09.12.2017 в 07:11


In today’s edition of Not A Word About Hockey we focus on JHC Spartak Moscow defenseman Mikhail Bulimov, whose team currently tops the Western Conference.

Spare time

- My main critic when it comes to food is my mom. Because I listen to what she says and eat what she says.
- I have two pets at home. Cat Max – he’s a Scottish fold and dog Sonya – she’s a German Shepard.
- I don’t like to spend vacation at sea, I love to go to my home – Baikal lake. I’m from Angarsk and I can assure you that the Baikal lake and its surroundings are amazingly beautiful.
- Game console is my main weapon for spare time. I like to play with my friends but we also go to the movies a lot.
- Last thing I watched on TV was the series Major with Pavel Priluchny.
- I listen to different music depending on my mood. The latest track I added to my playlist was Hanna – Puli.


- I’m a loyal friend and solid support for my girlfriend. I’m kind and ready to help with anything. My downsides are quick temper and rancor.
- I’m always eager to hit the ice. I have great work ethic. I motivate myself at practices thinking that I get better every time.
- I believe that a man should be able to stand for himself, his family and his loved one. He must keep his word.
- I inherited my character and resilience from my father but I act and interact with people like my mom.
- You know what they say – they meet by your clothes but say goodbye to your mind. So when I first meet a person I pay attention to his outfit.
- I’m superstitious. For example, I always step on the ice with my left foot.


- Role model in men’s attire? Of course, it’s David Beckham. I like how he dresses. Personally, I buy what I like and I don’t pay much attention to brand. I have mostly white and black clothes. In everyday life I prefer sports style.
- My favorite perfume - Dior Fahrenheit.
- I don’t grow a beard. It doesn’t grow much yet anyway.


- I have a girlfriend but a relationship can’t be an obstacle for career. Everybody needs to have the right person by his side. Support and care of a loved one is very important!
- My girlfriend loves hockey. She comes to the games, even to road games if they’re not too far away. We play some games just outside of Moscow. If the games are too far away, she watches them on TV. I’m a hockey player and she’s proud of me.
- Honesty is very important in a relationship. You always have to say the truth.
- When I’m going to have a son, he’s going to be a hockey player. I would rather see my daughter play tennis.


- If it wasn’t for hockey, I don’t even know what would I do. I would definitely not work in the office. It’s too boring for me.
- I study at Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports, Youth and Tourism. I’m in my second year. I go to classes when I have the time. But if you look at my attendance rate, you’ll see that it rarely happens. I know my classmates only by chats and online communities.
- Higher education is a necessity. Nobody is guaranteed to make it in sports. You don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.
- There are a lot of funny stories that happen with our team. Recently we were on the road and our goaltender Andrei Skovronsky forgot his practice jersey so he had to wear his game jersey. So we were making fun of him: ‘You’ve been waiting for far too long for this!’. He just really wanted to get back on the ice.