19.08.2018 в 17:15


Davos and Red Bull opened Day 2 of the 2018 Junior Club World Cup. While the Swiss team had played at the tournament last year, Austrian team returned to the World Cup after four years of absence.

Austrian team grabbed the momentum early on. Fabrice Kruijsen, who was Davos’ starting netminder at last year’s tournament, got a fair share of hard work in the first couple of minutes. Austrian team, which boast a very international squad, was spending a lot of time in the offensive end. Davos got a 2-minute powerplay but failed to create any real scoring chances, while Red Bull found the back of the net – Samual Witting roofed it on the shortside and sent the water bottle flying from Kruijsen’s net. 11 seconds later Austrians improved their lead – this time it was Justin Schutz with the marker. With two minutes remaining to play in the period he got another one as he beat Kruijsen 5-hole with a backhand shot. In-between the two goals Paul Huber also found the back of the net. Carl Zimmermann added another one on a powerplay late in the period to give Red Bull a commanding 5-0 lead – a rather devastating start for Davos.



Midway through the second period the Swiss team evened the game out a little bit, although they almost gave up a goal while on a powerplay – Kruijsen, who was left in goal by Davos’ coaching staff, wasn’t crestfallen and made a few really huge saves for his team. Despite the lack of goals, the pace of the game was very high and it looked great. The Swiss didn’t feel like giving up without a fight but they certainly lacked accuracy on their shots. Red Bull also needed to adjust their crosshairs. Late in the period Jesper Kokkila shot it for a seemingly a certain goal but the puck grazed the iron and dumped in the corner with a loud ding


Early in the third frame Davos finally got on the board. Stefan Spinell found himself at the right place in the right time and buried the rebound from a tough angle as Lukas Bachofner took the initial shot. However, it was no other but Spinell’s penalty that led to Red Bull’s sixth marker of the afternoon. Witting scored his second on a rebound past Kruijsen. 51 minutes in Austrians further improved their lead – Elias Walenta got the marker. There was no stopping Salzburg after that. Justin Schutz completed the second hat-trick at this year’s Junior Club World Cup, which was followed shortly by Witting completing his.

9-1, Red Bull enjoy one of the greatest blowout wins in the history of the tournament.


2018 Junior Club World Cup
August 19th. Sochi, Russia
Shayba Ice Arena

Round Robin. Group В
Davos (Switzerland) – Red Bull (Austria) – 1-9 (0-5, 0-0, 1-4)

0-1 – Witting (Evertsson)
0-2 – Schutz (Varejcka, Huber)
0-3 – Huber (Unassisted)
0-4 – Schutz (Huber)
0-5 – Zimmermann (Walenta)
1-5 – Spinell (Bachofner)
1-6 – Witting (Zundel, Nordberg)
1-7 – Wallenta (Zimmermann, Frandl)
1-8 – Schutz (Varejcka)
1-9 – Witting (Nordberg, Schutz)

Goaltenders: Kruijsen – Laakso