Not a word about hockey
28.03.2020 в 12:00

In today’s edition of our continuing Not A Word About Hockey series we’re going to talk to yet another goaltender. This time it’s up to Irbis Kazan netminder and JHL Challenge Cup champion Artur Akhtyamov to answer our questions.

Spare time

– My mom decides on my diet. Pasta carbonara is my favorite meal. Actually, Italian cuisine is my favorite.
- I have a pet. It’s a schpitz. Her name is Liza.
- I like to stay home and rest. During the season I like playing videogames. On weekends my friends, my girlfriend and I can go for a walk around Kazan, go to the movies or a café. In the summer we can play basketball.
- I dream of visiting USA. I want to see big cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Washington, for example. I want to see how people live across the ocean with my own eyes and see how different life is from ours.
- I have a lot of favorite movies. From the ones I enjoyed recently I would single out Guy Ritchie’s Gentlemen. I enjoyed the movie for its plot and exciting ending. The cast was also really good.
- I listen to whatever I feel like. The latest track I have added to my playlist was Voyage by Leningrad.


Character traits

– I’m a calm, kind and caring person. I believe, I don’t have any shortcomings but you’d better check with others about that (laughs).
- I’m a hardworking goaltender and I always want to play. I have never felt like not going to the game and staying in bed instead. Every game is holiday for me.
- My father is my role model. He’s a real man. He prospered in life, found what he loved, built a sound and caring family, he takes responsibility for his actions and the ones of his loved ones.
- From my parents I inherited such qualities as relentlessness, work ethic and loyalty, which help me in life.
- When I meet a new person, first thing I pay attention to is how they’re dressed and how proper is their speech.
- I’m superstitious. I believe in these things. I consider myself a gambler but only in sports. I’m not going to gamble for money in casino.


– I don’t have a role model when it comes to men’s attire. I choose myself how I’m going to look.
- I pay attention to clothing brands. There are a lot of white and black clothes in my wardrobe. In everyday life I prefer athletic wear because it’s more comfortable. But I don’t neglect classics either.
- My favorite perfume is Creed Aventus.
- I try growing beard. I would like to have but it doesn’t come yet (laughs).



– I have a girlfriend. Her name is Anna. We met at school. She’s about to graduate from Grade 11. She’s getting ready for her exams.
- Serious relationship is not an obstacle for me. It doesn’t affect my hockey life. On the contrary, it makes me more confident.
- I’m my son is going to want to play hockey, I’m going to sign him up for a hockey school. But I’m definitely not signing up my daughter for hockey.

Career and studies

– If it weren’t for hockey, I would have continued our family dentist dynasty. I would have studied in medical school.
- I study at Kazan Institute of Cooperation. I go to classes only around exam period. My professors treat me with understanding.
- It’s very important for me to get a higher education. We live in such times when every person needs to be a qualified specialist with knowledge and skills.

Interesting story

Four years ago I managed to break to chandeliers and a bath tub in one trip. It had never happened to me before and certainly hope it’s going to happen again.