Junior Club World Cup
24.08.2019 в 18:30

Group B teams hit the ice on Day 2 of the 2019 Sirius Junior Club World Cup. Ocelari Trinec from Czech Republic, who participate in the tournament for the third time, faced Red Bull Salzburg from Austria, another well-known team at international stage.

Not only the two teams are no strangers at the World Cup, they have also faced each other in round robin of the 2017 tournament. Austria won that game 7-1.

Early minutes of the game looked very much like the first game of the day, in which Davos and MODO were feeling each other out and rarely taking shots. Even when Red Bull got a penalty, it didn’t change anything in the game. Austria created the first scoring chance of the game – Aljaz Predan took a shot from point blank range but Štepan Švehlak was up for the task. Red Bull’s netminder Mauritz Merra was also in the spotlight as he made a save on a breakaway. Austria pinned the opposition to the wall late in the period, forcing Švehlak to make a few huge saves.

Second period of play began with Švehlak making several more stops but then Red Bull got two consecutive penalties. Red Bull trio cleared the puck and hustled to the far bench for a change and Ocelari made them pay. Švehlak made a long stretch pass, Daniel Przybyla skated down the wing and feathered it to Marek Havranek, who sent it upstairs on Merra to make it a 1-0 hockey game. Austria got back even in no time. Excellent pass by Elias Lindner from behind the net found Dennis Lobach, who made no mistake. Soon after that Czech Republic found themselves down 2-man and Salzburg got in the lead as Pontus Englund hit the back of the net.

A minute later Švehlak allowed another goal – Paul Huber beat him wide. Ocelari coaching staff replaced Švehlak with Radek Ochman right after the episode as the former appeared to pulled a muscle on the play. Red Bull solved Ochman soon enough. Christian Obu took a long-range shot, the puck got deflected a few times and Samuel Ericsson improved the lead to 4-1.

Czech Republic picked up the pace early in the third period and forced Red Bull to take two more consecutive penalties. However, they couldn’t capitalize on either of them once again, while Austria further extended their lead – Tim Harnisch was set up for a shot and he put it home. Aljaz Predan picked up his third point of the game as he set the final score at 6-1. Red Bull scored one goal less than a year ago but still enjoyed a very solid win at the start of the tournament.

“It was a difficult game for us. Today we made a lot of very silly mistakes,” said Red Bull head-coach Teemu Levijoki. “Especially at the blue line. We were arrogant. I hope that it wasn’t our best game and we can improve as the tournament goes on. Comparing to last year, we made a lot of changes. Many players stayed home, while others were called up to professional teams. We brought to Sochi a mixed team with players from several leagues. So you can say that these are two different teams. But it’s something that happens to all teams at the World Cup due to age limit.”

“We did badly in the first period but we were good in the second and third,” said Red Bull forward Filip Varejcka. “Comparing to last year, our team changed a lot. We got older, more experienced and I think the team got better. We have played from different countries on our team so we speak English to each other. At first it alienated us but then we started spending a lot of time with each other, we’ve been through a lot and it also helped us improve as a team.”

“First game is always the most difficult, said Trinec forward Jan Calus. "The most difficult moment of the game was the seven minutes when we allowed three goals. Nothing worked for us after that. Unfortunately, we miss a few players. For example, our starting goaltender didn’t come to Sochi. Our backup goaltender wasn’t well-prepared for the game so he couldn’t help us much. I have to say that we have two strong goaltenders and if we’re going to feel safe in front of them, we’re going to win next games. Besides, there are players on Trinec, who have already played at the World Cup, including myself. Perhaps, this experience is going to help our team do better than last year.”

2019 Sirius Junior Club World Cup
August 24. Sochi, Russia. Shayba Arena
Round robin. Group B
Ocelari Trinec (Czech Republic) – Red Bull (Austria) – 1-6 (0-0, 1-1, 0-0)
1-0 – Havranek (Przybyla, Svehlak) – 22-44 PPG
1-1 – Lobach (Varejcka) – 26-38
1-2 – Englund (Varejcka) – 29-20 PPG
1-3 – Huber (Predan, Hlozek) – 30-42
1-4 – Ericsson (Obu, Tjernstrom) – 35-25
1-5 – Harnisch (Englund, Predan) – 46-49
1-6 – Predan (Huber, Zundel) – 50-22

Goaltenders: Svehlak, Ochman - Merra