Not a word about hockey
14.09.2019 в 14:00

In today’s edition of our continuing Not A Word About Hockey series we’re going to talk to another goaltender. This time it’s Avto Yekaterinburg’s Georgy Romanov, who was named the top player in his position in Parismatch Junior Hockey League Week 1.

Spare time
- I have lived on my own for about four years now. Sometimes I decide on what I eat myself but it doesn’t happen very often because usually it’s up to our team doctor. I eat hot cereal and curd for breakfast. My mom’s lasagna is my favorite meal.
- I have a pet. It’s a German Wirehaired Pointer. Her name is Lusya.
- During the season I prefer to rest in bed, playing videogames. Sometimes I go to the movies. I like to go to the seaside in warm countries for vacation. There are plenty of places I dream of visiting – from New Zealand to Singapore.
- The latest movie I enjoyed was The Man Who Changed Everything. It’s a great movie. As for TV-series, I enjoyed Chernobyl. Its creators managed to capture the vastness of the tragedy.
- I have never thought about who my favorite actor is. Perhaps, it’s Margo Robbie. Everybody knows that she’s very beautiful. My friend and I even messages her on Instagram for a week and waited for her to answer. Obviously, it never happened.
- I listen to whatever music I feel like. I like different genres. The latest track I’ve added to my playlist was From Moon To Mars by Matrang. 


Character traits
- I’m an easy-going, sincere and kind guy. I always treat new people in my life well. I talk to everyone. Sometimes I’m over emotional. It’s my upside and my shortcoming at the same time.
- Sometime I didn’t feel like going to practice because I was too tired. But I have never felt like not going to the game.
- When I meet new people, first thing I look at is how open they are and how they act.
- A real man is responsible for his actions and helps those who need it. He never shies away from his friends’ and family’s problems.
- I’m superstitious but I try to stop. It’s a distraction and sometimes it really gets in the way. I just don’t want to focus on something like that.
- I’m not a gambler. I know my limit and can stop myself.

- I have never thought about who’s my role model when it comes to men’s attire. I like how NHL players dress for games. I like their classic suits.
- Clothing brands are not important for me. I like quality and comfort. Red and black clothes are dominant in my wardrobe. I like to wear comfortable clothes. I have nothing against classics but with my height I have to get everything custom tailored, especially shoes.
- I don’t like perfume. I get dizzy from the scent and I don’t feel well because of that. One time I even ended up in a hospital because I had inhaled too much perfume and felt really bad.
- I try to grow beard but I haven’t been very successful. I also want to have a bushy moustache.


- My ideal girlfriend has to be honest with me, not hold silly grudges against me, be calm in the relationship and not throw a fit over nothing. I want her to be well-read so she’d be interesting to talk to.
- Sometimes I miss being in a serious relationship but it’s difficult to meet an understanding girl. Sometimes I don’t want to talk or see anybody. I get introvert-like and some people may not understand it and start a fight. Of course, I want to find a soul-mate but it’s not that easy.
- The most awkward situation with a girl I’ve had was when I called her someone’s name. I got mixed up and we had a serious talk afterwards.
- I will give my children a choice. They should decide themselves if they want to play hockey or not. Obviously, I will play different sports with my son but if he’s not going to like hockey, I’m not going to force it on him.
- When I meet girls, they realize by my body shape that I’m an athlete. They ask me if I’m a basketball player but it doesn’t surprise them that I’m a hockey goaltender.

Career and education
- If it weren’t for hockey, I would do somewhere in space industry. I really want to go there.
- I study at School Of Forestry, majoring in forestry. I met all my classmates towards the end of last season.

Not a lot of people know that I like cashew nuts. I really like eating them. I’m also missing two teeth. They just never grew.