Not a word about hockey
22.07.2018 в 11:56

In this edition of our continuing series Not A Word About Hockey we’re going to talk to Atlanty Moscow Region forward Sergei Dudkin. 19-year-old Dudkin is a very versatile man. In this interview to Junior Hockey League media relations department he speaks about his pets, character traits and how he dreamed of becoming a crane operator growing up.

Spare time

- When I’m in my hometown of Belgorod, my mother decides on what I eat. For breakfast I usually have porridge and omelet. For lunch – soup and macaroni or rice with meat. For dinner I also usually have macaroni with chicken – actually, I can eat macaroni all day long – and I have curd in the evening. I like fruit and try to eat a lot and as often as possible. My favorite meal is chicken with fried potatoes.

- I have a dog. His name is Butch. He’s a Staffordshire terrier. I also have a cat Misha. My younger brother Filipp called him that.

- I like to spend vacation at home with my family. I would like to go to Greece or Italy. I enjoy reading about history of those countries.

- When I’m with friends we usually go either for a walk or to the movies.

- My favorite movie is Pulp Fiction. I don’t watch any TV series. Will Smith is my favorite actor.

- I listen to all kinds of music but mostly rap. The latest track I added to my playlist was Take a Look Around by Limp Bizkit.

Character traits

- I’m a simple guy. I’m shy, friendly and fun. I think my greatest upsides are work ethic and desire to learn.

- I always want to play hockey. It has never come to the point when I needed any extra motivation.

- I believe that a real man must be responsible, brave and cool-headed.

- When I meet new people, the first thing I look at is how honest that person is.

- I’m not superstitious.

- I would say I’m a gambler but I don’t play card games because I lose all the time.


- When it comes to men’s attire there’s no one like Nikita Zimin, who plays for our team. He has a great taste and great hairstyle.

- As for brands, I like Puma and Nike. Blue, Black and White are predominant colors in my wardrobe. In everyday life I prefer sportswear.

- Givenchy pour Homme Blue Label is my favorite perfume.


- My girlfriend likes hockey and comes to my games. She’s also and an athlete. She’s in gymnastics.
- I don’t think that a relationship can be an obstacle for anything, including career.

Career and studies

- I can’t even think of another profession, other than being a hockey player. Although, growing up my dream job was a crane operator.

- I study at Smolensk State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports. I try to go as many classes as I can. However, since I don’t always have the time to go to classes, I know just a handful of my classmates.

- I believe getting a good education is very important because you can’t play hockey forever.


- When I was a kid there was a story. I was about 5 years old and we just began building our house. We had a lot of cement plates around our yard and my older brother Igor and I were running on top of them. I came close to the edge one time and the drop was about two meters. Igor jokingly said, “Jump!”. And I jumped. I was lucky to injure just my lip. Our parents scolded Igor, of course. It wasn’t as fun as it is today, though. But looking back, I think it was pretty funny.

- I dream to have a wrist-shot like Alexander Ovechkin’s.

- There is one fact about me that nobody knows. I’m a LEGO fan. I enjoy playing with it in my spare time.