Not a word about hockey
19.10.2019 в 12:00

In today’s edition of our continuing Not A Word About Hockey series we’re going to sit down with Krasnaya Armiya Moscow forward and one of the most promising young players of the team Daniil Anop. As always, the forward shared a lot of interesting details.

Spare time
- My girlfriend decides on what I eat, she’s really focused on that. Usually she’s the one who cooks. My favorite meal is satsivi, lasagna and everything that has cheese.
- We used to have pets – rodents. But due to the difficult schedule and the fact that we both spend a lot of time on the road we had to give them away, unfortunately.
- I like to spend time with my girlfriend. We go for walks, to the movies and shopping.
- I have dreamed for a long time to visit Thailand’s island Phuket. I plan to do it on my next vacation.
- I rarely spend time with my friends. Usually it happens on road trips as we meet before the games at hotel. We like to play Fortnite.
- I like watching movies. I try to see all new releases. My favorite movie is Avangers: Infinity War.
- TV-series that thrilled me was Spartacus. I would definitely recommend watching it.
- Hugh Jackman is my favorite actor. I’m in awe with his acting and talent.
- I’m a music fiend. I always add new tracks, which I hear in the dressing-room or on TV, to my playlist. The latest song I added was ‘2 tipa lyudey’ by Max Korzh.


- It’s difficult for me to describe my character traits. I think, I’m pretty kind, soft, calm and reserved. My biggest upsides are my friendliness and I forgive pretty quickly. As for my shortcomings, I would say it’s shyness and taciturnity.
- I’m always pumped up for the games because hockey is my life and I really like playing it.
- A real man must be like me – smart, gorgeous, kind and brave but he’s allowed to be afraid of spiders (laughs).
- I have well-known superstitions. I have a pre-game routine. I always eat cottage cheese casserole for breakfast and a bun with condensed milk. If it’s a home game, I always get to the rink by the same road. I hardly talk to anyone on gamedays. I put on my equipment in a certain order and then do certain stretching exercises.
- I’m definitely not a gambler but I don’t like losing. 

- I like Jason Momoa’s style. He’s brutal and charismatic.
- There are a lot of red and blue clothes in my wardrobe because it’s my team colors. In my spare time I wear dark and cold colors. I usually prefer athletic wear. I’m used to it and it’s comfortable. But if I have to go to an event, I choose classics.
- I prefer women’s perfumes because I like distinct sweet scents. Victoria’s Secret CRUSH is currently my favorite perfume.
- In my opinion, wearing beard was popular a few years ago. The trend is gone now and there are less men with beards now. Also, my girlfriend doesn’t like it so I do my best to shave regularly, except for the playoffs, of course.


- I have a girlfriend, her name is Alyona. We have been together for over two years. She’s positive on hockey and she knows much about it. She loves watching me play, she follows my shifts and comes to the games often. Alyona is a flight attendant. She works for a big air travel company.
- Serious relationship is a necessity for me. Alyona is my support and someone I can rely on.
- If I’m going to have a son, I’m definitely signing him up for hockey. The sport turns boys into men, it makes you tougher, educates you and gives you a lot of life lessons. I would rather sign my daughter up for rhythmic gymnastics or dancing.

Career and studies
- If it weren’t for hockey, I would have likely ended up in soccer or cybersports. I play soccer pretty well and I like it but I’m not really interested in watching it on TV. As for videogames, I get the gist pretty fast and complete tasks.
- I study at a university. I’m in my second year. I’m majoring in sports management. I rarely have the time to go to classes but I do so when I have the time.
- In my opinion, education doesn’t play a big role in many professions these days. It’s your skillset that counts. Of course, that’s not the case with doctors and pilots. As for myself, hockey is a pretty injury-prone sport. Getting a higher education will help me to have a Plan B. It’s a domain where I can improve.

- Not a lot of people know that I have never been behind the wheel.