Junior Club World Cup
26.08.2017 в 17:21

In the second half of the gameday Snezhnye Barsy faced MODO in Junior Club World Cup semifinal. The winner was going to go head-to-head with Krasnaya Armiya in the final game. In Verkhnyaya Pyshma Avto Yaketerinburg met Swiss Davos in the fifth place game.

This was the second game between MODO and Snezhnye Barsy at the Junior Club World Cup. The first game took place in round robin and Astana enjoyed a solid 5-1 win. However, MODO keeps getting better with every game – they eliminated Avto Yekaterinburg who were considered one of the main cup contenders.


Just like in the game against Avto it was Simon Rönning who got the nod to start in MODO goal, while Snezhnye Barsy went with Denis Karatayev. Early in the game the Swedish side looked more interesting and created a few good scoring chances – Karatayev even had to stop a breakaway chance once. It felt like MODO was going to score soon and they did. Oscar Pettersson battled behind Karatayev’s goal, made a no-look pass to Tobias Oström and he sent it in from point blanc range – 1-0. Kirill Baldin’s penalty almost led to a shorthanded goal by Astana, but Sayan Daniyar couldn’t beat Rönning from in tight. Just as Baldin jumped out of the penalty box, Sebastian Walfridsson doubled MODO’s lead with a well-placed long shot.

In the second period not much has changed on the ice up until MODO got their first penalty of the night. Maximillian Popovic, who shone in the quarterfinal game, this time put his team in trouble as Snezhnye Barsy capitalized on his penalty. Kazakhstan team set camp in the offensive end and Samat Daniyar scored on a rebound from in tight to make it 2-1. Five minutes later they brought it all back to even – this time Kirill Baldin pushed his way through several defensemen and put the biscuit in the jar. Yernar Musabayev picked up an assist on the marker. All in all, Astana enjoyed a splendid second period, although the Swedes could have scored another goal a few minutes before the buzzer as Yegor Yaroshenko left ‘white leopards’ shorthanded. It was tough but Snezhnye Barsy pulled through and stood their ground.

In the third stanza the teams traded goals in a span of 67 seconds. First MODO retook the lead as Anton Gradin scored off an outstanding solo effort. And then Artur Gatiyatov capitalized on yet another powerplay. Penalties kept piling up and when both teams were down a man, one of the weirdest goals of the whole tournament occurred. It looked like Nicholas Muller just dumped the puck in but it went by a strange trajectory and took Karatayev by surprise, who tried to stop it with his head for some reason – MODO took a 4-3 lead with 13 minutes to go in regulation. Snezhnye Barsy threw everything but pots and pants at the Swedes and even scored a goal, but it was swiftly disallowed. MODO held on to the 4-3 lead and became the second Swedish team to make Junior Club World Cup final.

2017 Junior Club World Cup
August 26th, Yekaterinburg, CEC Uralets
MODO (Sweden) – Snezhnye Barsy (Kazakhstan) – 4-3 (2-0, 0-2, 2-1)
1-0 – Oström (Pettersson) – 15-13
2-0 – Walfridsson (Pettersson) – 17-40
2-1 – Daniyar Sm (Unassisted) – 24-39 PPG
2-2 – Baldin (Мusabayev) – 29-51
3-2 – Gradin (Unassisted) – 42-41
3-3 – Gatiyatov (Мelnikov) – 43-48 PPG
4-3 – Muller (Unassisted) – 45-53

Goaltenders: Rönning - Karatayev

Game Statistics:
Shots: 42-45
Shots on goal: 27-26
Goals: 4-3
Face-offs: 35-21
Penalty Minutes: 10-22

“As I was saying, we didn’t play to our full potential in round robin, especially in the third game,” said MODO head-coach Mikael Sundell. “Today we knew exactly how to play against Snezhnye Barsy and we had a set gameplan. We got off to a great start, established control of the puck and grabbed the momentum. Unfortunately, there were a few obstacles we had to overcome. Westergård played well in the first game against Krasnaya Armiya. We haven’t decided who’s going to play in goal in the final game. We need to play well defensively and capitalize on our offensive chances. We’ve gotten stronger and we know how to play against Krasnaya Armiya. We watched their semifinal game against Trinec. It’s a great team but we have good chances against them. A lot of our fans watch the games on the Internet and cheer for us. We get a lot of messages from them. They wish us good luck.”

20170826 AVTO-DAVOS-7873.jpg

Fifth place game took place in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, where Avto played hosts to Davos from Switzerland. In the opening period of play Yekaterinburg team got on the board first – Maxim Dubovik found the back of the net. However, Davos not only tied the game up before the first intermission but also got in the lead. Jannick Frehner and Benjamin Baumgartner got the markers. In the second stanza the host team of the tournament brought it back to even with a shorthanded tally – Vladislav Sharipov sent it in. Game-winning goal came at 47-38 and it was scored by Alexander Derbenyov.

Avto take it 3-2 and finish first at their home tournament.

2017 Junior Club World Cup
August 26th, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Kozitsyn Ice Arena
5th place game
Avto (Russia) – Davos (Switzerland) – 3-2 (1-2, 1-0, 1-0)
1-0 – Dubovik (Derbenyov) – 07-32 PPG
1-1 – Frehner (Buchli, Jäger) – 09-02 PPG
1-2 – Baumgartner (Weder, Jäger) – 12-22
2-2 – Sharipov (Koshelev) – 30-35 SHG
3-2 – Derbenyov (Belotsky, Valitov) – 47-38

Goaltenders: Gross - Kruijsen

Game statistics:
Shots: 59-45
Shots on goal: 35-29
Goals: 3-2
Face-offs: 35-30
Penalty Minutes: 14-14