Not a word about hockey
27.04.2019 в 12:00

In today’s edition of our continuing series Not A Word About Hockey we’re going to talk to Snezhnye Barsy Astana goaltender Denis Karatayev. Netminders are rare guests in this series and this is exactly why it’s so interesting to find out what does he do in his spare time, what are his preferences in music and how important is for him to find his soul-mate.

Spare time

- I decide on my diet myself. During the season I follow the menu, which is recommended to us by our team doctor. When I come home, I enjoy eating whatever my mom and gran cook. I can’t even single out one favorite meal, there’s too many.
- I have a pet. It’s a Yorkshire terrier. His name is Didi.
- I prefer relaxing vacations at the seaside and getting tanned. I dream of visiting Venice and take in all of the beauty of Northern Italy.
- Whenever I meet with my friends, we usually go to the movies. We don’t get many days off during the season so I try to stay active. We can play soccer or tennis.
- My favorite movie is Law Abiding Citizen. As for TV shows, I like Game Of Thrones. Jason Statham is one of my favorite actors.
- I listen to all kinds of music. It all depends on how I feel. The latest track I have added to my playlist Stan by Max Korzh.


Character traits

- I behave differently, it all depends on the situation. One thing I can say for certain is that I always tell the truth and never lie. Sometimes I’m kind but not always and not to everybody. Sometimes you just don’t want to anger me.
- I always wake up in good mood on gameday. I have never felt like not wanting to get out of bed and going to the game. Every game is a party for me.
- A real man must be a goal-driven kind of guy. He has to achieve his goals.
- I inherited self-esteem from my parents. They taught me that everything is going to be alright. You just have to work hard and keep moving forward.
- When I meet a new person, I feel right away if I’m comfortable talking to them or not. It’s important that the person is communicative and fun to talk to.
- I’m not superstitious. I don’t have a routine. I think that they only distract you from something that’s really important and people focus on them too much. I like to win in sports so I consider myself a gambler.



- I don’t have a role model when it comes to men’s attire. I have my own style going on. I don’t follow anybody.
- I don’t pay attention to clothing brands. I’m very selective with what I buy and wear. I try to stay fashionable. Black and white colors are dominant in my wardrobe as well as red.
- Hugo Boss is my favorite perfume. I bought it at the World Championship and I haven’t regret it. I really like the fragrance.
- I don’t grow beard because even though it does grow, it’s not as bushy as other’s.


- My ideal girlfriend has to be wise, educated and be good around the house. She has to take care of herself and stay in shape.
- It’s important to find your soul-mate. A relationship can’t be an obstacle in an athlete’s career. A loved one can always help you and keep you motivated.
- One time I had an uncomfortable situation with a girl at a restaurant. I forgot the money so I had to call my friend for help. Now I pay attention to things like that.
- If I’m going to have a son, I will definitely sign him up for hockey. As for my daughter – it’s a hard no.
- Russian girls like hockey players more. It’s not like that in Kazakhstan. I think they’re more into wrestlers and boxers.


Career and studies

- If it weren’t for hockey, I would have become a sport psychologist. I like working with people. I would have been creating trainings to help other people.
- I went to college and now I’m about to go to university for higher education. I don’t have a lot of time for studies because of practices. But I do know my classmates.
- Higher education is very important in today’s world. You have to have it even if you want to open your own business.