Not a word about hockey
09.02.2019 в 12:00

In this week’s edition of our continuing Not A Word About Hockey series we’re going to talk to the top-scorer of the season and also all-time Junior Hockey League leader in goals and points – JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg forward Anton Vasiliev. He speaks about his spare time, preferences in music and character traits. Some of his answers took by surprise even us!

Spare time

- Our team doctor decides on what I eat. After all we play regularly and we have to eat well. Usually, it’s a healthy mix of pasta, chicken, chicken soup and vegetable salad.
- I don’t have any pets in St. Petersburg but I have a cat named Lyusya in my hometown of Tver.
- I like to visit different places and towns! I really like it in Podolsk, Stupino and Nizhnekamsk. I really enjoyed the Challenge Cup. I usually spend my time with friends in the dressing-room, on ice and in the gym!
- I would like to visit many countries. It would be great to see Singapore. I also dream of going to the Dominican.
- 8 Mile with Eminem is my favorite movie. As for TV series, I like Better Than People. It’s a great show, you should watch it. Alexander Petrov and Tom Hardy are my favorite actors.
- I prefer classical or relaxing music. Lil Pump, Drake and ASAP Rocky are among my favorites. The latest track I have added to my playlist was Racks on Racks by Lil Pump.


Character traits

- Sometimes I have a quick temper but I do my best to remain calm and just. A lot depends on my mood and those who surround me.
- I inherited my best qualities from my parents. They gave me a great upbringing and I’m grateful to them.
- I always try to wake up on time on gamedays. If I don’t, Anton Nazarevich will never do. That’s why it’s imperative I do!
- I think a real man has to be stoic, manly, brave and have good manners. He has to have a big heart.
- I’m not superstitious. I think of it as a distraction and one shouldn’t pay attention to that. But I do consider myself somewhat of a gambler.


- I myself am my own role model when it comes to men’s attire.
- I never pay attention to clothing brands. If something looks good, I just buy it. Blue and dark blue are dominant colors in my wardrobe. I prefer athletic wear because we spend nine months a year wearing cloths with the logo of my favorite team.
- Abercrombie is my favorite perfume.
- I don’t grow a beard because I can attract attention elsewise. I doesn’t really grow anyway, so I don’t need it.



- My girlfriend is not really into hockey. She’s a body builder, spear thrower and discus bolus.
- When girls find out that I’m a hockey player, they usually ask: “Perhaps, you need your sticked taped and your skates sharpened?”.
- If a girl doesn’t want to disappoint me, she has to know what icing and offside is.
- If I’m going to have a daughter, I won’t sign her up for hockey. If I’m going to have a son, I might sign him up for soccer. It’s easier than hockey! 

Career and studies

- If it wasn’t for hockey, I might have ended up in darts or beer-pong.
- I study in Moscow, I don’t have any trouble. I try to study everyday or whenever I have the time. I know my classmates and professors. I’m on good terms with everyone. Getting a higher education is very important these days that’s why I do my best to keep up.