03.07.2018 в 09:00

Junior Hockey League has announced top players in three positions in both conferences for each month throughout the season. That process carried on in the Kharlamov Cup Playoffs as well, as three top players were selected after each round. It’s time to put all of that together. We present to you the 2018 All-Star Junior Hockey League team. We have taken in consideration players’ production and various statistics in the regular season and the playoffs. Players who were selected as best in their positions in the season also made the team. In the second part of the continuing series we’re going to take a look at the first 5-man unit.

1st Unit


Bulat Shafigullin (Reaktor Nizhnekamsk)

Razat Timirov (Reaktor Nizhnekamsk)

Anton Ruban (Kuznetskie Medvedi)


Kirill Basisty (SКА-1946 St. Petersburg)

Timur Sulteyev (SКА-1946 St. Petersburg)


Bulat Shafigullin

Traditionally, top line of the All-Star team consists of the most productive players of the season. The line is impossible to imagine without Nizhnekamsk dynamic duo. 18-year-old Bulat Shafigullin got off to a stellar start in JHL – he was named the top forward of September – and in short time got called up to KHL’s Neftekhimik, where he ended up playing a total of 17 games. Shafigullin saved his best performance for the playoffs where he led the league in points and assists.


Razat Timirov

Despite often missing his linemate, Timirov didn’t deflate and turned into a true leader of Nizhnekamsk major junior team. Timirov scored 62 points in 57 regular season games, competed for JHL Challenge Cup, and put on a tremendous show in the playoffs. He racked up 15 points in 11 Kharlamov Cup games and played a huge role in Reaktor’s second consecutive year with medals.


Anton Ruban

Kuznetskie Medvedi leader’s results this season speak for themselves. Ruban was named the top forward of January, led Junior Hockey League in regular season goals and points and ended up being selected as the Most Valuable Player of the season. The only downside to all these achievements was the fact that Kuznetskie Medvedi missed the playoffs. In that regard, Ruban follow Artyom Manukyan’s footsteps, who had led the league in points the year before but also hadn’t competed in the playoffs.


Kirill Basisty

While the top line consists of Eastern Conference players, the top defensive pairing is not only from the West but also represent the same team – this year’s runners-up SKA-1946 St. Petersburg. One of the best defensemen of the year was former SKA-Varygi player Kirill Basisty. He played 57 regular season games, which were followed but 16 more in the playoffs. Basisty had a whopping plus-37 in the regular season.


Timur Sulteyev

Timur Sulteyev wasn’t usually paired with Basisty on SKA-1946 as the latter typically played with Vladislav Syomin. Nevertheless, Sulteyev was one of the most solid defensemen of the year. He scored nine goals and notched 25 assists in 34 games. Next season Sulteyev will play for Saryarka Karaganda of the VHL. He finished his Junior Hockey League career with winning silver medals with SKA-1946.