03.08.2020 в 13:00


Junior Hockey League continues the Partner-In-Arms series. Today we’re going to sit down with Dana Andreyeva – Almaz Cherepovets forward Vladislav Kuznetsov’s girlfriend. She opened up about what drew he to the hockey player, how she supports him during the season and what they like to do in their spare time.

“My name is Dana and I lived all 19 years of my life in Cherepovets. Last year I graduated from high school and decided not to go to university for a while and just take some time off. Now that I’ve rested I’m ready to get back to studies again and eagerly await for the moment. The profession that I have chosen for myself I would like to keep a secret for now. All I can say is – I’m definitely going to have to speak English in that line of work.”

Making acquaintance

“I look back at how I met Vlad with a smile. Three years ago I was accepted to 10th grade of National Defense and Sports School where a lot of my classmates were hockey players. To be honest with you, I had known about Vlad before I first met him in school. I followed him on Instagram. Late in August I came to a school meeting. I passed by Vlad’s desk and at the corner of my eye I saw him following me with his eyes. I did my best to look as serious as possible so I didn’t even flinch. Later that evening when I got home I saw a DM from him on social media, “Hey there!”. And then it just sort of took off from there. We didn’t make it public so our friends and classmates found out only a few months later. I want to say that Vlad drew me with his composure, great sense of humor and nerves of steel. I have a temper and can be brass sometimes and very emotional but he deals great with my personality.”

Hockey in relationship

“I have always been interested in hockey but I wouldn’t say that I have been a die-hard hockey fan since I was a kid. I got into it and started going to the games when I grew up. I like the unbelievable atmosphere. How would have thought that destiny would make me be a personal fan of a hockey player? Do we talk about hockey? Yes, sometimes. Usually, I ask a lot of questions. I like to learn from Vlad something new. As for spare time, we do our best to spend it together to the max. Unfortunately, due to practices and away games we can spend a lot of time apart so we have enough time to miss each other. We glad to talk even we’re apart. And it’s so great to meet again after a while. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to go to his away game but I’m not sad. The day’s going to come!”


“Usually, I try to cheer him up on gamedays and get Vlad in the right mindset. I always wish him luck and root for him. I come to every home game and I watch his away games online. Vlad worries a lot if the game doesn’t go his way. When it happens I tell him to keep his chin up and explain to him that it wasn’t the last game of his life and that he has a lot of wins ahead of him.”

Hockey or not, vacation is on schedule

“Vlad doesn’t have a lot of spare time and neither do I. But we do our best to spend it together. We like to stroll down the park in the evening. It’s calm and quite. We hang out with our mutual friends, go to the movies or just rest at home. When we go out for dinner, Vlad always tries to get me pizza and various sweets. Since hockey players have a tight schedule and they get their vacation in late spring and early summer, I always do my best to adjust to his agenda and to spend the time with him. I enjoy when it’s just the two of us. It’s a pleasure for me and I feel calm.”

Partner-in-arms criteria

“I believe, a true partner-in-arms should be sincere, of strong will, have a great sense of humor and charismatic.”

Gameplan for loved one

“Dear Vladislav Kuznetsov! To be, you’re the best. I wish you never to be crest-fallen and believe in yourself. You’re going to make it! Know that I’m always going to be by your side. I love you very much. Kisses and hugs!”