15.09.2020 в 12:00


Junior Hockey League continues the Fan Story series. In today’s edition we’re going to sit down with an JHC Atlant Moscow Region fan Artyom Pankov. He spoke about his first junior hockey game experience, first road trop and also shared several fan-sector traditions.

Making acquaintance with hockey

“It happened a long time ago. Back when there was men’s team in Mytischi. I went to my first game with my older brother. Just as I stepped inside the rink, I was excited by the great atmosphere at the fan-sector. I wanted to be a part of it and when it happened I realized there was no way back. That’s how I tethered my life to hockey and to fan-sector.”

First game

“The first junior hockey game I went to was in February 2016. JHC Atlant played hosts to Russkie Vityazi. Our team won 4-2. Obviously, it was very difficult to adjust to junior hockey from men’s hockey because the atmosphere is entirely different and it’s a whole other game. We supported the team and hoped that KHL would come back to our town.”

Road trip

“My first road trip was to Yaroslavl. The club presented a bus for the fans. I felt completely different emotions from the trip. We visited the place where local team’s plane crashed and strolled down the town. I felt visiting fan-sector emotions, got to know another city and arena. Road games are more difficult in terms of supporting because you try to out-chant the entire arena with just a handful of people to support your team. Does the club help us in organizing these trips? They help out a little bit but generally we try to be independent from the club’s management. How many road trips I have under my belt? To be honest with you, I don’t really count them because it doesn’t matter in terms of supporting the team. I have visited a lot of places and I don’t plan to dwell on it. I do my best to come to as many home and away games. Here’s what I can say on the subject – the more you come to away games, the more you learn about the history of other towns, who people live there, what they do and you make new friends along the way. Most important, the team knows they will have support at another arena. If I can’t join the boys for the road trip, I follow the games online.


Fan-sector traditions

“The team has, has always had and always will have a fan-sector. Just like any other fan-sector we have our won rules and traditions. Recently, we started a new tradition – we chant to the team and they chant back to us. Also, the fan-sector selects the best player after the end of every season and give him a present. For example, we gave Sergei Goncharuk, who now plays for Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod, a pendant in the shape of hockey gloves and we gave Dmitry Silantyev yellow hockey gloves.

Memorable game

“Every game is memorable in its own way. Many of them had a lot of memorable moments I won’t forget soon.”

Memorable events

“There were plenty of those. Fan performances, funny moments, broken drums, creative congratulations, chants we came up with on the fly and much more. There’s enough memories for when you get old.”

Three criteria of a true fan

“Everyone has his own criteria. I can only vouch for myself. First of all, you have to believe in your team no matter what. Secondly, you have to show sincere emotions. Thirdly, you have to be ready to give it a 200% in the stands.”

Gameplan from the stands

“Love your club and believe in yourself and your strength sincerely. Keep your head up when times get tough and remember that we’re always by your side and will support you no matter what!”