Not a word about hockey
09.03.2019 в 12:00

Hero of today’s edition of our continuing series Not A Word About Hockey is JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg defenseman Veniamin Baranov. The most prolific defenseman on Junior Hockey League’s 10th season shared how he likes to spend his spare time, his favorite music and movies, his character traits and hobbies.

Spare time

- My team doctor decides on my diet. Dumplings is my favorite meal.
- To be honest with you, I have never been abroad on vacation. This year it’s going to be my first trip of that sort. I’m going to Tunisia with my friends. I also would like to visit Greece. But usually I spend my summers fishing at a cottage with my family. During the season I rarely get to see my closed ones.
- I usually go to the movies and shopping with my friends. Sometimes we just hang out and play videogames.
- I can’t there’s any movie that I can call my favorite. I like science fiction. I watched all Marvel universe movies. I enjoyed watching TV series LOST back a few years ago, I got hooked on the plot. I like Tom Hanks and how he acts.
- I listen to Russian rap. Guf is among my favorite artists. The latest track I have added to my playlist was Kalashnikov by Face.

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Character traits

- It’s difficult to weigh in on yourself and analyze your character. I’m not an angry guy and egoism is definitely not one of my traits.
- Sometimes I get really tired. But sometime I have to pull myself together because there are a lot of games in the season.
- A real man has to keep his word first and foremost. He has to talk less and do more.
- The most important trait I inherited from my parents was kindness.
- Whenever I meet new people, first thing I look at is how they act. You can always spot a good person.
- I’m rather superstitious. There are few things I have to do before the game. Maybe they are silly but I believe in them. 

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- I don’t have a role model when it comes to men’s attire. I don’t try to look like somebody else.
- Sometimes I pay attention to clothing brands but it doesn’t happen all that often. I can buy unknown brands as well. Deep blue is the predominant color in my wardrobe. Most likely because I play for Dynamo.
- I don’t have a favorite perfume. I usually use whatever I’m given for New Year’s on February 23rd as a present. I’m not too picky in this regard.
- If I could grow a beard, I would definitely do it. But I can’t do it yet do to my age.

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Career and studies

- I study at Lesgaft National State University. Of course, I know my classmates. I meet them often at university. Most of them are Dynamo St. Petersburg, SKA-1946 and SKA-Varyagi players.
- It’s difficult for me to image a life without hockey. I have never thought where I would have ended up if it weren’t for the game.
- Higher education is an important thing in today’s world. You can understand and know something better than others but it doesn’t matter without education.

Not a lot of people know that my main hobby is fishing. I live to spend time outdoors with my fishing rod. Especially when the weather is good.

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