01.06.2020 в 15:00


Junior Hockey League continues the Partner-In-Arms series. In today’s edition we’re going to sit down with Daria Namyatova – Sarmaty Orenburg forward Kirill Galkin’s girlfriend. She shared how she met the hockey player, how she supports him during the season and also listed top qualities for partner-in-arms.

- My name is Daria, I’m 18 years old. I’m in Law School. I’m an eyebrow make-up artist in my spare time. I really like active vacations.

Making acquaintance

- I met Kirill in 2016 on social media. At first we just talked and a little later we decided to meet. We met at a mall, went for a walk and got to know each other a little better. I found him very cute, shy but confident right away. I was very shy myself as well but I did my best to hide it. I tried to keep the conversation going. He piqued my interest with his sincere smile and blue eyes, which stared at me the whole time. After the meeting, we kept on talking and sometimes would bump into each other at hockey games. After a while the whole thing picked up the pace and we started dating.

Hockey in relationship

- My entire family is into hockey so I’ve followed the game ever since I was a kid. Although, I couldn’t even imagine that one day my life would be tethered to the sport so tightly. Kirill and I constantly talk about hockey. We discuss news, games and sometimes watch highlights. How often do we see each other? We do our best to spend as much time together as we can when Kirill is not at the game, practice or camp. He lives in Orenburg now and we don’t get to spend much time together during the season as we would want to but I try to visit him whenever I have the chance. When he played in Magnitogorsk, I used to go to all of his games. These days I watch his every game on the Internet and come to the games when I have the time.


- We call and text each other before and after every game. One word of his is all I need to understand hi mindset coming into the game and his general mood. As a matter of fact, I always try to support him with my words. I tell him that everything is going to be great if you really want it. Sometimes I come up with motivation for him.

Hockey or not, vacation is on the schedule

- We rest in a variety of ways. We go to the movies, take a walk down the park, go to the countryside or meet with friends. Sometimes we’re just being lazy and spend the whole day at home and cook something tasty. Kirill’s favorite hobby, which means mine as well, is fishing. So when the weather is nice we go out fishing. We also cook barbecues outdoors and, obviously, enjoy fresh air. Recently, we wanted to go abroad but due to quarantine we weren’t able to do that. To be honest, though, we weren’t really frustrated by that. It is what it is. So we decided to go to the mountains in Zlatoust. Do I have to adjust to Kirill’s schedule? Without a doubt. It wouldn’t work any other way. I mean, he has practices, games and camps, and he also really wants to spend time with me. How different is he during the season and on vacation? He’s the same all the time. He always thinks about hockey.

Partner-In-Arms criteria

- Main qualities for a partner-in-arms are always be there for your man, show kindness and wisdom.


- My love, I want to wish you endless wins in everything. Be of great health, strong and happy. Remember, that I’m always by your side and I will always support you. You’re the best! I love you very much!