26.08.2019 в 17:30


2019 Sirius Junior Club World Cup action continued on Day 4 with two games in Pool B. Kärpät Oulu, who had steamrolled over Team NAHL, faced Ocelari Trinec.

Finland got off to a quick start and shoved the puck into the net past Radek Ochman shortly after the opening puckdrop. However, referees took another look at in and disallowed the goal as the puck went in off Zdenek Sedlak’s chest. The incident took place on a powerplay, which Kärpät didn’t let go to waste either – Petteri Puhakka converted on it to put Oulu up 1-0. Tuuka Tieksola and Sedlak picked up the assists on the marker. Czech Republic, who needed a win, was dazed after that and Oulu goaltender Severi Suutarinen at times was absolutely bored, while his teammates buzzed around the net at the other end of the ice.

The teams traded scoring chances. First Šimon Mikler took a shot from point blank range and Suutarinen finally had to make a huge save. Kärpät answered with a rush, which led to a shot that rang off the bar. Puhakka had an excellent chance to improve the lead on the following man-advantage and yet he somehow missed the wide-open net from in tight – the puck shaved the post and stayed out. Ocelari were able to get to Suutarinen’s net only when Kärpät made defensive mistakes. One of such rushes turned into a goal – Daniel Przybyla, who led Trinec in points at the 2018 Sirius Junior Club World Cup, got in on a breakaway and sent it past Suutarinen.
Second period turned out to be quite eventful. Halfway through it Tieksola found himself on breakaway and put Kärpät back in the lead. However, Trinec were in no mood to give up just yet. Jan Kalus converted on a powerplay and less than a minute later Vojtech Šulak scored his first at the tournament to make it 3-2 Ocelari. Kärpät head-coach Ville Mäntymaa didn’t like too much such turn of events and Oulu picked up the pace. Tieksola scored his second of the game on a powerplay and shortly after that Sedlak fired another one past Ochman and hit the back of the net on the far side to give Kärpät a 4-3 lead after 40 minutes of play.

Aatu Räty stepped into the spotlight in the third stanza. Young forward sniped one top-shelf to make it 5-3. After Czech Republic killed off a penalty and Przybyla stepped back onto the ice, Sedlak received the puck from the neutral zone, skated in on a breakaway and put it home with a quick release. The game calmed down after that. Having established a 3-goal lead, Kärpät worked the clock and enjoyed their second consecutive success in Sochi.

“We were a little lazy at first. That’s why we allowed two goals in a row and found ourselves behind on the scoreline,” said Kärpät forward Zdenek Sedlak. “That made us angry, forced to open up, play without stupid penalties and losing the puck. We stopped losing the puck for no reason, played tough on our blue line and got back in the game. This win sends us to semifinal. We’re happy but right now we’re focused on our third round robin game against Red Bull. We’re not going to save energy. We want to finish on top of our group so it would be easier winning medals.”

“We got off to a great start at scored a quick goal on a powerplay. We lost our game after the first five minutes of play. First we got one penalty and then another. That threw us off our game and the opponent exploited it. Today two of our players scored two goals. We have a lot of skilled players who score a lot of goals. These goals give us confidence. Hopefully, they will continue to score. We made the semifinal round? I’m not sure I followed the standings at the tournament. We’re going to prepare for Red Bull. They play well so we focus on them for now.”

“We lost concentration at a certain point. You can’t play just half a game at such level. You have to play 60 minutes the way we did in the first 30,” said Ocelari Trinec assistant coach Marek Malik. “We lost the chance of making it past round robin. It’s tough. We played well but you need to play better to win. Obviously, we wanted to make it past round robin and do well in the playoffs but we had very strong opponents in our pool.”

2019 Sirius Junior Club World Cup
August 26th. Sochi, Russia. Shayba Ice Arena
Round robin. Group B
Kärpät Oulu (Finland) – Ocelari Trinec (Czech Republic) – 6-3 (2-1, 2-2, 2-0)
1-0 – Puhakka (Tieksola, Sedlak) – 01-25 PPG
1-1 – Przybyla (Unassisted) – 18-03
2-1 – Tieksola (Puhakka, S. Koskenkorva) – 29-36
2-2 – Kalus (Przybyla, Havranek) – 31-54 PPG
2-3 – Šulak (Mastič, Matej) – 32-22
3-3 – Tieksola (Vanttaja) – 34-40 PPG
4-3 – Sedlak (Suutarinen) – 38-26
5-3 – Aatu Räty (Vanttaja) – 41-39 PPG
6-3 – Sedlak (Niskala, Tieksola) – 44-58

Goaltenders: Suutarinen - Ochman