29.02.2020 в 12:00


In today’s edition of our continuing Not A Word About Hockey series we’re going to sit down with one of Amurskie Tigry Khabarovsk top players, their top goal-scorer and soon-to-be Junior Hockey League alumnus Evgeny Babushkin.

Spare time

– I decide on my diet myself because nobody knows what I need like I do. During the season my diet is healthy and balanced, I don’t eat junk food at all, even when I eat at home. When we eat at canteen, the club has everything planned out for us. My favorite meal is pasta carbonara. I love it very much and I can cook it myself too. I prefer Asian cuisines – Chinese and Japanese. The proximity of the countries and their influence play a part in it.
- I have pets – two parakeets. A girl named Pipa and a boy Archie. These feathered creatures make for a fun life at home.
- I like to be active on vacation. I like nature. These days whenever we get some time off my wife and I go to a ski resort. We learn how to snowboard and ski. We can also go to a rink. But sometimes we just stay at home, relax, watch a good movie and do nothing.
- I dream of visiting Spain and France. Spain is a country where I want to visit Real Madrid soccer stadium and see them face Barcelona in El Classico. Real versus Barcelona – there’s no soccer rivalry like that! In France I want to see the Eifel Tower with my own eyes and spend a romantic evening with my loved one. I also really want to go to Canada. After all, it’s the most hockey country in the world, where hockey is not just a game but a religion. Canada is the homeland of hockey and I want to visit it. I also want to go to NHL games.
- I don’t get to see my friends often during the season but when I do meet them we usually go to a café or relax in countryside. I also have friends in my teammates and we’re together almost all the time.
- I like TV-series Ryoblyovka Policeman. If you want to cheer up, turn it on! It’s a really good laugh. Alexander Petrov is my favorite modern actor.
- I’m a music fiend. I can listen to something timeless, like [Viktor] Tsoy, or I can listen to modern artists. The latest track I have added to my playlist was Eljay’s Tamagochi.


Character traits

– I’m stubborn and I have great work ethic. I always move towards my goal. I’m a kind, honest and optimistic person. I can’t talk about my upsides and shortcomings. I think, you would be better off asking other people to comment on it.
- I have never felt like not wanting to go to a game or practice. I think, if you get such a feeling, you should retire from hockey immediately. If you don’t have that fire in your eyes, you should quit. You can’t fool hockey.
- A real man must have a life goal. He must be reliable, never stand still and improve in every way. He must also be a leader. He must respect his family and those around him.
- My dad taught me to cherish what you have, be disciplined and persistent regardless of anything. My mom taught me to be a good person.
- When I meet a new person, first thing I look at is how they talk. Sincerity and honesty are very important to me. I don’t like to be lied to.
- I’m superstitious. There are certain things in hockey that I do before games. Although, I’m not going to talk about it so I wouldn’t jinx it.


– I wear what I want and what I feel comfortable in. Fashion fiends are always out there and our teams in no exception (laughs). For instance, Semyon Sidorov knows clothing brands well. He’s always stylish. I don’t pay attention to brands.
- Dark tones, such as black, blue and gray, dominate in my wardrobe. There are also team colors. In prefer comfort and cozyness in everyday life, that’s why I prefer athletic wear.
- I have a favorite perfume. It’s Antonio Banderas.
- It try to grow beard but I haven’t been really successful at it yet.


– I’m married. My wife Yekaterina loves hockey. She gets very emotional at the games! She worries when I get hit on the ice. This year I had one of my teeth knocked out twice. Katya was really sad. She’s a former track and field athlete. She had to quit sports because of an injury. She’s a consultant-saleswoman at a beauty studio. We met on social media. It’s very common these days, because nobody has the time.
- My relationship has never been in obstacle in my career. I would rather say it was the contrary. It motivated me. Just as I understood that Katya is my kind of person, I didn’t think twice and ask her to marry me.
- If I’m going to have a son, he’s going to have a choice. He’s going to be able to do what he wants. If I’m going to have a daughter, it’s going to be the same. I will never force anybody to a hockey school.

Career and studies

– I don’t even know what would I do if it weren’t for hockey. To me hockey is my entire life. I study at Khabarovsk College of Technical Security and Industrial Technology. I don’t always have the time to go to classes, so I just study at home. My teammates Sergei Ivanov and Alexander Gopiyenko are my classmates also.
- It’s very important to get a higher education these days. It’s a necessity. You never know how your hockey career is going to pan out.

Interesting story

My friends stole me at my wedding. Yup. I was the one stolen, not the bride. Katya had to sing a song. I knew her vocal abilities, so when I heard her sing I came out myself.