02.05.2020 в 12:00


In today’s edition of our continuing Not A Word About Hockey series we’re going to sit dow with JHC Spartak Moscow forward and 2020 JHL Challenge Cup participant Kirill Tagirov.

Spare time

- My parents decide on my diet. I do my best to eat healthy to stay in shape. My favorite meal is pasta carbonara. I like Italian cuisine. I eat various pastas and pizzas, of course.
- I don’t have any pets. I haven’t really given it much thought. I would like to have a dog in the future.
- I like spending my days off with my friends and family. Usually we watch movies. It helps me to switch off and get some rest. My friends and I usually go to cafes or to the movies.
- I dream of visiting USA and getting acquainted with local mentality. I want to learn to speak English and visit NBA games. As for European countries, I would like to visit Switzerland, especially in winter to see its mountains. I would also like to visit Italy to see the architecture of the country and its sights. And since I love their cuisine, I would like to try local dishes.
- One of my favorite movies is The Equalizer 2. I enjoy Denzel Washington’s acting in it. The plot is exciting. The protagonist left CIA and went to help the locals.
- I listen to foreign music mostly. The latest track I have added to my playlist was Travis Scott “THE SCOTTS”.


Character traits

- I believe my main character traits are being responsible and persistent in what I do. I’m modest and just to other people. Sometimes I have quick temper. I try to quit the shortcoming. Sometimes I’m being lazy but it rarely happens.

- I have never felt like not going to the game. It’s my favorite thing in the world. It’s what I do and I enjoy it.
- For me, a real man must be loyal to his family, strong in spirit, have great work ethic and independent.
- From my parents I inherited kindness and honesty, as well as love to sports and altruism.

- When I meet a person for the first time, I look at how neat they’re dressed and what they’re wearing. After that I look at the way they talk and what words they use.
- I’m neutral towards those who are superstitious. There are certain things that I’m superstitious about.
- I’m a gambler and I like to play cards but I know my limit and take it in moderation.


- I follow lots of stylish people. One of them is a hockey player David Pasternak. We have a lot of guys with style on Spartak but I’m not going to single anybody out.
- Usually I don’t pay attention to clothing or shoe brands. I just try to look stylish. There are a lot of white clothes in my wardrobe. I prefer athletic wear in my everyday life but I wear classics as well from time to time.
- Lacoste is my favorite perfume.
- I try to grow beard but it doesn’t pan out the way I want to (smiles).



- I don’t like talking about my personal life. I don’t think it’s appropriate to discuss it in public. Happiness loves silence, that’s why you should keep your relationship to yourself.

Career and education

- If it weren’t for hockey, I think my parents would have signed me up for another sport.
- I study at Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture. I have individual schedule because it’s difficult for me to go to classes due to practices and road trips. Obviously, I know my classmates. I even play against some of them.
- It’s very important to get a higher education in our time, no matter what it is. Being a qualified specialist you can find a job even if you have to work outside of your area of expertise.