to clothing brands. I prefer Nike Jordan. There are a lot of clothes of red and black colors in my wardrobe. I prefer athletic wear in everyday life because it’s comfortable and cozy.
- One Million is my favorite perfume.
- I don’t grow beard. I don’t even know if it’s popular right now or not.


- Most important, my girlfriend has to be kind, caring and have a sense of humor. Perhaps, that’s my ideal.
- Obviously, if I’m going to have a son, I will sign him up for hockey school, provided it’s going to be something he’ll enjoy, of course. I’m not going to force him into it. And if I’m going to have a daughter, I would rather sign her up for rhythmic gymnastics.

Career and education

- If there weren’t hockey in my life, I would have opted for a soccer school. I have nothing against the sport. I enjoy playing it every now and then.
- I study at Yugra College of Olympic reserve. I come to classes when I have time off practices. Of course, I know my classmates.
- I believe it’s very important to get a higher education these days. It’s going to help you in your future career.

Interesting fact

- When I was just a little boy, my father was in special military service in Surgut. He participated in anti-terrorist campaign in Northern Caucasus. He has battle honors – Suvorov medal and Zhukov medal. He’s a very just and strong person. My brother and I inherited the qualities from him. I’m very proud of my father and have enormous respect for him.