06.07.2018 в 09:00


Junior Hockey League has announced top players in three positions in both conferences for each month throughout the season. That process carried on in the Kharlamov Cup Playoffs as well, as three top players were selected after each round. It’s time to put all of that together. We present to you the 2018 All-Star Junior Hockey League team. We have taken in consideration players’ production and various statistics in the regular season and the playoffs. Players who were selected as best in their positions in the season also made the team. In the final edition of the series we take a look at the fourth 5-man unit.

4th Unit


Anton Vasiliev (JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg)

Nikita Lyubishkin (Sarmaty Orenburg)

Yegor Filin (Krasnaya Armiya Moscow)


Evgeny Borisov (Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk)

Gleb Morulyov (Almaz Cherepovets)


Anton Vasiliev

JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg have the most players on this All-Star team. Last of them is forward Anton Vasiliev. In the previous season he led the league in playoff penalty minutes, while in the past one he was once named forward of the month and won Petrov Cup with Dynamo’s pro team – that’s quite a step up. In 63 regular season games Vasiliev scored 25 goals and 46 assists for a total of 71 points.


Nikita Lyubishkin

20-year-old forward was the leader of Orenburg, topped it in goals and basked in fans’ love. Lyubishkin was named forward of the month in February in Eastern Conference. Aside from Sarmaty he also played 4 games in NJHL for Yuzhny Ural-Metallurg and scored as many as 12 points. Lyubishkin played 55 games in Junior Hockey League, scoring 27 goals, 22 assists and 47 points. Unfortunately, that still didn’t help Orenburg make the playoffs.


Yegor Filin

Kharlamov Cup champion and of the brightest promising stars of Krasnaya Armiya spent the entire season in Junior Hockey League. Filin played 60 games and scored a whopping total of 64 points with 20 goals and 44 assists. Filin first put his tremendous playmaking skills on display back at the Junior Club World Cup, helping Krasnaya Armiya win the coveted trophy. 19-year-old Penza native hasn’t gotten to play in the VHL yet but if keeps improving at this pace, we may well see him in the pros in the upcoming season.


Evgeny Borisov

20-year-old defenseman, who had joined coach Dmitry Stulov and moved from Orenburg to Magnitogorsk in the off-season, proved right away that he belonged. Borisov was named defenseman of the month in December in Eastern Conference. He played 57 regular season games for Magnitogorsk, scoring 8 goals and 20 assists for 28 points. He was also a plus-38.


Gleb Morulyov

As per tradition, there is one Almaz Cherepovets defenseman on our All-Star team. This time around it’s not Vadim Kudako but Gleb Morulyov. He was named defenseman of the month in November as he was one of the better players on Cherepovets. Morulyov played 61 regular season games, scored 12 goals, notched 17 assists and got a total of 29 points. He was also a plus-8.