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Krasnaya Armiya Moscow most productive defenseman in the regular season Yegor Ogiyenko ended the year on a bright note as he got to hoist Kharlamov Cup with the red-and-blue. It’s time to take a look back at his 5-year tenure in the Junior Hockey League.

- Yegor, why did you choose hockey? What brought you to this sport?

- It’s was all my parents’ idea. My dad dreamt of becoming a hockey player himself but when he wanted to sign up for hockey school, they told him they were full. It was his initiative to bring me to a practice. I told him I wanted to play hockey. He bought me skates, gloves, helmet and a hockey stick the same night. Next morning I had my first practice.


- What school was that and who was your first coach?

- I was three and a half years old. It was Junior Sports School 2 “Severnaya Zvezda”. Vladimir Mikhailovich Ring was my first coach. I’m very grateful to him for everything he taught me. It was him who put on defense as well.

- In your opinion, who stands out the most among CSKA-1996 players right now?

- We made first steps with Andrei Svetlakov in Severnaya Zvezda and then joined CSKA together. I would also point out Andrei Kuzmenko, Ivan Nikolishin, Alexei Sleptsov, Ivan Silayev and Evgeny Voronkov. Among guys who currently play for other teams, I’d say it’s Maxim Tretiak, Stanislav Kondratyev, Maxim Orlov, Nikita Katsedym and Kirill Kovalevsky. Actually, there are a lot of players who I’d like to point out. They’re all great players and people. We went through a lot with them together.


- How did the CSKA option come to be?

- When I played for Severnaya Zvezda, CSKA-96 coach Pavel Anatolyevich Baulin invited us to join the team. I think I was 11 or 12 at the time.


- Do you remember your JHL debut? Who did you play against?

- I played my first game for Krasnaya Armiya when I was 16. It was the Opening Cup game against Omskie Yastreby in Omsk. There were a lot of guys like myself, who were born in 1995 or 1996. We all supported each other.

- What did Krasnaya Armiya lack in the 2013-14 season to beat MHC Spartak Moscow?

- I don’t even know what we did wrong. We had a pretty young team, packed arenas were a new thing to us, because we didn’t draw such large crowds in the regular season. We were pumped up fro every game, didn’t give anybody an inch and that’s why the final series went to Game 7. It was a great final, we learned a lot from it and got invaluable playoff experience. We needed just a couple more minutes in Game 7 to tie it up and force overtime.

- Did you think about the series before you faced Reaktor Nizhnekamsk in the finals this year?
Of course. We talked about it with the guys who played in that final series. We talked a lot about it. Nobody wanted to let Kharlamov Cup slip away for the second time, because it was our last season in the Junior Hockey League.

- What did you learn in JHL?

- JHL taught me things that help me on and off the ice. But I still have a lot of work ahead of me to become a good hockey player. Junior Hockey League is just a first step in professional hockey player career. It teaches you responsibilities that come with it. You learn to understand that no detail is too small in hockey and you have to do everything responsibly. You learn that there are up and downs that you have to go through to become stronger.


- What does Kharlamov Cup mean to you? Did you have it in your sights in the beginning of the season?

- Kharlamov Cup was our goal ever since we joined Junior Hockey League. This season we had a good team and a great group of guys. We were united by the same goal. Everyone was eager to win and everyone worked really hard with no exceptions – from the coaches to team staff. I’d like to thank them all for that.

- What are the biggest differences between JHL and VHL?

- JHL hockey is more fast-paced. There’s a lot of scoring chances, more shots and improvisation. VHL hockey is more about tactics and the players are more skilled and experienced.


- How did you like your debut for CSKA?

- It’s a whole different atmosphere. Soldout rink, high quality organization and great responsibility. Everybody on the team was supporting me. Although, when you hit the ice, nervousness just goes away.

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- Does your family come to the games often?

- Yes. My dad, grandmother and girlfriend do their best to come to every game. My mom and younger sister watch the games on the Internet. They also watch our away games online whenever it’s possible.


- Who was the first to congratulate you when you won the final series against Reaktor?

- My mom, dad and girlfriend were first and then my friends congratulated me, too.


- What was the most vivid moment of your Junior Hockey League career?

- When I hoisted Kharlamov Cup at home arena.


- How different is on-ice Yegor Ogiyenko from off-ice Yegor Ogiyenko?

- Off-ice I’m a timid person and on-ice I can get pretty heated up. I don’t like to lose in anything.


- What are interests aside from hockey?

- Nothing special, a little bit of everything. I spent my spare time with my girlfriend. We often go the movies, bowl and walk in the parks.

- What school do you go to?

- I’m about to graduate from Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture. I’m majoring in Sports Management.

- Where do you see yourself in ten years?

- I see myself as a KHL or NHL player. It’s my dream and goal that I’ve worked towards since I was a little kid. I’ve always wanted to be a Gagarin and Stanley Cup champion. And, obviously, I’ve always wanted to be a good family man and a father. I want to be a good example for my kids.