Not a word about hockey
13.07.2019 в 12:00

In today’s edition of our continuing Not A Word About Hockey series we’re going to talk to former JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg defenseman Bogdan Zhilyakov. He spoke about his spare time, favorite movies, music and much more.

Spare time

- When I’m home, it’s my parents who decide on my diet. On practice and game days I eat simple meals – meat, fish, vegetable, sometimes buckwheat or pasta. I love Uzbek and Georgian cuisines.
- I have a pet cat Yasha.
- After season ends, my parents and I usually go to the sea. I try to stay active on vacation and go for walks often. I really enjoy fishing – I fish at lakes, rivers and sea.
- I would like to visit Italy one day and see Rome. I would also like to go to an island in the Indian ocean – Madagascar.
- I don’t have a lot of time to spare so I don’t get to see my friends often. We usually just talk on the phone.
- Apostle is one of my favorite movies.
- I’m not really into music and I listen whatever I feel like. Recently I was in Sochi and add Kaifuyem to my playlist, because I heard it all over the place.

Character traits

- I’m an Aries. Sometimes I think that I have all the good traits of the sign along with all the bad ones. I’m very emotional. Sometimes even too emotional. I’m see things very black and white. I can admit my own mistakes, I can’t back down and will never forgive betrayal and dirty tricks.
- A real man must be goal-driven, self-confident, charitable and honest to himself and those around him.
- From my mother I inherited the sense of humor and kindness, while my father gave me persistence and fearlessness.
- I’m not a very superstitious man but there are I few things that I do but can’t share.
- I consider myself a gambler so I try to steer clear from gambling. I don’t take losing lightly.


- It’s difficult to single out someone and say that he’s an icon of men’s attire. For example, Dmitry Nagiyev always looks good and dresses well.
- Black and white are dominant colors in my wardrobe. I usually pay attention to athletic wear brands.
- XS by Paco Rabanne is my favorite perfume.


- I don’t have a girlfriend yet. I don’t have a lot of time for personal life at the moment. I believe my ideal girlfriend is someone who is also in sports, who would understand me and help me to get to my goals. Perhaps, I’m mistaken but that’s how I feel right now.
- I would most likely sign my son up for hockey, but if I’m going to have a daughter, I’m definitely going to veto that.

Career and studies

- If it weren’t for hockey, I would have probably be somewhere in the oil industry.
- I study at Ural State University of Physical Culture, I just finished my second year. I know almost all of my classmates well, even though I rarely go to classes.

Not a lot of people know that I gave hockey a second chance when I was six and a half years old. When my parents brought be to hockey school at the age of three, I didn’t do well. So they signed my up for gymnastics. But a few years later my dad offered me to buy hockey equipment and give the sport another chance. I went back to hockey and today I’m very happy that I did.