23.11.2019 в 12:00


In today’s edition of our continuing Not A Word About Hockey series we’re going to sit down with Reaktor Nizhnekamsk goaltender Yaroslav Ozolin. The netminder told us about his spare time, character traits, parents and shared several interesting facts about himself.

Spare time
- My mother, my girlfriend and out team doctor decide on my diet. I eat at the baza before the games. At home I eat everything my mom cooks. I’m not picky when it comes to food. My favorite meal is seafood pasta.
- I have a pet. It’s cat. Her name is Daisy. My father gave it to my mom as a present when I was four years old.
- Most often I go on vacation with either with my family, or my daughter or my friends. Nizhnekamsk is a small town but I have a few favorite spots.
- I dream of visiting Canada and walk where hockey was born. I want to see with my own eyes cities like Montreal and Toronto.
- I like all Marvel movies. Aside from them, I like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Interstellar. As for actors, I like Robert Downie Jr. and Ryan Reynolds.
- I listen to all kinds of music. The latest track I have added to my playlist was Orange Sunset by Andy Panda.


Character traits
- I do my best to be a responsible, communicative, reserved and confident person. My mom and girlfriend could elaborate on my character traits.
- On gamedays I always wake up with the thought that I’m about to play the most important game of my life. I try to sleep well before the games.
- A real man must be reliable, well-mannered and smart. Man must respect others.
- From my parents I inherited being goal-driven, consistency, loyalty, determination and pride.
- When I meet a new person, first thing I look at is their eyes and shoes. It’s always great to talk to a person who takes care of themselves.
- I’m not superstitious but I have a few rules I follow before the games.
- I’m a gambler but only in hockey. 

- I follow a few people on social media and note how they dress. I can’t single out anybody.
- If I see something I like in a store, I buy it. I don’t pay attention to the brands. The most important thing is too feel comfortable in it. Black, white and red clothes are dominant in my wardrobe. In everyday life I usually wear athletics rather than classics.
- No matter how I wished, I can’t grow a beard yet so I don’t.

- My girlfriend Valery loves hockey. She watches all of my games and cheers for me. She studies in Moscow now at President Academy.
- Serious relationship is a necessity for athletic career. My loved one helps me get through difficulties. Loved one’s support is important for me.
- If I’m going to have a daughter, I would sign her up for gymnastics or dancing. As for the son, I would sign him up for hockey should he want to.


Career and education
- If it weren’t for hockey, I would likely become a soccer player. I like team sports. Actually, my parents told me I wanted to be an attorney when I was a kid.
- I study in Kazan at Kazan State Economics School. I’m majoring in sports management. I will do all both my midterm tests after the season. Personally I know only the head of class but she really helps me out with studies. I don’t know any of my other classmates.
Not a lot of people know that I love motorcycles. I’m planning to buy myself a bike in the future.