24.07.2018 в 16:30


8th annual Junior Club World Cup will take place in Sochi, Russia this August. Austria will be represented for the second time by Red Bull Salzburg major junior team. Head-coach Teemu Levijoki and development director Helmut de Raaf were kind enough to answer a few questions for Junior Hockey League media relations department.

- Red Bull will compete at their second Junior Club World Cup. What are your expectations of the tournament in Sochi?

Teemu Levijoki: Our priority at the World Cup will be building a new team and gaining new experience through playing against teams with different styles.

- How would you describe your team’s style?

Teemu Levijoki: Red Bull’s philosophy is active and aggressive hockey with constant puck control and serious discipline.

Helmut de Raaf: Our players like to control the puck and they try to take optimal decisions in any game situation. We try to play quality hockey.

- What can you say about your future opponents?

Teemu Levijoki: Our opponents come from traditional hockey countries and we are grateful for
the opportunity to visit the city that had hosted the Olympics. I can’t say anything else right now
because we haven’t studied our opponents yet.

Helmut de Raaf: Our team played in junior Czech Extraliga so we know what to expect from Trinec. HC Davos play almost around the corner so we’re going to get the information we need. We know how the Swedes play, so we’re going to get ready for the game against them.

- What are your plans for visiting Sochi? What do you know about Junior Club World Cup?

Teemu Levijoki: I was in Sochi five years ago and the level of organization was at a high level. This why I’m eager to return. I wonder how the city has changed since the Olympics.

Helmut de Raaf: I followed Junior Club World Cup in the past years and I’m proud that we got the chance to become a part of the competition once again. We expect a serious level of hockey, which will help us get ready for the season.

- Who’s going to be the main cup contender at the tournament?

Teemu Levijoki: Traditionally, Russian and Swedish teams are very strong so I’m going to call them the main contenders. We’re also going to play some good hockey and improve from game to game. We’re going to have a good performance.