17.03.2017 в 17:59

2017 Kharlamov Cup playoff actioned resumed on March 17th with four Eastern Conference quarterfinal games.

First period of play between Sibirskie Snaipery Novosibirsk Region and Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk followed the same scenario as the day before. Novosibirsk once again scored two goals and didn’t allow a single one – Nikita Shashkov and Nikita Mikhailov got the markers. Although, ‘the Snipers’ put Konstantin Sharapov in goal this time around instead of Shamil Shmakov. The fans, who remembered too well what happened on Thursday night, kept their emotions in check. However, Novosibirsk once again got off to a good start.

Early in the second period Yaroslav Lyuzenkov’s men further improved their lead – on a quick counter-attack Pavel Tkachenko feathered the puck to Mikhailov and he tapped it into the wide-open net for his second of the game. After that Sibirskie Snaipery let the foot off the gas and allowed a goal. Home team turned the puck over in the neutral zone, Stalnye Lisy stormed down the ice on a counter-attack and Artur Boltanov beat Sharapov on a breakaway to make it a 3-1 hockey game.

That turned out to be the only goal Magnitogorsk would score. Late in regulation Sibirskie Snaipery added two more to their lead. At 53-07 Nikita Korotkov found the back of the net and then Shashkov got his second tally of the game. Novosibirsk went on to enjoy a solid 5-1 win. The series moves back to Magnitogorsk for decisive Game 5 on March 20th.

Sibirskie Snaipery Novosibirsk Region – Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk – 5-1 (2-0, 1-1, 2-0)
1-0 – Shashkov (Artyomov, Gritsenko) – 07-22
2-0 – Mikhailov (Tkachenko) – 14-01
3-0 – Mikhailov (Tkachenko) – 22-33
3-1 – Boltanov (Dyukarev) – 33-20
4-1 – Korotkov (Lapin) – 53-07
5-1 – Shashkov (Unassisted) – 54-40
Goaltenders: Sharapov - Lozebnikov

Game statistics:
Shots: 74-66
Shots on goal: 56-39
Goals: 5-1
Face-offs: 38-26
Penalty Minutes: 8-14

The series is tied 2-2

Game 4 of the series between Belye Medvedi and Irbis Kazan took place in Chelyabinsk. As it turned out, the winner of the almost 2-hour marathon the day before, looked better in Game 4 as well. Chelyabinsk created a lot of scoring chances and got two tallies. Notably, Vladislav Kuliyev and Alexander Podkorytov scored on a rebound past Maxim Kalyayev. Home could score more goals, but they didn’t convert on either of their powerplay opportunities.

Kazan woke up in the second stanza. Maxim Smelnitsky’s men smelled trouble at 26-22 when Artyom Rasulov scored on a powerplay. Chelyabinsk answered with a powerplay marker of their own – Semyon Afonasyevsky made it 3-1. But Irbis got back within one before the second intermission. And once again it came with a man-advantage – Dmitry Samsonov found an opening and sniped it past Sergei Mylnikov.

Midway through the third frame Vladislav Kara found the back of the net as well, tying the game at three. It looked like the game was going to overtime again but this time that wasn’t going to be the case. Kalyayev made two huge saves on Tertyshny and Vitaly Kravtsov but he couldn’t stop Leonid Lavrinenko at 55-41. Alexander Podkorytov scored his second of the game on an empty net and set the final score at 5-3. Belye Medvedi tie the series at two and will now travel to Kazan for decisive Game 5 on March 20th.

Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk – Irbis Kazan – 5-3 (2-0, 1-2, 2-1)
1-0 – Kuliyev (Sholokhov, Bezrukov) – 12-47
2-0 – Podkorytov (Lavrinenko, Kravtsov) – 13-38
2-1 – Rasulov (Khakimzyanov, Muzhikov) – 26-22 PPG
3-1 – Afonasyevsky (Zinovyev) – 33-43 PPG
3-2 – Samsonov (Marin, Rasulov) – 35-37 PPG
3-3 – Kara (Bogatov, Khovanov) – 51-45
4-3 – Lavrinenko (Kravtsov) – 55-41
5-3 – Podkorytov (Lavrinenko, Kravtsov) – 59-50 EN
Goaltenders: Mylnikov - Kalyayev

Game statistics:
Shots: 56-34
Shots on goal: 35-25
Goals: 5-3
Face-offs: 25-26
Penalty Minutes: 16-8

The series is tied 2-2

Avto Yekaterinburg couldn’t afford losing to Reaktor Nizhnekamsk in their second home game of the series and they came out hard for the first period. First goal of the game came at 09-36 – Maxim Rasseikin took a shot through a screen and beat Alexander Yenyushin 5-hole. Roman Ivashov doubled Avto’s lead before the first intermission – home team had a 2-man advantage and Ivashov tapped it home on a wide-open net. Avto took just two shots on net in the first period but they both led to goals.

In the second period of play Nizhnekamsk turned everything upside down. Perhaps, it had something to do with the goaltending swap – Roman Golovanov replaced Yenyushin. It all began with Kamil Fazylzyanov converting on a powerplay at 31-00. After that it was up to Dani Voyevodin to take the reins. The forward got powerplay tallies in a row and the teams headed to the dressing-rooms with Reaktor leading 3-2 after 40 minutes of play.

Vener Safin’s men had nothing to lose and at 48-45 they tied the game up. Ivan Sushinsky got the puck at the blue line, put it on net and it went past Golvanov and straight into the back of the net. Golovanov had no chance to react. Nizhnekamsk had the momentum in the remainder of the third period but the game still went to overtime.

Nevertheless, the top team of the Eastern Conference did beat their tenacious opponents. Marat Khairullin scored the winner at 65-22. Reaktor win the series 3-1 and become the first team to proceed to Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Avto Yekaterinburg - Reaktor Nizhnekamsk – 3-4 ОТ (2-0, 0-3, 1-0, 0-1)
1-0 – Rasseikin (Sushinsky, Vasiliev) – 09-36
2-0 – Ivashov (Shishkov, Noskov) – 18-01 PPG
2-1 – Fazylzyanov (Sorokin, Ugolnikov) – 31-00 PPG
2-2 – Voyevodin (Ugolnikov) – 33-58 PPG
2-3 – Voyevodin (Poryadin) – 35-11 PPG
3-3 – Sushinsky (Belotsky, Derbenyov) – 48-45
3-4 – Khairullin (Galeyev, Gusev) – 65-22
Goaltenders: Fomin – Yenyushin, Golovanov

Game statistics:
Shots: 48-64
Shots on goal: 23-41
Goals: 3-4
Face-offs: 39-36
Penalty Minutes: 10-16

Reaktor Nizhnekamsk win the series 3-1

Kuznetskie Medvedi Novokuznetsk and Sarmaty Orenburg presented the fans with a flurry of goals in the opening period of play. Vladislav Sharipov opened up the scoring at 05-38, but by 13-15 they found themselves trailing 2-1 as Andrei Karavayev and Nikita Yazkov found the back of the net. Home tied the game up at two before the intermission – Gleb Pivunov got the marker.

The teams traded goals in the second stanza as well. Nikita Gerasimov scored on a powerplay, sending Kuznetskie Medvedi goaltender Vladislav Yugov to the bench – Andrei Katyukhin took his place in goal. Three minutes later Alexander Shevchenko tied the game at three, as he scored while both teams were down a man.

The teams began the third period still deadlocked. Sarmaty got their lead back at 47-06 as Roman Bagin buried one past Katyukhin. That goal proved to be the game-winner for Dmitry Stulov’s team. They take 4-3 on home ice. The series is fifth out of eight to end in decisive Game 5. The puck drops in Novokuznetsk on March 20th.

Sarmaty Orenburg – Kuznetskie Medvedi Novokuznetsk – 4-3 (2-2, 1-1, 1-0)
1-0 – Sharipov (Zharyonov, Zarechny) – 05-38
1-1 – Karavayev (Ludtsev, Parkhomenko) – 09-08
1-2 – Yazkov (Zinovyev) – 13-15
2-2 – Pivunov (Tyavin) – 15-21
3-2 – Gerasimov (Borisov) – 23-10 PPG
3-3 – Shevchenko (Yemets, Fatkullin) – 26-00
4-3 – Bagin (Unassisted) – 47-06
Goaltenders: Sergeyev – Yugov, Katyukhin

Game statistics:
Shots: 62-48
Shots on goal: 35-22
Goals: 4-3
Face-offs: 33-31
Penalty Minutes: 14-14

The series is tied 2-2