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Eight Kharlamov Cup playoff games took place in Junior Hockey League on March 16th.

The gameday kicked off in Novosibirsk, where local Sibirskie Snaipery continued their series against Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk. As the home team, Novosibirsk came out hard for the first period and opened scoring at 08-38. Sibirskie Snaipery set camp in the offensive end and forced Magnitogorsk do turn the puck over – Daniil Lapin got the puck in the slot and beat Dmitry Lozebnikov to put ‘the Snipers’ up 1-0. A little later Vadim Bakhtin brought the fans to their feet again as he improved Novosibirsk’s lead to 2-0 with a powerplay marker.

It took the visiting team just 1-32 in the second period of play to get back even. Yuri Platonov and Vitaly Kudrin scored a goal each past Shamil Shmakov to make it a 2-2 hockey game. Soon after that Novosibirsk’s Mikhail Nazarov got a minor penalty and a 10-minute misconduct for checking to the head. Late in the frame Stlanye Lisy converted on a powerplay. Yegor Korobkin had the quickest hands in the scrum in front of the net, shovelled the puck in and gave Magnitogorsk their first lead of the game.

Now it was up to Sibirskie Snaupery to storm forward looking for the game-tying goal. Magnitogorsk ran into a penalty problem in the final stanza and Novosibirsk used it to their advantage. Mikhail Nazarov dished it over to Lapin, who scored his second of the game, tying it up at 3-3. However, Stalnye Lisy prevailed in the end. Artur Boltanov went for solo-dash, met no adversary on his way to the net and scored the game-winning goal. With this 4-3 win Magnitogorsk take a 2-1 lead in the series.

Sibirskie Snaipery Novosibirsk Region – Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk – 3-4 (2-0, 0-3, 1-1)
1-0 – Lapin (Loktev) – 08-38
2-0 – Bakhtin (Vladimirov, Nazarov) – 16-16
2-1 – Platonov (Avramenko, Korobkin) – 22-03
2-2 – Kudrin (Dyukarev) – 23-35
2-3 – Korobkin (Ikamatskikh, Shvyryov) – 38-26 PPG
3-3 – Lapin (Nazarov) – 53-23 PPG
3-4 – Boltanov (Unassisted) – 57-17
Goaltenders: Shmakov - Lozebnikov

Game statistics:
Shots: 54-55
Shots on goal: 32-38
Goals: 3-4
Face-offs: 31-32
Penalty Minutes: 16-10

Stalnye Lisy lead the series 2-1

Reaktor Nizhnekamsk enjoyed a great opening period of play in Yekaterinburg. Local Avto were able to keep up more or less the pace of Vener Safin’s team but they still allowed three unanswered goals. First Bulat Nabiullin scored on a wraparound at 06-06. Right after that Razat Timirov found an opening between goaltender Vladislav Gross and the post on the short-side. And in the dying seconds of the period Marat Khairullin got the puck in the offensive end and sniped it home to make it 3-0 Reaktor. That’s a huge lead for a playoff game.

Halfway through the second period Igor Goleschikhin got a goal back for Yekaterinburg but then Pavel Poryadin took the reins. First he beat his defenseman with a nice move and then put it past Gross to make it 4-1. Just a few minutes later he sent Gross to the bench as he scored his second of the game. Leonid Fomin took the place between the pipes for Avto and shook up the team a little bit. Home team had the last word in the period – Dmitry Noskov got another goal back as the puck got deflected into the net on his shot – 5-2.

Reaktor had full control of the game in the third frame and didn’t let Yekaterinburg get any closer on the scoreboard. Nizhnekamsk went on to win the game and took a 3-2 lead in the series. They can wrap it up with a win tomorrow.

Avto Yekaterinburg – Reaktor Nizhnekamsk – 2-5 (0-3, 2-2, 0-0)
0-1 – Nabiullin (Poryadin) – 06-06
0-2 – Timirov (Sharifyanov) – 06-38
0-3 – Khairullin (Poryadin, Nabiullin) – 19-37
1-3 – Goleschikhin (Derbenyov) – 29-49
1-4 – Poryadin (Unassisted) – 30-46
1-5 – Poryadin (Khairullin) – 34-17
2-5 – Noskov (Shishkov, Voronkov) – 35-07
Goaltenders: Gross, Fomin - Yenyushin

Game statistics:
Shots: 51-47
Shots on goal: 24-26
Goals: 2-5
Face-offs: 30-29
Penalty Minutes: 6-8

Reaktor lead the series 2-1

Kuznetskie Medvedi Novokuznetsk got off to a great start on the road. Ivan Yemets opened up the scoring at 05-57 with a powerplay marker. At 11-56 Sarmaty Orenburg allowed another goal – Novokuznetsk kept their cool on the offensive rush and Savely Malyotin sniped it home to make it 2-0. Orenburg stormed down the ice looking to get on the scoreboard as well, but Alexander Andryukov put his teammates in trouble as he got a minor penalty and a 10-minute misconduct. Sarmaty had the momentum late in the period but still couldn’t get anything past Vladislav Yugov.

Early in the second period of play Sarmaty created several scoring chances. Novokuznetsk goaltender Yugov really had to stand on his head and sweat buckets to keep it a 2-0 game. After he stopped Orenburg on another scoring chance, ‘the Bears’ improved their lead to three tallies – this time it was Ilya Olendarenko who found the back of the net. Dmitry Stulov called time-out and it somewhat helped the home team as Danil Mukhamedzyanov finally put Sarmaty on the scoreboard, bringing the fans to their feet.

Unfortunately for Orenburg, it turned out to be their only goal of the day. At 43-34 Denis Ludtsev, who is one of the top-scorers this post-season, restored the 3-goal lead for Novokuznetsk – Konstantin Parkhomenko picked up an assist on the play. Sarmaty set camp in the offensive end but the puck just wouldn’t go in. Kuznetskie Medvedi enjoyed a 5-1 win as Yemets scored his second of the game late in regulation. ‘The Bears’ are now just one win away from Kharlamov Cup Quarterfinals.

Sarmaty Orenburg – Kuznetskie Medvedi Novokuznetsk – 1-5 (0-2, 1-1, 0-2)
0-1 – Yemets (Yazkov) – 05-57 PPG
0-2 – Maletin (Shevchenko) – 11-56
0-3 – Оlendarenko (Каnitsky, Маksyukov) – 33-55
1-3 – Mukhamedzyanov (Karliev, Zharyonov) – 37-15
1-4 – Ludtsev (Parkhomenko) – 43-34
1-5 – Yemets (Shevchenko) – 59-05
Goaltenders: Kudashev - Yugov

Game statistics:
Shots: 60-29
Shots on goal: 38-20
Goals: 1-5
Face-offs: 52-26
Penalty Minutes: 16-10

Kuznetskie Medvedi lead the series 2-1

Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk beat Irbis Kazan with 0.2 second remaining to play in overtime got their first win of the series.

Chelyabinsk made certain adjustments to their line-up for Game 3. The ‘overage’ line, combined of players born 1996, lost Artyom Melikhov who was replaced by defenseman Nikita Zhuldikov. Meanwhile, birthday boy Arkady Shafigulin and Ivan Bezrukov were dressed instead off Maxim Shipin and Yuri Mogilnikov.

The first two periods of play were very much alike. Belye Medvedi were much more active in the offensive end while Irbis did everything they could to contain them – goaltender Maxim Kalyayev took care of the rest. At 25-53 Dmitry Alexeyev covered the puck in the scrum in front of the net and Irbis were given a penalty shot. Artyom Galimov showed no mercy, beautifully deked out Sergei Mylnikov and put Irbis on the scoreboard – 1-0. ‘Polar Bears’ looked great in the end of the period and created several great scoring chances. Dmitry Alexeyev was close to bringing it all back to even but his shot rattled off the iron.

In the third period of play Belye Medvedi almost never left the attacking end, looking for the equalizer. They took a lot of shots but most of them went wide of the net. Key moment of the game proved to be the minor penalty Irbis got with just over two minutes remaining to play in regulation. Sergei Mylnikov skated to the bench for the extra-attacker, giving his team a 6-on-4 advantage. Ivan Bezrukov took responsibility and finally solved Kalyayev at 59-01 with a neat wrist shot to force overtime.

The ensuing three extra periods of play deserve a book of their own. Belye Medvedi took a lot of shots but Maxim Kalyayev stood his ground. When it the fourth overtime seemed imminent Nikita Zhuldikov scored the winner with a little help of deflection. There were just 0.2 seconds remaining to play in the period. That set a new record for the longest game in Junior Hockey League history!

Game 4 is scheduled for March 17th. The puck drops at 6pm local.

Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk – Irbis Kazan – 2-1 ОТ (0-0, 0-1, 1-0, 0-0, 0-0, 1-0)
0-1 - Galimov – 25-53 PS
1-1 – Bezrukov (Zhuldikov, Zinovyev) – 59-01
2-1 – Zhuldikov (Alexeyev) – 119-59
Goaltenders: Mylnikov – Kalyayev

Game statistics:
Shots: 165-68;
Shots on goal: 83-38;
Goals: 2-1;
Face-offs: 60-49;
Penalty Minutes: 14-14

Belye Medvedi lead the series 2-1

It took MHC Dinamo St. Petersburg just 13 seconds to open up the scoring in Game 4 of the series against Krasnaya Armiya Moscow. Konstantin Chernyuk took a mighty shot from the blue line and Artyom Korepanov didn’t even have time to react to it. Three minutes later the blue-and-white scored another one – Anton Vasiliev bulldozed his way through the defense and made it a 2-0 hockey game. The red-and-blue, who were trailing 2-1 in the series, had to do something. They stormed down the ice and got a goal back – Pavel Podluboshnov got the marker. 2017 KHL All-Star Game participant scored right off a face-off. In the first period of play the fans were treated to a different brand of hockey than the day before when the teams combined for just one goal in 60 minutes.

Krasnaya Armiya grabbed the momentum in the second period and that resulted in two more goals. First Podluboshnov scored his second of the game and midway through the period Nikita Popugayev converted on a long 5-on-3 powerplay to tie the game up. Mikhail Byakin scored another goal before the second intermission and Dinamo headed to the dressing-room trailing 4-2.

In the final stanza the visiting team continued to push forward and enjoyed two more tallies. Popugayev scored his second of the game, while Andrei Kuzmenko added a goal of his own. Kirill Ustimenko’s night was done after that and Nikita Maslennikov took his place in net. Late in the game a fight broke out between Ivan Kashtanov and Sergei Chyobotov. Ilya Zavyalov set the final score at 6-3. The series goes to decisive Game 5. The two will meet again March 19th.

MHC Dinamo St. Petersburg – Krasnaya Armiya Moscow – 3-6 (2-1, 0-3, 1-2)
1-0 – Chernyuk (Nazarevich) – 00-13
2-0 – Vasiliev (Zavyalov) – 04-19
2-1 – Podluboshnov (Silayev) – 11-22
2-2 – Podluboshnov (Byakin) – 27-12
2-3 – Popugayev (Kuzmenko) – 30-10 PPG
2-4 – Byakin (Podluboshnov) – 39-44
2-5 – Kuzmenko (Unassisted) – 42-11
2-6 – Popugayev (Chmykhov) – 50-54
3-6 – Zavyalov (Dynyak, Yelshansky) – 57-32
Goaltenders: Ustimenko, Маslennikov - Korepanov

Game statistics:
Shots: 40-68
Shots on goal: 26-38
Goals: 3-6
Face-offs: 35-35
Penalty Minutes: 37-37

The series is tied 2-2

In Nizhny Novgorod Chayka played hosts to SKA-1946 St. Petersburg. Home team was facing elimination. In Game 4 Chayka couldn’t get anything past Konstantin Volkov but this time they solved him in the first period – Vyacheslav Korotin sniped it home. Unfortunately for Nizhny Novgorod, SKA-1946 were already up 1-0 at the point as Pavel Kukshtel had found the back of the net on a powerplay. Kukshtel led SKA-1946 in regular reason scoring.

Nizhny Novgorod won the second period 2-1, even though St. Petersburg spent more time in the offensive end. Artur Shetle and Mikhail Smolin gave Chayka a 2-goal lead but they couldn’t hold on to it – at 37-51 Vladimir Barabanov scored on a powerplay to make it 3-2.

There was no scoring in the final stanza. Chayka held on to the 1-goal lead and tied the series at two. Decisive Game 5 will take place this Sunday.

Chayka Nizhny Novgorod - SKA-1946 – 3-2 (1-1, 2-1, 0-0)
0-1 – Kukshtel (Моyseyev) – 04-28 PPG
1-1 – Korotin (Runov, Seranov)- 17-35
2-1 – Shetle (Rodionychev) – 31-59
3-1 – Smolin (Shetle) – 36-47
3-2 – Barabanov (Moyseyev) – 37-51 PPG
Goaltenders: Sukhanov – Volkov

Game statistics:
Shots: 48-48;
Shots on goal: 34-27;
Goals: 3-2;
Face-offs: 30-23;
Penalty Minutes: 14-12

The series is tied 2-2

Almaz Cherepovets proceed to the 2017 Kharlamov Cup Quarterfinals as they beat Loko in overtime. It was a totally different game, comparing to the blowout loss Cherepovets suffered the day before. Home team opened up the scoring 1t 22-26 on a powerplay – Sergei Lapin got the marker.

In the third frame Yaroslavl scored two goals in a span of 42 seconds to tie the game and take the lead – Artur Kayumov and Georgy Ivanov got the tallies. Almaz had just over six minutes remaining in regulation but that was enough to force overtime. Cheered by the hometown crowd, Vladimir Kalugin tied the game up at 58-36 and then Igor Geraskin scored the winner three minutes into overtime.

Reigning Kharlamov Cup champions Lolo Yaroslavl are eliminated from the playoffs, while Almaz now have to wait for the opponent in the next round.

Almaz Cherepovets – Loko Yaroslavl – 3-2 ОТ (0-0, 1-0, 1-2, 1-0)
1-0 – Lapin (Kalugin) – 22-26 PPG
1-1 – Kayumov (Krikunenko, Yurtaikin) – 52-09
1-2 – Ivanov (Unassisted) – 53-51
2-2 – Kalugin (Vovchenko, Lapin) – 58-36
3-2 – Geraskin (Loschenko, Stepanov) – 63-36
Goaltenders: Artamkin – Konovalov

Game statistics:
Shots: 53-51;
Shots on goal: 30-34;
Goals: 3-2;
Face-offs: 43-35;
Penalty Minutes: 14-38

Almaz Cherepovets win the series 3-1

Russkie Vityazi Moscow Region also made the 2017 Kharlamov Cup Quarterfinals. Notably, they clinched the series with the same score and also in overtime. All of the scoring took place in the second period. Mark Rozanov tied the game up after Pavel Gorokhov put Russkie Vityazi on the scoreboard at 24-29. And then the visiting team had to catch up as Alexander Avksentyev put Spartak in the lead at 27-38. However, just 25 seconds later Valery Bochkaryov sent it home to make it a 2-2 hockey game.

After a scoreless third period of play, the game went to overtime. At 72-14 Dmitry Varlamov converted on a powerplay to clinch the series. Russkie Vityazi Moscow Region proceed to Kharlamov Cup Quarterfinals for the first time in franchise history.

MHC Spartak Moscow – Russkie Vityazi Moscow Region – 2-3 ОТ (0-0, 2-2, 0-0, 0-1)
0-1 – Gorokhov (Kandzyuba) – 24-29
1-1 – Rozanov (Platonov, Pervov) – 26-36
2-1 – Avksentyev (Shustrov, Trishin) – 27-38
2-2 – Bochkaryov (Krasnov) – 28-03
2-3 – Varlamov (Мoyseyev) – 72-14 PPG
Goaltenders: Skovronsky – Donenko

Game statistics:
Shots: 38-61;
Shots on goal: 20-29;
Goals: 2-3;
Face-offs: 29-36;
Penalty Minutes: 31-10

Russkie Vityazi Moscow Region win the series 3-1