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Consolation round games took place on August 29th at the 2019 Sirius Junior Club World Cup. Teams, who had finished third in their pools in round robin, disputed the 5th place as Swedish MODO went up against Team NAHL, who represented USA.

MODO got just two points in round robin as they defeated Davos in the shootout, followed by two consecutive losses. Team NAHL lost to Finnish Kärpät, beat Red Bull and had to gain just one point in the game against Ocelari Trinec to clinch a semifinal spot, but Americans lost in regulation, even though they almost pulled off a comeback after having allowed three consecutive goals.

The teams were feeling each other out in the opening period of play. After all, it was the last game in Sochi for both sides and no one wanted to finish the tournament on a sad note. The Swedes outshot the opposition in the opening period of play largely due to Brodie Mederios getting a penalty. However, Mikael Sundell’s men couldn’t find the back of the net and there was no scoring after 20 minutes of play.

Second period featured more physical battles all over the ice. Brandon Lajoie had a great scoring chance but he couldn’t tap it home on the far post at full speed. The pace of the game picked up somewhat after Simon Andresson got a 2-minute minor for roughing. American team managed to convert on the ensuing man-advantage – Jake Beaune hit the target.

Max Borst went on to double the lead for Team NAHL. He shielded the puck and put it in the slot and it went in off goaltender Marcus Nygren. MODO allowed another goal on a 4-on-4. This time it was Killian Kiecker-Olson who got it over the goal-line.

MODO got a goal back seven minutes into the third period. Oscar Edmundsson received the puck from Max Wahlgren and beat Jack Williams with a mid-range shot. Brandon Lajoie got a penalty shortly after that and William Wallinder brought Sweden back to within one. MODO went for one final push but Oscar Håkansson let his team down as he got a penalty for checking from behind.
With this 3-2 success Team NAHL finish 5th at the 2019 Sirius Junior Club World Cup.

“We improved with each game at the World Cup and have built team chemistry over a short period of time,” said Team NAHL head-coach Scott Langer. “I think we deserved to be in the semifinal a little more than Red Bull. Had we scored one more goal in those games that we lost, it would have been a different story. I’m glad that the boys responded to those losses tonight and won. Yes, we were frustrated last night because we were so close to the semifinal. But we had to get ready for the final game of the tournament so we tried to focus on that. Anyway, it was a great experience for us. For instance, I’m happy I worked with a team of international level and with the top players of my league.”
“We dominated late in the game and scored two goals but it was difficult to play like that all game long,” said MODO defenseman William Wallinder. “Pushing and shoving late in the game? It’s just emotions. The tournament is over for us but it was great. We tested our squad. The thing is that we have become a much younger team than a year ago. So I think we’ve become better after the time we spent in Sochi. Did we lose our game after frustrating loss to Team AJHL? I wouldn’t say that. You just can’t win every game. Sometimes the puck just won’t go in no matter what you do. You just have to practice harder and success is going to come to you.”

2019 Sirius Junior Club World Cup
August 29th. Sochi, Russia. Shayba Ice Arena
Consolation round. 5th place game
MODO (Sweden) – Team NAHL (USA) – 2-3 (0-0, 0-3, 2-0)
0-1 – Beaune (Horn, Temple) – 30-54 PPG
0-2 – Borst (Love) – 36-47
0-3 – Kiecker-Olson (Unassisted) – 39-07
1-3 – Edmundsson (M. Wahlgren, Nordin) – 46-13
2-3 – Wallinder (Norberg, Lindevall) – 56-58 PPG

Goaltenders: Nygren – Williams, Sholl