30.05.2020 в 12:00


In today’s edition of our continuing Not A Word About Hockey series we’re going to talk to JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg forward and one of their top players 19-year-old Sergei Bolshakov.

Spare time

- Our team doctor decides on my diet. In the off-season I may allow myself to eat something bad, although I do my best to eat healthy. I eat pasta, chicken, chicken broth and vegetable salad most often. My favorite meal is pasta with bacon and udon noodles with chicken.
- I have a pet. It’s a very active dog. It’s of the Parson-Russell-terrier breed. His name is Jay.
- During the season I prefer to rest at home and it’s the exact opposite in the off-season. I like riding bicycle and spending time outdoors. Sometimes I spend my spare time reading books. Recently, I read Remark’s ‘Triumph Arc’ and ‘Three Comrades’.
- I really like Finland. I want to come to the country over and over again. When I was a kid my parents would take me there often. Personally, I dream of visiting USA. It would be interesting to see how people live on that side of the pond, how their hockey world and NHL work.
- I love Loenardo Di Caprio’s acting. I love almost all of his movies. Especially, Wall-Street Wolf and Great Gatsby.
- My music playlist depends on my mood. I listen to different genres. The latest track I have added to my playlist was Linia Zhizni by Splin.

Personality traits

- I believe, I a quick-tempered kind of guy but I do my best to keep my emotions in check, I work on that. Because I understand that it could be a problem in the future.
- In my opinion, a real man has to have the following qualities – sincerity, decency and bravery.
- When I meet someone for the first time, the first thing I look at is their sense of humor and intellect.
- I wouldn’t call myself a gambler but sometimes I can get into a heated debate.


- I don’t like copying anybody so I don’t have a role model when it comes to men’s attire. I try to work out my own style.
- My wardrobe is mostly full of athletic wear. If I’m in the mood, I can dress up nicely and go out like that (laughs). I don’t pay attention to clothing brands. I buy everything I like, regardless of its brand.
- I can’t grow a normal beard yet so I enjoy my goatee (smiles).



- I don’t like making my relationships public. I live by the rule ‘happiness like quietness’.
- My ideal girlfriend is smart and caring. She also has to know things like ‘icing’ and ‘offside’.
- I don’t believe that a relationship can be an obstacle in an athlete’s career, but only if its based on mutual understanding and sincerity. In that case your personal life will only benefit your career.
- When I’m going to have a son, I will give a choice at first. Of course, should he want to play hockey, I will sign him up it. If not, I will listen to his decision. Everyone has to do what they love and it would be wrong to force a kid to do something just because their parents want it.
- When girls find out that I’m a hockey player, it doesn’t really surprise them. They usually make an assumption that I’m not interested in anything else and constantly busy. It’s partly true.

Career and education

- Hockey is my passion in life. I have played it since I was three years old. That’s why I have never even thought about where would I study or work if it weren’t for the game. But, frankly, I really like aviation. Sometimes I dream of sitting in a cockpit and learning to fly a plane.
- I study at Lesgaft University. I know all of my classmates. I go to classes when I have the time, although it’s a bit difficult due to my line of work. I’m thankful to my university for their understanding.
- Higher education is an important thing in modern society. There are examples when people go far without it. But it’s quite rare because these days you have to be a qualified specialist.

Not a lot of people know that when my friend and I played in the village of Morozov, we lived in a board-school. We would skip last classes and run to the hockey rink to watch older guys practice. When we saw coaches on the coast, we would hide under the seats in the stands. Otherwise we could have been spotted and they would find out that we were skipping school.