16.02.2019 в 12:00


In today’s edition of our continuing Not A Word About Hockey series we’re going to talk to one of the top Omskie Yastreby forwards Roman Badanin. He was born just five minutes earlier than his twin-brother Ilya, so it’s up to him to answer questions. Roman shared how he likes to spend his spare time, favorite movies, music, character traits and much more.

Spare time

- I decide on my diet myself. But it’s up to our team doctor when we are on the road. My father also gives me advice. He’s a former athlete so he had to deal with it himself and he knows a lot on the issue. My favorite meal? Chocolate fontaine!
- We’re more of a dog family. We used to have a Yorkshire terrier. His name was Bertik. He lived for seven years and then, sadly, passed away. It was the best and the smartest dog in the world. It feels like losing a loyal friend. It was tough.
- I’m not much for relaxing. That’s why even in my spare time I prefer to do what I love with my brother – play hockey and other sports. We can go to the sea for a week or two, but not more. We don’t like the heat and miss ice.
- Japan is at the top of my list of countries I want to visit. That country is like another world. They have history, rich culture and technology. It’s the country of the future. I want to go there and have a meal at restaurant served by robots!
- I like to have a good time with my friends and stay active. We play a lot of sports – especially hockey. We also like to travel.
- John Week is my favorite movie. I like the sequel as well. I don’t have a favorite actor, though.
- I enjoy all kinds of music. I listen to almost everything except rock. The latest track I have added to my playlist was Real Ties by Lil Skies.


Character traits

- Only my close ones know my real character traits. As for what floats on the surface – I’m a happy and easy-going guy.
- I’m always eager to play some hockey. That’s what we practice for and that’s why we spend so much time on it.
- A real man always has to be himself. That’s the most important thing.
- Whenever I meet a new person, I look at the way they’re dressed and then at the way they talk. The latter is equally important. It helps you define a person.
- I’m not superstitious.



- When it comes to role model at men’s attire, I take my father.
- I don’t usually pay attention to clothing brands. It don’t buy just a single brand.
- I have a lot of colors in my wardrobe but white is dominant. It’s a good base color. I usually prefer athletic wear in everyday life because we spend so much time at games and practices. It’s only practical. As for classics, I don’t have almost no reason to opt for it.


- My girlfriend Sofia likes hockey because it’s an emotional sport. She studies.
- I don’t really like it when girls argue too much. It’s not that I’m a I’m-right-you’re-wrong kind of guy but I want discussions to be constructive. So if my girlfriend argues for the sake of arguing, it makes me angry.
- I haven’t decided whether I’m going to sign my kids up for hockey. Time will tell.
- Whenever girls find out that I’m a hockey player, they’re positive about it. Although, I can’t recall any special stories regarding that. It’s just a fact. It’s not supposed to cause any deep emotions.


Career and studies

- If it weren’t for ice hockey, I would have chosen bandy. That’s the sport my father played.
- The importance of higher education depends on profession. Obviously, a doctor must have it but in some professional the ability to learn is more important.

Funny story. When my brother and I first came to Omsk, we found out that we left our passports at the airport. We flew in without documents and we had contracts to sign. But it ended well. Airport service returned the passports. Since then my brother and I carefully check our documents.