13.12.2017 в 18:38
KHL board meeting took place in Moscow on December 13th. The board approved Junior Hockey League strategy up till 2023, which was presented by JHL managing director Alexei Morozov.

The 7-year JHL strategy is focused to achieve several intertwined goals, which are aimed to improve competitive level of the tournament and create the strongest professional junior hockey league in Eurasian region.


In the following two years it is expected to develop, approve and implement new regulations to more professional qualification of coaches, who work in JHL tournament. Great focus will be on optimizing season calendar, including decreasing the number of long breaks. It is planned to accept members into the league based on their sports results and demands to the level of teams will be put forward. The league is aiming to have the same number of teams in both conferences. It is also planned to invite foreign junior teams to compete in Junior Hockey League.


JHL continues to work on optimizing the system of developing and assigning referees. In the 2017-18 season no less than 50% of regular season games are officiated by two referees and two linesmen. Starting next season, the number of will go up to 75% and starting from the 2019-20 season it will reach 100%. Officiating quality control and referee development seminars will be held no less than twice a season, starting next year.


It is planned to develop and add to JHL regulations new uniform requirements for JHL teams in terms of mandatory insuring their hockey players, which will include diagnosing, treatment and recovering of their injured players. JHL actively participates in the anti-doping battle. The number of doping tests will increase annually by 10%. Next year an educational anti-doping program will be developed for team doctors, players and JHL teams’ staff.


The new strategy also focuses on marketing and promoting professional junior hockey. The teams will be required to hire staff to work with partners and fans in order to attract the fans to the games. At the same time, the league will work towards increasing teams’ income, supporting them in attracting partners and consulting them on how to work with fans.

Alexey Morozov, Junior Hockey League executive director:

“We spent the whole year to come up with the long-term JHL development plan,” said JHL managing director Alexei Morozov. “Our goal for the following seasons is to make JHL the strongest junior hockey league in Eurasian region. To do that, we need to have our youth to work only with qualified professionals and the tournament mustn’t have any clear-cut underdogs. Every game must be beneficial to every player and help him develop professionally. Junior hockey must be doping-free, biased officiating and unprofessional approach to young hockey players in all aspects – from marketing to arena infrastructure. The whole hockey vertical will benefit from that.”

Alexander Medvedev, Junior Hockey League board deputy chairman:

“The league intensively worked on the new strategy,” said Junior Hockey League board chairman Alexander Medvedev. “The experience of previous years was taken into account, because junior hockey will largely determine the future of Russian hockey as a whole. The strategy considers all aspects of the league, whether it’s tournament organization, infrastructure improvement, officiating, coaching or, obviously, players. Marketing events are also very important. It shouldn’t be forgotten that we work for the youth and contemporary youth is very receptive. I mean both – players and fans. It is not a coincidence that those teams who do great work with their fans, consistently draw large crowds to their games, they get a lot of fans in the stands and they are active on their teams’ social media. The league has a great potential and by helping the teams to move forward in today’s realities, JHL makes a big investment in such a beloved sport in this country.”

Alexey Morozov, Director of the Department of Professional sports of Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation:

“Junior Hockey League strategy – is an actual document, which will allow to make yet another big step in hockey development and developing sport reserve for Team Russia,” said Higher Achievement Sports department director of Russian Ministry of Sports Alexei Morozov. “The strategy addresses all priority goals, which were put through by the country in terms of developing both junior and professional hockey.”

Kiril Fastovskiy, HC Sibir GM:

“It is very important to build one common hockey vertical, in which JHL is an integral part,” said HC Sibir general manager Kirill Fastovsky. “It’s great to see the league improve and present its new strategy, which includes many development aspects, such as improving the level of officiating, work with fans and clubs’ approach to their junior teams. We support it and will do whatever we can to bring the strategy to life.”

Igor Esmantovich, HC CSKA President:

“Junior Hockey League is improving. JHL managing director Alexei Morozov demonstrated the goals, which the league will try to achieve in the following few years and that need to be brought to life,” said CSKA Moscow president Igor Yesmantovich. “The strategy is interesting and modern. We will help to achieve these goals.”