28.12.2019 в 12:00


In the last edition of our continuing Not A Word About Hockey series in 2019 we’re going to sit down with a special guest – Junior Hockey League top-scorer, an alternative Team East captain at the 2020 JHL Challenge Cup and Altay Ust-Kamenogorsk forward Stas Petrosyan.

Spare time
- Torpedo [Ust-Kamenogorsk] doctor decides on my diet. We have a team café at the arena. That’s where we all it. Spaghetti with chicken is my favorite meal.
- I don’t have a pet and I have never had one. But I plan on getting a monkey in the future. I would really love that.
- I like to spend my summer vacation with my family in Armenia. We have a lot of relatives down there.
- I dream of visiting Dubai. My parents went to the United Arabian Emirates and they really liked it. Now I want to see the beauty of the country with my own eyes.
- My friends and I usually go to the movies in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Sometimes we go out together to get some coffee.
- My favorite movies are The Intouchables and Green Mile. I would recommend everyone to watch these movies. The Intouchable is a French tragicomedy and it’s easy to watch. Green Mile is an interesting but difficult movie, starring Tom Hanks. I’m also very fond of Jackie Chan.
- I listen to all kinds of music. I don’t have a favorite genre. The latest track I have added to my playlist was Bigudi by Ivan Dorn.


Character traits
- I’m not an easy person. My biggest asset is my work ethic. I always want to win and be successful so I always finish what I started. My shortcoming is my temper. Sometimes I should stay calm and don’t get worked up but in the game and I can get into a shouting match. I try to be calmer now.
- I have never felt like not going to the game. If I didn’t love hockey, I wouldn’t play it. Every game is gift of its own.
- A real man is strong, caring, able to provide for his family and make it happy.
- Just as my father, I’m a serious person. From him I inherited my aggressiveness on ice and the mindset. From my mom I inherited kind approach in speech, honesty and beauty (laughs).
When I meet a new person, first thing I look at is how they talk. It’s important that the person had good personality.
- I’m superstitious. For instance, if I rip my laces before the game, I have to step on the new ones first.
- I’m a gambler but only what it comes to sports.


- David Pasternak is my role model when it comes to men’s attire. He plays for Boston Bruins and he dresses really well. He wear stylish suits to the games.
- I don’t pay attention to clothing brands. Most of my stuff is black because I really like the color. I usually opt for athletic wear. I don’t have a favorite perfume.
- I grow a beard. I make sure that it looks good. But I don’t do it for anybody.

- To be honest with you, I don’t know if a serious relationship can be an obstacle in athletic career. Right now I’m single.
- If I’m going to have a son, I’m definitely signing him up for hockey. But that’s probably not going to be the case if I have a daughter. It’s going to depend on my wife.
- Girls don’t have a special reaction when they find out that I’m a hockey player.

Career and education
- If it weren’t for hockey, I would be a soccer player. My dad used to be one. Perhaps, I would follow his footsteps. I’m from Cherepovets where hockey and boxing are quite popular. That’s why I signed up for hockey school.
- I study at Cherepovets Technological College. I have the time to go to the classes only in the summer. I know all of my classmates.

There was a funny story in 2018 when I played in Belgorod. I made a bet with my teammates – whoever slips on the street first has to buy everyone a pizza. Alexei Mokhov slipped first because he was carrying heavy grocery bags. On one hand it was funny, on the other – I felt sorry for my friend.