12.12.2019 в 10:00


Junior Hockey League revealed Team West and Team East rosters. The teams will face eah other at the annual JHL Challenge Cup. Players from 34 JHL teams will compete at VTB Arena. JHL Challenge Cup will take place on January 11th, 2020 in Moscow as a part of FONBET All-Star Week.

Once again the fans have a lot of excitement in store for them. Top players from both conference will play in Russia’s capital. First and foremost, it’s the Dynamic Duo of Altay Ust-Kamenogorsk – Stas Petrosyan and German Shaporev, who top the league in points and goals respectively. They will be accompanied by Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk’s Dmitry Sheshin, Omskie Yastreby’s Yegor Chinakhov and Tolpar Ufa’s Danil Aimurzin, who also top their teams in scoring.

Their rival Team West also have a few players who can score. Top-scorer of three St. Petersburg teams will come to Moscow – Yegor Anisimov (JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg), Alexei Tsyplakov (SKA-1946 St. Petersburg) and Nikita Shuidin (SKA-Varyagi St. Petersburg). Silver medalist of the 2019 U18 IIHF World Championship Ilya Nikolayev (Loko Yaroslavl) will also join them, along with HC Kapitan Stupino and Almaz Cherepovets top players of the recent years – Amir Garayev and Vladislav Fyodorov.

Team West will boast a splendid goaltending duo in SKA-1946’s Dmitry Nikolayev and Kharlamov Cup champion Vladislav Okoryak of Loko. Team East will delegate between the pipes Avto Yekaterinburg’s Artur Akhtyamov and last year’s top rookie Dmitry Braginsky of Tolpar Ufa.

For those Team West players who represent Moscow, JHL Challenge Cup will be held at home. Evgeny Belov and Kirill Tagirov play for JHC Spartak, Roman Kalinichenko and Takhir Mingachyov play for Krasnaya Armiya, Yegor Smirnov represents JHC Dynamo and Rodion Poroshin dons Krylia Sovetov colors. While head-coach Lev Berdichevsky represents SKA-1946 St. Petersburg, his assistant Vladimir Tyurikov is at the helm of JHC Spartak Moscow. Team East will be coached by Omskie Yastreby’s Oleg Ugolnikov – just like Berdichevsky, he’s a native of Perm. He will be assisted by Vitaly Solovyov, who made it to Kharlamov Cup Finals last year with Avto Yekaterinburg.

Team West will also have Atlant Moscow Region and Russkie Vityazi leaders Roman Daryin and Nikita Goncharov, Alexander Baranov (Sakhalinskie Akuly), Alexander Gopiyenko (Amurskie Tigry Khabarovsk) and Ivan Bunov (Taifun Primorie Region). HK Riga will delegate defenseman Arvils Bergmanis, while ORG Junior Beijing will be represented by forward Wang Jing. Team East will feature Omskie Yastreby’s Semyon Astashevsky and Arseny Gritsyuk, Kuznetskie Medvedi top-scorer Denis Sizikov, Sarmaty Orenburg’s Ivan Timashev, Dias Guseinov (Snezhnye Barsy Nur-Sultan), Maxim Shabanov (Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk) and Avto Yekaterinburg defensemen Daniil Zaitsev and Yuri Salov.

Both teams have almost entirely new rosters since last year. Team West will have just two returnees from last year’s game in Nizhnekamsk – HC Kapitan’s Amir Garayev and Almaz’s Vladislav Fyodorov. The two have a chance to hoist JHL Challenge cup for the second consecutive year.

11th annual game will decide whether Team East can close the gap in all-time score or Team West can improve their huge lead. Team West leads JHL Challenge Cup all-time 8-2. In the past years the game was held in Cherepovets, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Magnitogorsk, Ufa, St. Petersburg, Astana and Nizhnekamsk. Thus, JHL Challenge Cup geography includes eight cities already.

Four top players of the 2020 JHL Challenge Cup will go on to participate in FONBET KHL All-Star Game.

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Team East


Artur Akhtyamov (Irbis Kazan)
Dmitry Braginsky (Tolpar Ufa)


Anton Tsibin (Tyumensky Legion)
Nikita Yefremov (Sibirskie Snaipery)
Dmitry Kostenko (Ladiya Togliatti)
Bulat Motygullin (Reaktor Nizhnekamsk)
Denis Davydov (Chayka Nizhny Novgorod)
Daniil Zaitsev (Avto Yekaterinburg)
Yuri Salov (Avto Yekaterinburg)
Artyom Onishko (Sputnik Almetyevsk)


Ivan Savchik (Mamonty Yugry)
Dmitry Sheshin (Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk)
Semyon Astashevsky (Omskie Yastreby)
Denis Sizikov (Kuznetskie Medvedi)
Danil Aimurzin (Tolpar Ufa)
Maxim Shabanov (Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk)
Stas Petrosyan (Altay Ust-Kamenogorsk)
Dias Guseinov (Snezhnye Barsy Nur-Sultan)
Yegor Chinakhov (Omskie Yastreby)
German Shaporev (Altay Ust-Kamenogorsk)
Arseny Gritsyuk (Omskie Yastreby)
Ivan Timashev (Sarmaty Orenburg)

Head-coach: Oleg Ugolnikov (Omskie Yastreby)
Assistant coach: Vitaly Solovyov (Avto Yekaterinburg)

Team West


Vladislav Okoryak (Loko Yaroslavl)
Dmitry Nikolayev (SКА-1946 St. Petersburg)


Arslan Yarullin (SКА-1946 St. Petersburg)
Rodion Poroshin (Krylia Sovetov Moscow)
Roman Kalinichenko (Krasnaya Armiya Moscow)
Yegor Smirnov (JHC Dynamo Moscow)
Evgeny Belov (JHC Spartak Moscow)
Arvils Bergmanis (HK Riga)
Alexander Baranov (Sakhalinskie Akuly)
Alexander Gopiyenko (Amurskie Tigry Khabarovsk)


Roman Daryin (JHC Atlant Moscow Region)
Alexei Tsyplakov (SКА-1946 St. Petersburg)
Ilya Nikolayev (Loko Yaroslavl)
Yegor Anisimov (JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg)
Nikita Shuidin (SKA-Varyagi St. Petersburg)
Takhir Mingachyov (Krasnaya Armiya Moscow)
Amir Garayev (HC Kapitan Stupino)
Nikita Goncharov (Russkie Vityazi)
Vladislav Fyodorov (Almaz Cherepovets)
Ivan Bunov (Taifun Primorie Region)
Wang Jing (ORG Junior Beijing)
Kirill Tagirov (JHC Spartak Moscow)

Head-coach: Lev Berdichevsky (SКА-1946 St. Petersburg)
Assistant coach: Vladimir Tyurikov (JHC Spartak Moscow)