27.07.2017 в 12:33


Loko Yaroslavl and U18 Team Russia forward Grigory Denisenko spoke about the upcoming Ivan Hlinka Memorial and his goals for the season.

- It’s been almost a month since you’ve joined U18 Team Russia. Are you tired of each other yet?
- Not really. The camp has been going well, we practice really hard. We’ve played a few friendly games and it’s been nothing but positive.

- The team has five lines at the moment. Do you feel pressure from competition?
- There’s no pressure. I feel well and so do other guys, I’m certain. We have a great atmosphere in the dressing-room.

- You played against Loko-Yunior in one of your friendly games and won 6-1. Everybody on that team was born in 2000.
- It was a little uncomfortable to play against my teammates but it went well (laughs).

- The toughest part of the camp is over now?
- First was was about easing-in. Weeks 2 and 3 were pretty serious. We worked hard and plenty.

- How much do you miss Andrei Svechnikov on the team?
- It’s a loss but we have other skilled guys on the team. We came here to win. We have some great talent here.

- Last season Team Russia changed a lot of coaches. Have you become accustomed to Alexander Viktorovich Zybin?
- We worked with him at the latest tournament in Dmitrov. We adapted well. Everything is alright. He’s our coach now.

- You’ve been for 6 weeks with Team Russia. Have they forgotten you at Loko?
- Not the coaches, no. I’m also in touch with my teammates. We message back and forth.

- What are your goals for the upcoming season?
- I want to make my KHL debut with Lokomotiv this season. I would also like to get a lot of ice-time in the junior league.