08.06.2020 в 17:00


Junior Hockey League continues the Partner-In-Arms series. In today’s edition we’re going to sit down with Tatiana Salova – Avto Yekaterinburg defenseman Yuri Salov’s wife. She opened up about how she met the hockey player, her support during the season and main criteria for partner-in-arms.

- I was born and still live in Yekaterinburg. I have two higher educations. My first major was journalism and my second – advertising. I do fitness in my spare time, manage a blog on a social media, I love reading and creating cozy atmosphere at home for my loved one.

Making acquaintance

- I met acquaintance with Yura at the same day my friend was having her bachelorette party. Close to the place we were partying there was a group of guys and Yuri was among them. During the party I kept catching him looking at me. When we were about to leave, he finally worked up the courage, walked up to me and said, “Hey, Tania. I’ve been sending you messages on social media for a while but you haven’t responded to me yet”. He took my hand and made it clear he wasn’t going to let me go until we exchanged contact information. That’s how we started talking. We would text and call each other every spare minute. After a while we started living together and soon got married.

Hockey in relationship

- I was never a sports fan. I would just watch the Olympics and world championships with my parents just to have fun together but I definitely couldn’t even imagine that my husband would be a hockey player. Now not a day passes without hockey for us. We try to follow all the news, we watch the games, talk about them and analyze them. I always come to Yura’s home games, even if I have stuff to do at the same time – I cancel everything and go to the game. My husband really needs my support and he feels it from the stands. I haven’t been able to go to his away games yet but I always watch them online at home and get really excited.



- He comes home after morning practice and I do my best so he could relax in peace, take a nap and get ready for the game. If he’s on the road, we always call each other and I send my positive energy to him and wish him luck. If something goes wrong, I tell him to cheer up, not to give up and say over and over again that his biggest win is yet to come. Every athlete really needs to her words of support. Yura re-watches all of his games, analyzes his actions, and when he feels he made a mistake and he should have acted differently, it really gets to him. He takes his work seriously and he wants to be perfect.

Hockey or not, vacation is on the schedule

- Our whole life revolves around hockey – day schedule, healthy eating, practices in the morning and evening. When we do get a day-off – it’s usually Sunday – we just enjoy each other’s company, do house chores together or we can go to the cottage, or go to the lake with our friends. We love it outdoors. To be honest with you, our life on vacation isn’t that different from what it’s like during the season. Yura never goes easy on himself, always keeps himself in shape, works hard and gets ready for the camp.

Partner-in-arms criteria

- If a girl makes a conscientious decision to marry an athlete, she has to understand that his professional activities take up a lot of time, that he’s used to live by the schedule, he needs support, trust and understanding. Perhaps, these are the main criteria for a partner-in-arms.

Game plan for loved one

- My dear husband! Your perseverance, sense of purpose and firmness know no borders. I wish you to stay on your path, be stubborn and relentless in driving at your goal and be successful in everything. I’m always by your side and believe in you! You’re my protector and my pride. I love you very much.