Not a word about hockey
24.11.2018 в 12:00

We continue our ongoing Not A Word About Hockey series. In today’s installment we’re going to talk to forward Vladimir Kapkin. He began his Junior Hockey League career with HC Kapitan Stupino but joined Krasnaya Armiya Moscow this season.

Spare time

- I decide on what I eat myself. I like to eat so I eat a lot. My favorite meal is the Caesar salad. My mom cooks it best.
- I have two pets at home. A cat named Syoma and a dog – his name is Bart.
- When it comes to vacation, I like to keep it as simple as possible. I enjoy just staying at home and laying in bed.
- My dream is to see the mountains. It would be wonderful to go hiking and take pictures of Switzerland. Altay would also be great and it’s closer.
- When I meet with my friends, we usually just go to the movies.
- John Quick with Keanu Reeves is my favorite movie of all time. As for TV-shows, I would say it Supernatural.
- I like to listen to Nashe Radio. I listen to whatever they have in rotation. The latest track I have added to my playlist was ‘Ne Parsya’ by Mikhail Bashakov.


Character traits

- I don’t have any problems with my temperament. Just as many others, I have some shortcomings and upsides, some minuses and some pluses.
- Whenever I get exhausted from practices, there one thought that I keep myself motivated by – nobody is interested how you’re feeling, you have to step on the ice and prove to everyone that you are a good hockey player.
- A real man must first and foremost be brave. You can never show your weaknesses to anybody.
- From my parents I inherited my charisma and resilience.
- I have certain superstitions. I do consider myself a gambler and superstitious. For example, I knock on wood three times whenever I say something I do not want to become real. Besides, I believe in many other superstitions.



- I don’t have a role model when it comes to men’s attire. I don’t look up to anybody.
- I don’t pay any attention to clothing brands. The most important thing for me is whether it looks good on me or not. In my wardrobe I have plenty of clothes that are either of blue or red colors.
- In everyday life I wear something athletic. But, actually, I am a big fan of leather pants and jackets.


- The most important quality I look for in a girl is a kind soul.
- Right now I don’t have time for serious relationships because I’m setting a foundation for my hockey career and I have almost no time for my personal life.
- I can be disappointed in a girlfriend if she doesn’t follow a healthy lifestyle.
- If I am going to have a son, I will sign him up for hockey.

Career and studies

- I have never even thought about what would I do and where I would end up if hockey weren’t my life. I want to dedicated myself to this sport and nothing else in the world.


There aren’t many people who know that I was actually born in Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region. It is a real small town, located not too far away from Dmitrov. As the matter of fact, it was in Dmitrov where I first began playing hockey. As for why I was born in Dolgoprudny, I still have no idea.