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Kharlamov Cup Playoffs continued with eight games on March 12th. Four Western Conference quarterfinal games were followed by four more Eastern Conference matchups.

The gameday kicked off at 11am Moscow time – Stalnye Lisy played hosts to Sibirskie Snaipery Novosibirsk Region in Magnitogorsk. Despite great effort by ‘the Snipers’, Stalnye Lisy still enjoyed a win and took the lead in the series. They opened scoring at 01-13 – Yuri Platonov won a face-off in the offensive end and Konstantin Dubin didn’t think twice, whamming it home. The teams headed to the dressing-rooms for the first intermission with Magnitogorsk leading 1-0.

In the second period of play the teams traded goals. First Artur Boltanov scored on a powerplay at 38-19. He put the puck on net, it got deflected and the puck ended up in the net behind Kirill Volokhin – 2-0 Stalnye Lisy. But less than a minute later Sibirskie Snaipery got their first tally of the playoffs. Nikita Korotkov took advantage of Stalnye Lisy’s defensive mistake and sliced their lead in half.

Nevertheless, Magnitogorsk capitalized on more of their scoring chances and deservedly won the game. At 48-23 Alexander Igoshev restored the 2-goal margin and just over a minute later Stalnye Lisy got another goal from their top-scorer of the regular season. Igor Shvyryov sniped it home with a neat wrister and set the final score at 4-1. Magnitogorsk can only regret a game-misconduct received by Artyom Ikamatskikh for checking to the head. Other than that, all systems go for Stalnye Lisy, who take a 1-0 lead in the series.

Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk – Sibirskie Snaipery Novosibirsk Region – 4-1 (1-0, 1-1, 2-0)

1-0 – Dubin (Platonov) – 01-13

2-0 – Boltanov (Igoshev) – 38-19 PPG

2-1 – Korotkov (Unassisted) – 39-15

3-1 – Igoshev (Dubin) – 48-23

4-1 – Shvyryov (Avramenko) – 49-44

Goaltenders: Lozebnikov - Volokhin


Game statistics:

Shots: 50-70

Shots on goal: 37-35

Goals: 4-1

Face-offs: 34-38

Penalty Minutes: 16-12


Stalnye Lisy lead the series 1-0


The opening period of play between the 1st and 8th seeds of the Eastern Conference featured only penalties. Reaktor Nizhnekamsk and Avto Yekaterinburg took eight shots on net each but none of them reached the target.

The fans, who packed Neftekhim-Arena, were treated to a goal only late in the second frame. And it wasn’t what local fans had been waiting for – Roman Ivashov found the back of the net and put Avto on the scoreboard. However, just four minutes later top team of the East tied the game up – Bulat Nabiullin received a wonderful pass from Marat Khairullin and beat Vladislav Gross on a breakaway. The teams were tied at two after 40 minutes of play.

In the third stanza Nizhnekamsk continued to have the momentum on their side but they couldn’t capitalize on their multiple scoring chances. Evgeny Mityakin, who had picked up an assist on Ivashov’s marker, got a tally of his own at 54-11, giving Yekaterinburg their second lead of the game. Despite unreal support from their fans Reaktor begin the series with a loss.

Reaktor Nizhnekamsk – Avto Yekaterinburg – 1-2 (0-0, 1-1, 0-1)

0-1 – Ivashov (Mityakin) – 34-51

1-1 – Nabiullin (Sorokin, Khairullin) – 38-25

1-2 – Mityakin (Obidin) – 54-11

Goaltenders: Yenyushin - Gross


Game statistics:

Shots: 61-35

Shots on goal: 41-20

Goals: 1-2

Face-offs: 28-35

Penalty Minutes: 6-16

Avto lead the series 1-0

Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk scored two goals past Maxim Kalyayev and led 2-0 after the opening period of play of Game 1 of the series against Irbis Kazan. In a span of 1-58 Ilya Zinovyev and Vitaly Kravtsov got a tally each past the young netminder, while Sergei Mylnikov stopped all seven shots he had to face in the frame.

Just over a minute into the second period ‘the Polar Bears’ improved their lead to 3-0 – the very same Kravtsov dangled his way through Kazan defense and scored his second of the game. It was followed shortly by Maxim Marushev getting a 10-minute penalty for checking to the head. The visiting team couldn’t capitalize on the ensuing powerplay but at the very least they stayed out of trouble and played simple hockey. Midway through the period home team finally solved Mylnikov – Vladislav Kara put Irbis on the board. Five minutes later they got back within one as Daniil Zhuravlyov found the back of the net.

Halfway into the third stanza Kazan brought it all back to even. Maxim Marushev was credited with the goal, but props should be given to Artyom Valeyev, who knifed through Chelyabinsk defense at high speed and dished it over to the far post for Marushev to tap it in. 10-minute overtime solved nothing and the game went to the shootout. Kazan were flying high on emotions and they won the shootout to take the lead in the series. Artyom Rasulov scored the winner.

Irbis Kazan – Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk – 4-3 SO (0-2, 2-1, 1-0, 0-0, 1-0)

0-1 – Zinovyev (Shipin) – 17-12

0-2 – Kravtsov (Unassisted) – 19-14

0-3 – Kravtsov (Lavrinenko, Tertyshny) – 21-07

1-3 – Kara (Redkov, Soshnin) – 32-20

2-3 – Zhuravlyov (Sidorov) – 37-48

3-3 – Marushev (Valeyev, Osipov) – 49-02

4-3 – Rasulov – 70-00 SOW

Goaltenders: Kalyayev - Mylnikov


Game statistics:

Shots: 61-58

Shots on goal: 28-29

Goals: 4-3

Face-offs: 28-35

Penalty Minutes: 16-6

Irbis lead the series 1-0


Kuznetskie Medvedi Novokuznetsk got off to a great start in the game against Sarmaty Orenburg. Konstantin Parkhomenko, who led ‘the Bears’ in regular season scoring, put home team on the board at 04-35 with a powerplay marker but then Kuznya had the wheels fall off their wagon. Roman Bagin scored on a powerplay at 08-55 and then scored his second of the game as he roofed it past Andrei Katyukhin. In-between the two tallies Vladislav Sharipov added a gritty marker of his own – he won the battle for the puck in the slot and shoveled it in. Katyukhin’s night was done after that and Vladislav Yugov took his place in Novokuznetsk net. The teams headed to the dressing-rooms for the first intermission with a 3-1 Sarmaty lead.

Second period of play featured much less goals. Novokuznetsk continued to have the momentum on their side and at 36-02 no other but Parkhomenko scored his second of the game, too, as he tipped it past Danil Kudashev on Andrei Karavayev’s shot. As Kuznetskie Medvedi leaders stroke again, the teams headed into the second intermission with Sarmaty leading narrowly 3-2.

With four minutes remaining to play in regulation Novokuznetsk tied the game. Timur Fatkullin sent it in short-side from the left wing – Kudashev couldn’t save his team and the game went to overtime. Extra period of play solved nothing and the teams had to duke it out in the shootout. Orenburg prevailed – Evgeny Novosyolov scored the winner and thus gave Sarmaty a 1-0 lead in the series.

Kuznetskie Medvedi Novokuznetsk – Sarmaty Orenburg – 3-4 SO (1-3, 1-0, 1-0, 0-0, 0-1)

1-0 – Parkhomenko (Petrov, Karavayev) – 04-35 PPG

1-1 – Bagin (Fakirov) – 08-55 PPG

1-2 – Sharipov (Unassisted) – 12-51

1-3 – Bagin (Unassisted) – 13-28

2-3 – Parkhomenko (Каravayev) – 36-02

3-3 – Fatkullin (Shevchenko, Zhdanov) – 55-36

3-4 – Novosyolov – 70-00 SOW

Goaltenders: Каtyukhin, Yugov - Kudashev

Game statistics:

Shots: 78-72

Shots on goal: 38-41

Goals: 3-3

Face-offs: 35-36

Penalty MInutes: 4-18


Sarmaty lead the series 1-0


SКА-1946 St. Petersburg opened up the scoring in Game 2 of the series against Chayka Nizhny Novgorod as early as at 02-08. Ivan Volodin sniped it far-side from the left wing – Andrei Sukhanov had no chance. Nizhny Novgorod created a few scoring chances but the teams still headed to the dressing-rooms for the first intermission with SKA-1946 leading 1-0.

Early in the second period of play Kirill Petkov masterfully tipped the puck on Timur Sulteyev’s shot and it ended up in the net giving St. Petersburg a 2-0 lead. At 31-34 Roman Gorbunov found himself in the right place at the right time and buried the rebound on Mikhail Smolin’s shot to make it a 2-1 hockey game. Gorbunov scored Chayka’s first three goals in the series.
Late in the period SKA-1946 scored their third goal of the game but it was waved off after a video review - high stick was in place.

St. Petersburg were clinging on to the 2-1 lead up till the final minute of regulation but then Nizhny Novgorod pulled their netminder for the extra attacker and Ivan Komarov wired it home from the high slot, sending the game to overtime. Nizhny Novgorod grabbed the momentum in the extra period of play and that led them to a victory. Mikhail Yesayan streaked down the right wing, feathered it to Kirill Klopov and he one-timed it home. The series is now tied at one as the teams travel to Nizhny Novgorod.

SКА-1946 St. Petersburg – Chayka Nizhny Novgorod – 2-3 ОТ (1-0, 1-1, 0-1, 0-1)

1-0 – Volodin (Unassisted) – 02-08

2-0 – Petkov (Sulteyev) – 21-06

2-1 – Gorbunov (Smolin) – 31-34

2-2 – Komarov (Unassisted) – 59-47

2-3 – Klopov (Yesayan) – 61-34

Goaltenders: Melnichuk - Sukhanov


Game statistics:

Shots: 44-39

Shots on goal: 25-27

Goals: 2-3

Face-offs: 45-29

Penalty Minutes: 10-8


The series is tied 1-1


Game 2 of the series between Krasnaya Armiya Moscow and MHC Dinamo St. Petersburg got off to a nervous start. The teams began piling up penalties early on but first goal came at even strength – at 11-09 Dinamo forward Vadim Zelenkov beat Artyom Korepanov. The latter replaced Alexander Samoilov in Karasnaya Armiya goal after Game 1.

‘The army men’ had a solid second period of play. Mikhail Byakin, who had the scored the day before, tied the game up at 33-51. Less than two minutes later Semyon Lugovyak put the red-and-blue in the lead and Krasnaya Armiya was up 2-1 after 40 minutes of play.

In the final stanza the teams traded goals. At 54-13 Danila Kvartalnov improved Krasnaya Armiya’s lead to 3-1 and with a minute remaining to play in regulation Nikita Kurakin brought Dinamo back within one, ensuring a nail-biting finish. Home team stood their ground and with this 3-2 win Boris Mironov’s side tie the series at one. The series will now move to St. Petersburg.

Krasnaya Armiya Moscow – MHC Dinamo St. Petersburg – 3-2 (0-1, 2-0, 1-1)

0-1 – Zelenkov (Shurygin, Kurakin) – 11-09

1-1 – Byakin (Silayev) – 33-51

2-1 – Lugovyak (Podluboshnov) – 35-22

3-1 – Кvartalnov (Myasischev, Lugovyak) – 54-13

3-2 – Kurakin (Unassisted) – 58-53

Goaltenders: Korepanov - Ustimenko


Game statistics:

Shots: 87-44

Shots on goal: 48-21

Goals: 3-2

Face-offs: 41-18

Penalty Minutes: 14-12

The series is tied 1-1


Reigning Kharlamov Cup champion Loko played hosts to Almaz Cherepovets in Yaroslavl. First period of play was scoreless just like the day before. Both teams played cautiously defensively and whenever defense made a mistake goaltenders Ilya Konovalov and Alexei Artamkin stood tall. Yaroslavl outshot their opponents but that changed nothing on the scoreboard.

Home team continued to press early in the second frame but Artamkin worked miracles in the paint as he was stopping everything his former teammates were throwing at him. ‘The railway men’ got carried away on one of their offensive rushes and they got caught on a counter-attack – Sergei Lapin beat Konovalov to open scoring. Loko finally showed their teeth late in the period. First Pavel Kudryavtsev converted on a man-advantage at 38-09. And in the very next shift Georgy Ivanov got an even strength tally putting Yaroslavl in the lead. But just 36 seconds later Cherepovets top-line got the job done again – Sergei Lapin scored his second of the game.

Early in the third period 2017 World Juniors bronze medalist Vadim Kudako put Almaz back in the lead and his marker proved to be the game-winner – Loko did not recover. They pulled Ilya Konovalov for the extra attacker late in regulation but Ivan Danilov scored an empty-netter on a counter-attack and that sealed the deal. Almaz take it 4-2 and establish a 2-0 lead in the best-of-five series. The reigning champions have no room for mistakes now as the series moves to Cherepovets.

Loko Yaroslavl – Almaz Cherepovets – 2-4 (0-0, 2-2, 0-2)

0-1 – Lapin (Кodola) – 34-46

1-1 – Kudryavtsev (Fateyev, Bondyrev) – 38-09 PPG

2-1 – Ivanov (Romanov, Slepets) – 38-24

2-2 – Lapin (Kodola, Vovchenko) – 39-00

2-3 – Kudako (Geraskin) – 45-16

2-4 – Danilov (Kolesnikov) – 59-42 EN

Goaltenders: Konovalov - Artamkin

Game statistics:

Shots: 62-35

Shots on goal: 28-21

Goals: 2-4

Face-offs: 31-20

Penalty Minutes: 14-4

Almaz lead the series 2-0

MHC Spartak Moscow learned their lesson in Game 1 of the series against Russkie Vityazi Moscow Region. After a 5-1 loss Saturday afternoon, Spartak tried to give as little room as possible to their opposition early in Game 2. First goal came at 14-29 – Anton Pervov put the puck in with a shot from a negative angle. The tally was confirmed after a video review and Spartak headed to the dressing-room with a 1-0 lead after first period of play.

Russkie Vityazi adjusted their play in the second frame and less than five minutes in they tied the game up. Nikita Goncharov scored a highlight reel goal. The forward curled and sent it bar down past Nikita Lysenkov – Spartak netminder had no time to react. Ever since then home team dominated in the period – they scored three more unanswered goals. Mikhail Yepishin capitalized on a powerplay, three minutes later Stanislav Kandzyuba beat Lysenkov with a laser beam of a shot and in the very next shift Artyom Ivanyuzhenkov, who was one of the top scorers on his team in the regular season, made it 4-1 Russkie Vityazi. That forced Spartak to swap Lysenkov for Andrei Skovronsky in goal.

In the third stanza the red-and-white got a goal back – Maxim Tsyplakov found his target at 45-04. However, that was as close as Spartak could get in this one – Russkie Vityazi went on to win it 4-2. With this win Lev Berdichevsky’s side are now just one victory away from eliminating Spartak and making it to the second round of Kharlamov Cup Playoffs for the first time in franchise history. The series now moves to Moscow. Game 3 is scheduled for March 15th.

Russkie Vityazi Moscow Region – MHC Spartak Moscow – 4-2 (0-1, 4-0, 0-1)

0-1 – Pervov (Zholobov, Li) – 14-29

1-1 – Goncharov (Krasnov) – 24-10

2-1 – Yepishin (Unassisted) – 35-08 PPG

3-1 – Kandzyuba (Gorokhov, Leonov) – 38-03

4-1 – Ivanyuzhenkov (Unassisted) – 38-45

4-2 – Tsyplakov (Gusev, Klyauzov) – 45-04

Goaltenders: Donenko – Lysenkov, Skovronsky

Game statistics:

Shots: 47-44

Shots on goal: 32-31

Goals: 4-2

Face-offs: 28-17

Penalty Minutes: 12-31

Russkie Vityazi lead the series 2-0