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First round of the playoffs continued in Junior Hockey League with eight more games on March 11th.


Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk and Reaktor Nizhnekamsk, who treated fans to ten goals the day before, picked up right where they left. After trading great scoring chances, including rattling one of Georgy Anarkulov’s posts, who had replaced Fyodor Korotayev in the cage for Game 2, Magnitogorsk scored two goals in a row – Bairas Abdullin and Ilya Avramenko found the back of the net each in less than two minutes. Nizhnekamsk got a goal back in a hurry – Arsen Khisamutdinov got the marker. However, at 13-01 Reaktor allowed a 2-on-1 rush, Anarkulov stopped Danil Pyatin’s shot but the puck bounced straight to Nikita Rozhkov, who buried the rebound to make it 3-1 Magnitogorsk. The visitors got back to within one before the intermission – Nikita Dyakin scored on a powerplay.

 Stalnye Lisy dominated in the 2nd period of play and scored as many as three unanswered goals. Ilya Avramenko got his 2nd of the game, while Igor Shvyryov and Yegor Martynov added a tally each. Anarkulov was replaced by Korotayev after Magnitogorsk’s 4th marker but the latter allowed two quick goals after that.

 Magnitogorsk concluded their blowout win in the 3rd stanza. Several players gave in to emotions and a mass brawl broke out. Both penalty boxes became overcrowded but at least the teams calmly bled the clock down. Stalnye Lisy win 8-2, tying the series, which now moves to Nizhnekamsk.

Stalnye Lisy (Magnitogorsk) – Reaktor (Nizhnekamsk) – 8-2 (3-2, 3-0, 2-0)

1-0 – Abdullin (Tokarev, Oleinikov) – 07-39

2-0 – Avramenko (Shvyryov) – 09-16

2-1 – Khisamutdinov (Favrichnikov) – 09-47

3-1 – Rozhkov (Pyatin, Dubin) – 13-01

3-2 – Dyakun (Timirov, Nabiullin) – 18-38 PPG

4-2 – Shvyryov (Dubin, Korobkin) – 24-41

5-2 – Avramenko (Shvyryov, Borisov) – 27-04

6-2 – Martynov (Pyatin, Rozhkov) – 31-00 PPG

7-2 – Igoshev (Rozhkov, Dubin) – 46-23

8-2 – Dorofeyev (Platonov) – 50-31 SHG

Goaltenders: Kamyshnikov – Anarkulov, Korotayev


The series is tied 1-1


Game 2 of the series between Avto Yekaterinburg and Tolpar Ufa once again began with a flurry of home team’s offensive rushes, to which the visitors answered with rare counter-attacks. At 12-52 Avto converted on a powerplay. Alexander Sevostyanov made Daniil Tarasov go low with his shot and Evgeny Mityakin used it to his advantage, sending the biscuit back to Sevostyanov, who scored on his second attempt.

 2nd period of play featured no goals and it all had to be decided in the 3rd frame. Early in the stanza Evgeny Mityakin one-timed it past Tarasov to give Yekaterinburg a 2-0 lead. A little later Dnaiil Valitov improved the lead to 3-0 with a powerplay clapper on a powerplay. At 47-29 Tolpar finally solved Vladislav Gross – the goaltender parried Semyon Chistyakov’s shot but couldn’t stop Vladimir Bobylyov from scoring on the rebound. Nevertheless, that didn’t bring Ufa any dividends. Yekaterinburg take it 3-1 and have a 2-0 lead in the series as it moves to Bashkortostan.


Avto (Yekaterinburg) – Tolpar (Ufa) – 3-1 (1-0, 0-0, 2-1)

1-0 – Sevostyanov (Mityakin) – 12-52 PPG

2-0 – Mityakin (Noskov, Ivashov) – 41-54

3-0 – Valitov (Muravyov) – 42-50 PPG

3-1 – Bobylyov (Chistyakov, Pachin) – 47-29

Goaltenders: Gross – Tarasov


Avto lead the series 2-0


Irbis Kazan, who suffered a blowout loss to Mamonty Yugry in Game 1, tried to make up for it right from the beginning of Game 2. However, Khanty-Mansiysk’s offense is simply too strong at the moment and can’t be ignored as such. Top-line led by Stepan Grymzin scored the first goal of the game at 7-59 to convert on a powerplay, while with less than a minute remaining to play in the period Ivan Morozov improved the lead to 2-0. Late in the 2nd frame Kazan got a goal back – Nikita Soshnin sent one past Pavel Nechistovsky to make it 2-1.

That goal, just like the day before, was the only one Irbis managed to eke out. Midway through the 3rd stanza Nikita Anokhin scored another powerplay goal, which was followed by Grymzin’s empty-netter. That was his second goal of the game and it secured another win for Mamonty Yugry. The series now moves to Kazan. Game 3 will take place on March 14th.

Mamonty Yugry (Khanty-Mansiysk) – Irbis (Kazan) – 4-1 (2-0, 0-1, 2-0)

1-0 – Grymzin (Yerkin, Gaideik) – 07-59 PPG

2-0 – Morozov (Unassisted) – 19-16

2-1 – Soshnin (Unassisted) – 38-11

3-1 – Anokhin (Yerkin, Gaideik) – 49-24 PPG

4-1 – Grymzin (Gaideik, Yerkin) – 59-46 EN

Goaltenders: Nechistovsky - Miftakhov


Mamonty Yugry lead the series 2-0

Loko Yaroslavl and Russkie Vityazi scored as many goals as they did the night before already in the opening period of Game 2. ‘Railway men’ were first to find the back of the net again – Grigory Denisenko scores in his 2nd consecutive game and once again it was a thing of beauty. Denisenko cut to the middle off the wing and sniped it with a wrist-shot. Chekhov got back in a hurry – Grigory Khrapsky had the quickest hands in the scrum in front of the net and he caught Ilya Konovalov off guard. In the very next shift home team got their lead back – Nikita Anokhovsky received the puck from behind the net and one-timed it past Dorozhko.

2nd stanza featured no goals, while Loko had the momentum on their side. Russkie Vityazi failed to bring the game back to even in the 3rd frame, despite having pulled Dorozhko for the extra-attacker. Loko Yaroslavl take it 2-1 again, establish a firm 2-0 lead in the series and move to Chekhov for Game 3.

Loko (Yaroslavl) – Russkie Vityazi (Moscow Region) – 2-1 (2-1, 0-0, 0-0)

1-0 – Denisenko (Kalinin, Rybakov) – 05-11

1-1 – Khrapsky (Goncharov) – 07-11

2-1 – Anokhovsky (Rybakov, Denisenko) – 08-00

Goaltenders: Konovalov – Dorozhko


Loko lead the series 2-0


SKA-1946 St. Petersburg once again opened up the scoring in the game against Krylia Sovetov Moscow, although this time they managed to do it only late in the 1st period – Daniil Ogirchuk converted on a powerplay off Mikhail Afanasov’s assist. In the 2nd period of play ‘the army men’ scored twice. First Nikita Milyokhin tipped Pavel Kukshtel’s shot and at 31-56 Kirill Basisty sniped one past Kadochnikov with a point shot to make it 3-0 St. Petersburg.

Home team lost the 3rd stanza 2-1 but that still proved to be enough to win the game. Vladislav Kurbatov improved the lead to 4-0, which was followed by Moscow getting two tallies back – Savva Gavrilov one-timed it home with a shot from the blue line, while Roman Meshkov beat Volkov on the rebound off the end-boards at 56-43. SKA-1946 win the game 4-2 and take a 2-0 lead in the series, which now moves to Setun.

SКА-1946 (St. Petersburg) – Krylia Sovetov (Moscow) – 4-2 (1-0, 2-0, 1-2)

1-0 – Ogirchuk (Kholodenin, Shabarov) – 18-51 PPG

2-0 – Milyokhin (Kukshtel) – 26-10

3-0 – Basisty (Ogirchuk, Tsaryuk) – 31-56

4-0 – Kurbatov (Basisty) – 43-15

4-1 – Gavrilov (Novosyolov) – 45-31

4-2 – Meshkov(Pokazannikov, Kopylov) – 56-43

 Goaltenders: Volkov – Kadochnikov


SKA-1946 lead the series 2-0


JHC Spartak Moscow also scored as many goals as they did in all of Game 1 of the series against Almaz Cherepovets in the opening period of Game 2 – Dennis Miller scored his 1st career playoff goal, while Mikhail Shalagin, who led the red-and-white in regular season scoring, added another tally shortly before the first intermission.

 The game really picked up in the 2nd period. Cherepovets finally solved Andrei Skovronsky – Vladislav Fyodorov found the back of the net. Four minutes later Evgeny Sorokin restored the 2-goal margin.

 Spartak held on to the 3-1 lead up till the final minute of regulation. Cherepovets fearlessly pulled Alexei Artamkin for the extra-attacker but that only led to an empty-netter by Mikhail Zholobov. Evgeny Stavrovsky’s men have no room for mistake now as they are one loss away from elimination. Game 3 will take place in Cherepovets on March 14th.

JHC Spartak (Moscow) – Almaz (Cherepovets) – 4-1 (2-0, 1-1, 1-0)

1-0 – Miller (Kuznetsov) – 05-13

2-0 – Shalagin (Sorokin, Kravchenko) – 19-07

2-1 – Fyodorov (Zamaliyev, Zhirnov) – 21-50

3-1 – Sorokin (Shalagin, Kravchenko) – 25-40

4-1 – Zholobov (Rozanov) – 59-20 EN


Goaltenders: Skovronsky – Artamkin


Spartak lead the series 2-0


Krasnaya Armiya Moscow were first to score in Game 2 of the series against JHC Dinamo St. Petersburg. Pavel Podluboshnov got the marker. He tipped Mikhail Byakin’s shot and the puck went just inside the crossbar and past Kirill Ustimenko. Midway through the 2nd period Dinamo tied the game up as Alexander Zhabreyev got a tally, but the reigning champions got their lead back before the intermission as they scored twice. Nikita Rtischev hammered one home as he sent it just inside the crossbar as well and at 38-28 Yegor Filin put the puck on net from the point and it squeaked past Ustimenko to give Krasnaya Armiya a 3-1 lead.

 The red-and-blue scored two more goals in the 3rd stanza – Ruslan Iskhakov converted on a powerplay, while Mikhail Byakin got an even strength marker. Ustimenko was replaced by Nikita Maslennikov after that but Dinamo failed to score four goals in the remaining 10 minutes of regulation to force overtime. Krasnaya Armiya win 5-1 and this series is only getting started.

JHC Dinamo (St. Petersburg) – Krasnaya Armiya (Moscow) – 1-5 (0-1, 1-2, 0-2)

0-1 – Podlubshnov (Ibragimov, Byakin) – 14-35 PPG

1-1 – Zhabreyev (Vasiliev, Dynyak) – 31-16

1-2 – Rtischev (Myasischev, Filin) – 33-56

1-3 – Filin (Rtischev, Bykov) – 38-28

1-4 – Iskhakov (Makeyev) – 48-45 PPG

1-5 – Byakin (Podluboshnov) – 50-44

 Goaltenders: Ustimenko, Maslennikov – Korepanov


The series is tied 1-1


Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk enjoyed a great opening period of play against Sibirskie Snaipery as they scored as many as four unanswered goals. Evgeny Kobyakov and Alexander Podkorytov got a tally each, while Nikita Tertyshny scored twice. After that Shamil Shmakov was replaced in Novosibirsk goal by Konstantin Sharapov, who allowed a goal at 27-55 – Alexander Gomolyako improved Belye Medvedi’s lead to 5-0, which was shortly followed by Arkady Shafigulin’s marker.


Novosibirsk didn’t give up and scored their first goal of the game at 31-41 – Makar Nikishanin found the back of the net. Ilya Karpukhin restored the 6-goal margin. A little later Evgeny Kobyakov got a game-misconduct after a huge brawl and Sibirskie Snaipery scored two more – Artyom Artyomov got both of those powerplay tallies. Belye Medvedi had a 7-3 lead after 40 minutes of play.


The game slowed down a bit in the remaining 20 minutes of play and the fans didn’t see any other goals. Belye Medvedi win both road games to start the series and now look poised to wrap up the series on home ice.

FL2A5797 копия.jpg
Sibirskie Snaipery (Novosibirsk Region) – Belye Medvedi (Chelyabinsk) – 3-7 (0-4, 3-3, 0-0)

0-1 – Kobyakov (Unassisted) – 03-55

0-2 – Podkorytov (Lavrinenko, Tertyshny) – 10-56

0-3 – Tertyshny (Shabanov, Karpukhin) – 13-40

0-4 – Tertyshny (Podkorytov) – 16-29

0-5 – Gomolyako (Konovalov, Shiryayev) – 27-55

0-6 – Shafigullin (Unassisted) – 28-38 PPG

1-6 – Nikishanin (Artyomov) – 31-51

1-7 – Karpukhin (Tertyshny) – 33-29 PPG

2-7 – Artyomov (Unassisted) – 35-54 PPG

3-7 – Artyomov (Unassisted) – 37-30 PPG


Goaltenders: Shmakov, Sharapov – Mylnikov


Belye Medvedi lead the series 2-0