30.08.2017 в 15:56


For this edition of Not A Word About Hockey we spoke to MHC Spartak Moscow forward Andrei Revatsky.

Spare time
- I follow what I eat myself because when I stay at baza we have options. At home my mom always knows what to cook for me. My favorite meal is borsch
- I have two dogs at home
- On my days off I go home to visit my parents
- I don’t have a lot of time to spare so whenever I’m I get I try to spend it with my girlfriend. I go on a walk with her or with my teammates. We go to the movies or somewhere else.
- I don’t have a movie I would call my favorite. There are a lot of good movies that I like to watch over and over again. I like a TV-series The Walking Dead. I like Mila Kunis as an actress. Just don’t mention it to Ilya Talaluyev! He’s her biggest fan!
- I listen to all kinds of music. If I like anything, I add it to my playlist. I don’t have a favorite genre.
- I’m a kind and caring person but I hate losing, I’m very competitive in any game. I want to win in whatever I do.
- There was never a time when I felt too lazy to go to a hockey game because I love the game and I enjoy playing it.
- Man should always keep his word and not throw it around.
- I inherited from my father the hatred for losing. Whenever I played with my dad, he always wanted to win and didn’t want to lose either.
- I don’t have any special superstitions like tying my right skate first or stepping on the ice with a certain foot first or any of that.
- I don’t really follow fashion. I don’t care too much for brands but there I few shops I never pass by. In everyday life I prefer sports style because it’s comfortable. I don’t see a point in going from my house to practice in classic clothes. Although, I try to look more presentable when I go out.
- I don’t grow a beard but I can’t really do it, anyway. I don’t like big beards.
- I can’t say that my girlfriend is super fond of hockey but of course she watches some games. She goes to university.
- I don’t think relationships stand in the way of career. On the contrary, it helps when you need somebody to support you.
- If I have a son, he’s going to be hockey player. If I have a daughter – I doubt it. I don’t think this sport is for girls. I don’t mean to offend women hockey players, though.
- When people find out that I’m a hockey player, they don’t really say anything. They just ask me who do I play for and how long I’ve been in the game.
Career and studies
- I can’t even imagine what would I do if it weren’t for hockey. I’ve never really thought about it. I didn’t really have a choice either, because my dad played hockey in the past and still plays. I think, I would have ended up in sport anyway. And if not, I would study really hard.
- Man should make as much as his family needs. And, of course, he should take care of his parents.
- I go to university. I’m I my third year. Sometimes I can’t make it to class but I pass every test. I know my classmates but I don’t talk to all of them.
- Getting a degree is important. You never know how your sports career is going to pan out but your education is going to stay with you forever. Besides, you’ll always get a chance to get a good job with higher education.