24.12.2019 в 14:30


Top forward of November Dmitry Rashevsky spoke about meeting Evgeny Malkin and L’One, his most exciting road trip with Dynamo St. Petersburg and first hat-tricks in JHL.

Early career
- When I was 3 years old my parents signed up for figure skating school. I skated there for a month and then went to a hockey game. I loved it so much that afterwards I said, ‘Dad, sell those figure skates, I want to be a hockey player!”. I put my figure skating skills to good use. I was taught how to skate, so I had an easier time than the rest of the guys. I didn’t even consider other sports. My father is a former boxer so he did offer me to sign up for it but I refused right away. It’s better to skate with a stick than constantly get punched in the head.

- When I was a kid I often went to an outdoor rink next to my place. There was always an elderly man there. One time I got to talk to him and he told me he had practiced on the same ice with Maxim Sushinsky. Probably that’s why Sushinsky was my idol growing up.

Meeting Malkin
- In 2016 I was at a tournament in Moscow with Dynamo. That year Pittsburgh won the Stanley Cup and Evgeny Malkin brought it to Russia. Tournament organizers had a present for us as they brought us to take pictures with him. The only thing he told us was, ‘I don’t like St. Petersburg’. We didn’t ask him what he meant by that. I think he was just joking.

Talking to L’Оne
- It happened this season when we on the road at Sakhalin. My teammates and I decided to go bowling after the game. We were meeting at the reception. I was one of the last to come. I saw a small group of people and overheard them saying that L’One was staying at the same hotel. I saw him right away at the bar. I sat next to him, greeted him and asked for a picture. He asked what team we played for, wished us luck and shook hands with everyone.

What celebrity would you like to meet?
- I would like to meet with Max Korzh because he doesn’t spend that much time in Russia. He has a concert in Russia in 2020 but it’s already soldout! I don’t know what would I tell him if I met him. I think, I would be very nervous and just ask him for an autograph!

Dressing-room music
- We mostly listen to club and disco music. We put on rock music prior to the game to get pumped up but as the matter of fact we listen to all kinds of music, even Ruki Vverkh. Pyotr Yakovlev is the designated DJ on Dynamo. He was entrusted with the position by the head-coach.

Fines on Dynamo
- Starting this season we have a fine for using phone in the dressing-room. If the coach sees use using it, he’s going to take it away and you’re going to have to buy it back from him at full price. I do my best to stay disciplined so I’ve been able to avoid the fine so far. Although, one time I was late for departure. It was on a gameday so they doubled the fine.

- Dynamo fans called me Pokerface. I don’t know why. Perhaps, they don’t see me smile too often. I’m not very emotional, it’s sort of a family thing. Recently I was looking at family pictures and my father wasn’t smiling in any of them.

The most exciting road trip
- Russia’s Far East has been the most exciting. First of all, it’s a long flight – that’s fun. Second of all, it’s great to see such distant cities, their architecture and the way people live. Everything is a new over there. I was very surprised to see so many Chinese people over that. Almost every shopkeeper speaks Russian and Chinese. I also remember that in Vladivostok we stayed at a hotel with a great view of Sea of Japan.

Photo op for JHL calendar
- The theme of the photo op was James Bond so I kind of felt like a special agent. Is it great to be have the most beautiful face on the team? I think the most beautiful person on Dynamo is our coach. Yegor Vyacheslavovich Bashkatov is the most brutal man on the team.

Being active on media
- Giving interviews and participating in other media activities is fun for me. It’s not that difficult to say a few words on camera. Being active on media and the way a player performs are two different things and they don’t cancel each other out. You think about one thing on the ice and then you switch, give an interview and go home. Interviews are good for you – they help you switch.

First JHL hat-trick
- I scored my first career JHL hat-trick in November. I didn’t even believe at first that I could score the third goal. Usually after scoring two goals you just can’t buy another one. I collected the puck after that game and didn’t forget to celebrate it.

Hat-trick in St. Petersburg rivalry
- I scored another hat-trick a few games later in St. Petersburg rivalry. I could have scored four goals in the game for the first time but I didn’t convert on a penalty shot against SKA-1946. To be honest with you, I wasn’t ready to take that penalty shot. I was on the bench when the penalty occurred so I was surprised they trusted me with taking the shot. Coach advised me to just take a shot because Dmitry Nikolayev reacts well to dangles and he’s good with the stick. I got a little unlucky – I could shoot the way I want to. Perhaps, I should have opted for another corner. I wasn’t thinking about scoring my 4th goal at the time. I was just trying to help my team.

St. Petersburg rivalry
- Teams played with caution in the first game of St. Petersburg rivalry. That’s why SKA-1946 won by just a single goal. In the second game we realized that we could match them. We stayed calm and did our best to convert on our scoring chances. After beating SKA-1946 our coach told us in the dressing-room that he enjoyed watching us play and that we played as a team. We were very happy ourselves but also very tired. So we quickly packed everything, hit the showers and went home to rest.

Do you ever think of retiring?
- Probably everyone has certain moments when you just want to quit everything. After unfortunate games thoughts of retiring creep into my head – that I should quit hockey and get a job as a cook or pizza delivery man. But then you sleep on it, forget everything and begin a new day with a clean slate.