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2017 Kharlamov Cup Playoffs continued on March 13th with four Eastern Conference games.

 In Game 2 of the series between Irbis Kazan and Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk the fans were treated to physical hockey up till midway through the second period. Kazan managed to open scoring only at 30-16 – Artyom Melikhov got a minor penalty and Nikita Soshnin capitalized on the ensuing powerplay.

Chelyabinsk grabbed the momentum and created a few good scoring chances before the second intermission but they couldn’t capitalize on any of them, including a long 5-on-3 powerplay chance – goaltender Maxim Kalyayev and his defensemen stood tall. Belye Medvedi were banging their sticks on the ice in frustration but Irbis headed to the dressing-room with a 1-0 lead after 40 minutes of play.

Early in the third stanza Belye Medvedi finally solved Kalyayev. They set camp in the offensive end, Alexander Podkorytov went for a long shot - it sieved through Kalyayev and the puck trickled into the net. Chelyabinsk kept the pressure on but they got carried away and Irbis made them pay for that.

Midway through the period Sergei Mylnikov stopped Dmitry Samsonov’s shot but he couldn’t stop Artyom Galimov on a rebound. Four minutes later another counter-attack led to Soshnin celebrating his second of the game. Artyom Rasulov set the final score at 4-1 as he scored on an empty net. Irbis take Game 2 4-1 on home ice and they now lead the series 2-0. The team will now travel to Chelyabinsk where Maxim Smelnitsky’s men have no room for mistake.

Irbis Kazan – Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk – 4-1 (0-0, 1-0, 3-1)

1-0 – Soshnin (Redkov, Marin) – 30-16 PPG

1-1 – Podkorytov (Kravtsov) – 41-28

2-1 – Galimov (Samsonov) – 50-44

3-1 – Soshnin (Redkov) – 54-34

4-1 – Rasulov (Unassisted) – 59-48 EN

Goaltenders: Kalyayev - Mylnikov


Game statistics:

Shots: 32-60

Shots on goal: 18-35

Goals: 4-1

Face-offs: 34-29

Penalty Minutes: 14-12

Irbis lead the series 2-0


In Magnitogorsk Stalnye Lisy played hosts to Sibirskie Snaipery Novosibirsk Region once again and just like the day before it was ‘the Steel Foxes’ who opened scoring in the first period of play. Sibirskie Snaipery got carried away on a powerplay and Magnitogorsk made them pay – Artur Boltanov sprang up for a breakaway and he beat 17-year-old netminder Shamil Shmakov to give Stalnye Lisy a 1-0 lead.

It took the visiting team just five minutes to get back even. Vadim Bakhtin had the quickest hands in the scrum in front of the net and he shoveled the puck in for a powerplay marker. Late in the frame Magnitogorsk could get their lead back but Konstantin Dubin missed the wide-open net.

In the second period the teams also traded goals – the tallies came just 39 seconds apart. Daniil Lapin gave Novosibirsk their first lead of the series at 33-40 and in the very next shift Yegor Korobkin brought it all back to even again. The teams were deadlocked at two after 40 minutes of play.

The teams traded goals in the third stanza as well. First Alexander Loktev capitalized on and odd-man rush beating Lozebnikov for the third time. Sibirskie Snaipery netminder didn’t look sharp on Magnitogorsk’s third tally of the game but to give proper credit to Igor Shvyryov – his shot from the half-wall was a laser beam.

Extra period of play solved nothing and Novosibirsk went on to win in the shootout. All five players scored on their attempts with the exception of Ilya Avramenko, who was denied by Shamil Shmakov. Sibirskie Snaipery tie the series at one and the teams will now travel to Novosibirsk.

Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk – Sibirskie Snaipery Novosibirsk Region – 3-4 SO (1-1, 1-1, 1-1, 0-0, 0-1)

1-0 – Boltanov (Dyukarev) – 09-44 SHG

1-1 – Bakhtin (Tkachenko) – 15-29 PPG

1-2 – Lapin (Vladimirov) – 33-40

2-2 – Korobkin (Yanchevsky, Avramenko) – 34-19

2-3 – Loktev (Nazarov, Lapin) – 43-58

3-3 – Shvyryov (Unassisted) – 48-30

3-4 – Tkachenko – 70-00 SOW

Goaltenders: Lozebnikov - Shmakov


Game statistics:

Shots: 48-64

Shots on goal: 29-46

Goals: 3-3

Face-offs: 36-39

Penalty Minutes: 16-12

The series is tied 1-1


Sarmaty Orenburg learned their lesson from Game 1 of the series against Kuznetskie Medvedi Novokuznetsk and played defensive hockey right from the beginning, making their opponents adjust their game. And it worked for them. Late in the opening period of play Orenburg got on the scoreboard – Nikita Gerasimov took a mid-range shot, Vladislav Yugov had a piece of it but the puck still bounced into the back of the net – 1-0 Sarmaty.

Early in the second period the visiting team got another tally. This one came on a powerplay. Sarmaty had trouble setting up in Novokuznetsk zone but as soon as they did Kirill Varanitsa roofed it past Yugov from the left face-off circle. Kuznetskie Medvedi smelled trouble, grabbed the momentum and pretty soon tied the game up. Konstantin Parkhomenko put his skill on display as he netted both of the markers. Novokuznetsk top goal-scorer got his first of the game at 31-51 and then added another one to that a few minutes later as he capitalized on a powerplay. However, Alexander Kitov’s men couldn’t hold on to the lead – Vladislav Sharipov put Sarmaty back in the lead at 35-17.

In the third frame Novokuznetsk threw everything but the kitchen sinks at Artyom Sergeyev but they were making too many unnecessary mistakes.

The fans were treated to a nail-biting finish – both coaches used their time-outs and it seemed to have worked for ‘the Bears’. With 10 seconds remaining to play in regulation Denis Ludtsev tied the game up at 3’s and forced overtime, bringing the large crowd to their fit. Notably, the teams were deadlocked at three in Game 1 as well after regulation.

Home team edged Sarmaty in the extra period of play thanks to a howitzer of a shot by Nikita Yazkov at 66-53. Yazkov gained the zone and took a mighty shot on net – the puck went bar down and bounced back into play. Novokuznetsk get a gritty 4-3 overtime win in Game 2, tying the series at one.

Kuznetskie Medvedi Novokuznetsk – Sarmaty Orenburg – 4-3 ОТ (0-1, 2-2, 1-0, 1-0)

0-1 – Gerasimov (Fakirov, Bagin) – 17-06

0-2 – Varanitsa (Zalalutdinov) – 22-28 PPG

1-2 – Parkhomenko (Petrov, Ludtsev) – 31-51

2-2 – Parkhomenko (Ludtsev) – 34-34 PPG

2-3 – Sharipov (Bardin, Idyatullin) – 35-17

3-3 – Ludtsev (Yemets) – 59-50 PPG

4-3 – Yazkov (Olendarenko) – 66-53

Goaltenders: Yugov - Sergeyev


Game statistics:

Shots: 69-43

Shots on goal: 41-26

Goals: 4-3

Face-offs: 39-29

Penalty Minutes: 6-10

The series is tied 1-1


In the last game of the day Reaktor Nizhnekamsk got their revenge for losing the day before to Yekaterinburg Game 1 of the series. The fans weren’t treated to any goals in the opening period of play but then Nizhnekamsk scored three unanswered goals in the second frame – Pavel Poryadin, Bulat Shafigullin and Rafael Bikmullin got the tallies. In the last stanza home team extend their lead to an even larger margin in less than a 5-minute span – Poryadin scored his second of the game, while Nikolai Pikushin and Igor Ugolnikov added a marker each.

However, at 57-07 Pavel Voronkov finally solved Alexander Yenyushin, stripping him of his shutout bid. Reaktor went on to win the game 6-1. The teams are now tied at one and the series moves to Yekaterinburg.

Reaktor Nizhnekamsk – Avto Yekaterinburg – 6-1 (0-0, 3-0 3-1)

1-0 – Poryadin (Unassisted) – 27-19

2-0 – Shafigullin (Fazylzyanov) – 30-46

3-0 – Bikmullin (Unassisted) – 38-54

4-0 – Poryadin (Unassisted) – 49-28

5-0 – Pikushin (Pachin) – 53-44

6-0 – Ugolnikov (Unassisted) – 54-07

6-1 – Voronkov (Dubovik) – 57-07 PPG

Goaltenders: Yenyushin - Gross


Game statistics:

Shots: 67-43

Shots on goal: 40-21

Goals: 6-1

Face-offs: 25-33

Penalty Minutes: 12-12


The series is tied 1-1