11.05.2019 в 12:00


In today’s edition of our continuing Not A Word About Hockey series we’re going to talk to one of the top Mamonty Yugry forwards and Junior Hockey League bronze medalist Vladimir Gaideik.

Spare time

- I live at the baza with my team and it’s our cook who decides on what we eat. I eat mostly pasta and chicken. In the off-season my mom and girlfriend cook me everything I like. Regular pelmeni is my favorite meal.
- I don’t have a pet but I would like to have a huge dog in the future.
- I like to spend time with my family because I don’t get to see them often during the season. I would like to visit Italy – Rome specifically. I was inspired by an episode on the city on the Heads Or Tails show.
- I play videogames with my friends on Playstation when I have days off. We also go to the movies and cafes.
- Only Old Men Going To Fight is my favorite movie. Actually, I enjoy war-themed movies. Breaking Bad is my favorite TV series. I really enjoyed the plot. Yuri Nikulin is my favorite actor. He was great in all movies.
- Rap and chanson are dominant in my playlist. The latest track I have added to it was Broken Destiny by Sergei Nagovitsin.

Character traits

- I consider being responsible, decency and persistence my main character traits. As for shortcomings, I would say it’s quick-temper and periodical laziness.
- On gamedays I always wake up in great mood. I have never felt like not going to the game.
- A real man must be safe, manly and with great sense of humor.
- From my father I inherited persistence and work ethic. As for my mom, from her I inherited caring for my family and being responsible.
- When I meet a new person, first thing I look at is how friendly they are and how easy it is to talk to them.
- I wouldn’t call myself a superstitious man. I’m not superstitious in everyday life but I am a little bit on the ice. For instance, I believe that one should always step on the ice with their right foot first.
- I’m very much a gambler when it comes to hockey. As for gambling itself, I’m very far away from that.


- I don’t have a role model when it comes to men’s attire. I wear what I like.
- I don’t pay attention to clothing brands. Clothes just have to be comfortable and cozy. Dark blue and white are predominant colors in my wardrobe. Perhaps, it has something to do with the colors of the team I used to play for. I prefer athletic wear for everyday life. I don’t feel very comfortable in classics but sometimes I have to wear it.
- Right now One Million by Paco Rabanne is my favorite perfume.
- I grow beard only for the duration of the playoffs. I don’t grow it on regular basis.


- I have a girlfriend. Her name is Alina. She doesn’t know much about hockey yet. She studies at a university and works.
- Serious relationship can’t be an obstacle in sports career. We managed to find balance in four years that we have been together.
- I have never had an awkward situation with Alina. We understand each other well and we feel comfortable.
- If my son is going to want to play hockey, I’m going to support his decision. But to be honest with you, I wouldn’t want my kid to follow down the path.
- There are girls who try to get to know me but I don’t pay attention to that. As the matter of fact, hockey players don’t like it when girls see them only as hockey players and not regular guys.

Career and studies

- If it weren’t for hockey, I would have probably become a ranger. I believe it’s a brave job and it really helps the society.
- Right now I study at Yugra State University. I’m majoring in Physical Culture. I try to go to as many classes as possible in the off-season. Unfortunately, I rarely can come to classes during the season. I know all my classmates. We communicate through VK group chat and at classes.

Funny story

Due to weather conditions our flight to Omsk was delayed. We were going there for playoff games. So they brought us back to baza. Team administrator told us in our group chat to get ready to leave as soon as he says. I told my roommate Nikita Chusovitin to wake me up when we had to leave. In the end Nikita woke me up and calmly said, “Hey, bro, wake up, we’re five minutes late already”.

Not a lot of people know that I signed up for hockey when I was 10 years old. That’s pretty late but I don’t think I play worse than those who have played hockey since they were four years old.