Not a word about hockey
01.06.2019 в 12:00

In today’s edition of our continuing Not A Word About Hockey series we’re going to talk to one of the elite Junior Hockey League goaltenders, record-holder for regular season shutouts and former JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg star Kirill Ustimenko.

Spare time

- I decide on my diet myself. I eat everything but in moderation. Everything must be in moderation.
- I have a pet. It’s a dog. His name is Zeus.
- I like to stay active on vacation. I would like to visit Brazil one day. It’s not a hockey country. It would be interesting to find out how people live in South America.
- My friends and I do our best to spend time with purpose. We always look for something new and fun. We never stay in one place for long.
- I like TV series Game of Thrones and Walking Dead. Will Smith amazes me with his talent and acting.
- I listen to all kinds of music. I don’t have a preferable genre. The latest track I have added to my playlist was ‘Na letu’ by A$sorti.

Character traits

- I don’t see myself from the side so it’s tough to talk about my character traits. Chances are I’m not the worst person, since I have friends and a girlfriend.
- I have never felt like not going to the game. I’m a hard worker and I have big ambitions.
- A real man is someone who stands by his word and is responsible for what he says. I believe it’s the main quality.
- In my opinion, I’m not really like my parents. There are certain traits that I took after them as a kid but I have lived on my own a long time.
- When I meet a new person, I do my best not to judge them based on first impressions. If I’m interested in the person, I will talk to them more often. But I never make quick assumptions.
- I have a few superstitions, so I guess I’m superstitious. I don’t think I’m a gambler, although sometimes I feel like it.


- Johnny Depp is someone I look up to when it comes to men’s attire. I don’t think it’s necessary to explain why. He is a real macho at the age of 55. He can give a lot of young men a run for their money.
- I don’t pay attention to clothing brands. I don’t think it’s important. If it fits you, that’s all that matters. There are a lot of black clothes in my wardrobe. I prefer to wear classics.
- Dior Sauvage is my favorite perfume.
- I don’t grow a beard specifically. It all depends on how I feel. Sometimes I shave it, sometimes I don’t.


- My girlfriend is really into hockey. She’s very supportive, whatever the situation may be.
- Serious relationship can’t be an obstacle in an athlete’s career. Although, everything depends on the person. I believe, a loved one will never be oppressive, will always be by your side and will help you move forward.
- If you don’t want to disappoint me, don’t lie. I can’t stand lies. Truth is always better, no matter what it is.
- If I’m going to have a son, I will sign him up for hockey, but not as a goaltender. One goalie is enough for one family.

Career and studies

- If it weren’t for hockey, I don’t know what would I do. It’s a difficult question.
- I study at international university MITSO in Gomel. I know my classmates but not everyone.
- Higher education is important because you need to have a head on your shoulders. Not only you have to obtain knowledge at university, you also need to be able to apply it in real life.

Not a lot of people know that I was born in Gomel. I was invited to move to St. Petersburg by a coach, with whom I worked in Belarus. When I moved to Russia, the coach had to file to be my guardian, so I would get Russian citizenship.