24.07.2017 в 13:18


In today’s edition of Not A Word About Hockey Krasnaya Armiya Moscow defenseman Semyon Lugovyak speaks about his character traits, spare time and his ideal girlfriend.
Spare Time

My mom is in charge of what I eat. Actually, I’m any different when it comes to that. I have breakfast, lunch and dinner. My favorite meal is chicken schnitzel cooked by my mom.

- I don’t have a pet.

- I love calm vacations. I like to go the sea. I’d like to go to islands very much.

- Whenever I get some time to spare, I go to the movies with my friends or just walk around Moscow.

- My favorite movie is “Every Sunday”. I also like “Escape” series.

- I don’t have any specific musical genre I prefer over others. I listen to everything I like. The latest track I added was ScHoolboy Q - Man of the year.

Character Traits

- My upsides are work ethic, kindness and communicativeness. My major downside is quick temper and it’s hard to get rid of it.

- There’s never a time when I don’t want to go to the game. I respect my job and I love what I do.

- I believe that a real man must keep everything under control, be a leader of the family, be initiative, be determined in certain situations, tough and bold when needed.
- I inherited my work ethic from my father along with understanding that you can achieve anything if you work really hard for it. From my mom I inherited calmness and ability to look at things clearly.

- First thing I look at when I meet new people is the way they talk. I’m much more clam and comfortable when I talk to a person who is open in his approach to me.

- I’m superstitious and a little into gambling.


- I pick my own clothes but I don’t have any set standard I follow. I try to pay attention to brands because it’s nice to look at well-dressed people. Dark colors take up most of my wardrobe. Bright colors are not really my thing. I prefer classic style these days. I don’t grow beard.



- I think ideal girlfriend should be very morally supportive. It’s important for athletes and it helps a lot. Relationships can stand in the way of athletic career. Relationship is very important for everyone. Everybody wants to be happy.


Career and Studies

- What would I do if it weren’t for hockey? I never thought about it. I can hardly imagine myself doing anything else but hockey. Hockey is my life.

- How much money should a man make? It all depends on his needs and lifestyle.

- I study at Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism. Usually, I can’t make it to class. For the most part, the only people I know in my class are those that I met on the ice.

- Higher education is a must these days. It’s very important.



- There was a funny story once. I was at a cottage with my buddy. We went to the river and there was a tree that everyone was jumping into the water from. So I decided to jump as well. I climbed the tree and got stuck. I couldn’t jump down because I climbed pretty high. And I couldn’t climb any higher either. I took me about five minutes to climb down.

- What is my dream? First of all, to be an NHL worthy player, compete for Team Russia at the Olympics and play till I’m Jaromir Jagr’s age. Maybe even longer than that.